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August 10, 2010

AVTECH Releases RoomAlert Relay Temperature Monitoring Add-on

By Anil Sharma, TMCnet Contributor

AVTECH Software (News - Alert) (AVTECH), which develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions designed to protect advanced data centers and other facilities, has released the RoomAlert Relay, an add-on component for their Room Alert 4E/ER environment monitors, which allows low voltage devices to be turned on or off automatically based on conditions reported by temperature monitoring technology, remotely over the network.

Officials with AVTECH said that the Relay is designed to connect directly into the Light Tower Connection Port on the back of any RoomAlert 4E ID Box.

Company officials said that the new RoomAlert Relay includes four low voltage outputs with visible status lights.

The first three outputs are for low voltage devices and can be individually controlled and activated directly from the RoomAlert web interface or in response to an alarm condition.

The fourth output is designed to be used as a general alarm output and will be activated whenever any of the first three relay outputs are activated. This can be used to report to a primary control or fire panel. Each relay output supports a signal or power load up to 0.3Aat 125VAC or 1Aat 24DC.

According to company officials, the Relay is perfect for users looking to take immediate action when an issue or event occurs in a remote location.

In addition to being able to turn on/off almost any low voltage device, company officials said, the Relay can be used to trigger automatic responses such as enabling an auto dialer, starting a sump pump, turning on/off a backup air conditioner, starting the defrost cycle on a freezer, change the status on building alarm panels and more.

Back in May AVTECH had announced that it will retire its PageR Enterprise software within the next 12 months.

PageR has been one of AVTECH’s core products for 19 years, with the first version released in 1991 for OpenVMS.

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Anil’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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