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Temperature Monitoring Best Practices for Data Centers
9/1/2010 - In data centers, avoiding downtime is key. Temperature and humidity fluctuations, hot spots, and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on server hardware and cause costly outages. Additionally, increased power usage not only leads to higher operating costs but can be an indication of an imminent issue.
Temperature Monitoring and Measurement Controller Cuts Power and Cooling Costs in Enterprise Systems
8/23/2010 - With the ever-increasing demand for computing and storage capacity, data center energy efficiency has become an important concern. The EPA estimates that data centers accounted for 1.5 percent of U.S. electricity consumption in 2006, and this demand is expected to nearly double by 2011, necessitating the development of an additional 10 power plants. Increasing data center energy efficiency through temperature monitoring can help avoid these infrastructural costs, while offering end users significant savings on their electricity bills.
Zysek Makes Temperature Monitoring its Data Centers a Priority
8/11/2010 - Zysek Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a web hosting company in India, has incorporated a unique idea to protect its data center with precision-based temperature monitoring and environmental control systems - to ensure that its data center is appropriately cooled at regular intervals.
AVTECH Releases Digital Fluid Temperature Monitoring Sensor
8/10/2010 - AVTECH Software (AVTECH), which develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions designed to protect today's advanced data centers and other facilities, has released its new Digital Fluid temperature monitoring sensor designed to provide real-time temperature values from -67 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit and/or -55 to 125 degrees Celsius for fluids or solutions that need to be monitored.
AVTECH Releases RoomAlert Relay Temperature Monitoring Add-on
8/10/2010 - AVTECH Software (AVTECH), which develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions designed to protect advanced data centers and other facilities, has released the RoomAlert Relay, an add-on component for their Room Alert 4E/ER environment monitors, which allows low voltage devices to be turned on or off automatically based on conditions reported by temperature monitoring technology, remotely over the network.
A Greener Way to Data Center Temperature Monitoring
8/4/2010 - Compiled by a high-profile vendor in the field, a recent white paper concludes that organizations looking to become more efficient with their power usage in the data center have a number of options available for their temperature monitoring needs.
GE Invests in SynapSense's Temperature Monitoring Products
7/27/2010 - SynapSense has announced that it is deepening its relationship with GE by securing an investment and commercial partnership as part of a focus on digital energy services. SynapSense offers several products that provide environmental and temperature monitoring solutions to data centers - and GE wants to improve the infrastructure… greenly.
An Exciting Temperature Monitoring Solution
7/20/2010 - In these sweltering summer temperatures monitoring your data center is more important than ever. And finding a reliable product that can provide efficient temperature monitoring can seem a daunting task.
What Data Center Death Smells Like: A Personal Experience
7/12/2010 - One can't help certain types of equipment failure - in our case, it was simply that the UPS' batteries were out of juice. But other factors, like environmental threats, still pose a danger to data centers. Temperature-related concerns, like overheating or overcooling, are some of the greatest threats. Thankfully, we are prepared for growth. Our company has systems in place to monitor the temperature -- temperature monitoring is just one of the precautions we have in place to ensure smooth system operation.
Making the Right Temperature Monitoring Selections... As the Heat Rises
7/8/2010 - With temperatures reaching the 100's this past week, and with little to no relief in sight, monitoring your data center's temperature is more important than ever. In considering this specific need, one must focus on the two most important priorities - controlling costs and reducing power consumption. While both contribute to the bottom line, a reduction in power can also help the company's approach to going "green" as demanded by many of its clients.
Silicon Laboratories Inc. Launches Microcontrollers with Built-in Temperature Monitoring Feature
7/1/2010 - Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced ultra-low power, capacitive touch-sense microcontrollers - known as MCUs - which deliver wake-on-touch power consumption below one microamp. The new F99x and F98x MCUs also integrate a 25 MHz pipelined 8051-compatible core, a precision oscillator, a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter, a temperature monitoring sensor, a voltage reference and four timers.
Temperature Monitoring ASHRAE Standards Proving a Hot Topic in Data Center Management
6/24/2010 - The subject of data center temperature monitoring is something that should be on the mind of every IT manager and chief information officer as energy consumption can become a significant expense to any organization.
FieldView Speeds Delivery of Data Center Monitoring
6/1/2010 - FieldView Solutions, providers of enterprise scalable software tools that confer real-time views of all operational aspects, has unveiled a partnership with a wireless manufacturer of humidity and temperature sensors.
Reports: HP to Cut 9,000 Jobs; Spend $1 Billion in Updates
6/1/2010 - In a span of less than an hour this morning, stories have been updated reporting that Hewlett-Packard Co., the California-based technology giant, will "invest $1 billion to automate its data centers and eliminate 9,000 jobs over a 'multiyear' period," says Jeffry Bartash of MarketWatch.com.
Meru Networks Expands Service Assurance Platform to Enable All-Wireless Enterprise
5/28/2010 - The new management, security and diagnostic tools are offered as part of Meru Service Assurance Platform and are powered by Meru's underlying Virtual Cell technology.
Data Centers Must Prep for Upcoming Hurricane Season
5/19/2010 - With an average hurricane season predicted for the southeastern United States this year, businesses and other organizations need to take steps now to ensure they are prepared for potential damage to computer systems.
AVTECH Retires PageR Enterprise, Looks Ahead to Future
5/13/2010 - As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Despite the popularity of a particular product, AVTECH Software, Inc., manufacturer of PageR Enterprise software for network-wide and temperature monitoring, will retire its PageR Enterprise software within the next 12 months.
Preparing for Disaster With Temperature Monitoring
5/6/2010 - Monitoring critical issues like temperature, humidity, smoke and airflow can help minimize financial loss in the face of disaster and reduce the time required to restore operations, which are key to business continuity.
Gartner Recognizes Pliant as 'Cool Vendor in Storage Technology'
4/29/2010 - According to Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies" report, Pliant Technology has been recognized in Gartner's influential 2010 listing.
Lake Shore Cryotronics Intros Model 425 Gaussmeter for Magnet Testing and Sorting
4/19/2010 - Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., a provider of cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation, magnetic test equipment, metrology systems, probe stations for the characterization of magnetic and transport properties of materials and optical components, has announced it will introduce a new gaussmeter, known as the Model 425.
Micrel Introduces Tool to Meet Backlighting Challenges
4/14/2010 - This tool is the first in a series of WLED drivers.
FreeWave Continues to Improve IO Expansion Wireless Data Radio Family
4/9/2010 - FreeWave Technologies, manufacturer of high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, has introduced three additional models with several new and improved features to its IO Expansion family.
Green Edge Releases Sensorsoft's ServerRoom Monitoring Solutions
4/7/2010 - Green Edge Systems, Inc., which specializes in technology solutions for K-12 schools, announced the release of Sensorsoft's ServerRoom Monitoring Solution.
AVTECH Set to Release Updated Environmental Monitoring Product
4/7/2010 - AVTECH will be releasing the new version of its popular Device ManageR software soon.
Temperature Monitoring: Taking a Bite out of $100 Billion in Problems
3/18/2010 - Temperature monitoring might be one of those things you find yourself not thinking too much about. Until a disaster happens.
Rabbit 6000 Introduced For Industrial Automation Applications
3/4/2010 - Rabbit, a Digi International brand, has launched industry's first embedded wireless communications and control System on Chip, the Rabbit 6000. It is considered ideal for industrial automation applications.
AT&T Recommends Asset Tracking, Temperature Monitoring Solution for Calif. Hospital
3/2/2010 - Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital has contracted with AT&T for the deployment of AeroScout's Wi-Fi RFID asset tracking and temperature monitoring solutions.
AVTECH Tackles Environmental Threats on IT Facilities
2/26/2010 - AVTECH Software, a provider of network monitoring solutions, announced that it has pioneered some of the most popular environment monitoring solutions available, which have been used to monitor the "Big 7" environmental threat factors.
California Gov. Orders Consolidation of Data Centers
2/19/2010 - In California, a new executive order has been signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that aims to reduce energy usage in data centers.
Monitoring Networks is Not Sexy. Losing Them Isn't Either.
2/10/2010 - One thing you don't want to scrimp on, in these tough economic times where scrimping is an art form, is monitoring critical issues like temperature, humidity, smoke and airflow.
Room Alert Signal Towers Offer Real-Time Event Alerting
2/5/2010 - In the face of an unplanned event or disaster, a simple warning is not enough.
Green IT Getting Lots of Lip Service, Not Much Other Action
1/25/2010 - A recent Gartner study suggests that the lack of accurate dashboards in data centers is causing wasted energy costs -and impairing proper compliance requirements.
Temperature Monitoring at the Heart of Business Continuity Success
1/5/2010 - The network is everything these days - in terms of business operations and communications and everything else. Now more than ever, temperature monitoring is vital when it comes to business continuity for several reasons.
Achieving Cost Savings with AVTECH Temperature Monitoring Solutions
1/5/2010 - In a recent interview with TMCnet, Michael Sigourney, senior product specialist of AVTECH, said that for less than $2 per day, companies can implement temperature monitoring solutions and achieve significant cost savings while increasing uptime and better serve customers.
Temperature Monitoring Enables 'Always On, Always Running' Networks
1/5/2010 - Environment monitoring in computer rooms, data centers and other facilities has become a critical part of disaster prevention for IT managers across industries.