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August 11, 2010

Zysek Makes Temperature Monitoring its Data Centers a Priority

By Anil Sharma, TMCnet Contributor

Zysek Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a web hosting company in India, has incorporated a unique idea to protect its data center with precision-based temperature monitoring and environmental control systems – to ensure that its data center is appropriately cooled at regular intervals.

The company fitted coolers in its data center to regulate the temperature. It released a statement saying that these measures are necessary, not only for the company but for all web hosting companies in India.

Officials with Zysek said that its temperature monitoring and environmental control system enables it to monitor and maintain temperature and humidity in the data center – a concern of importance that the company has recognized since its inception.

Company officials believe that environment in the data center needs to be carefully controlled for its proper functioning and durability. They said, "Proper cooling of the data center is very essential for our business. We cannot afford to compromise on the environment control systems used in it. This is essential for the safety and security of the data center”, said a senior company official, in a statement.

The officials also said that protection of the data center is the one of the priorities in the company… as the entire business rests on the data center.

Maintaining the temperature of the data center is an important aspect of the physical environment. It is necessary to maintain apt temperature and humidity. Temperature of 16-24 C and humidity of 40-55 percent with maximum dew point of 15 C is recommended for a web hosting company in India.

Company officials claimed that the company uses worlds best precision-based environment control systems. Such a system gives better performance as compared to others – all to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity in the data center.

It increases its life span and enhances efficiency.

All important considerations – as per Susan Campbell, who said, “The subject of data center temperature monitoring is something that should be on the mind of every IT manager and chief information officer as energy consumption can become a significant expense to any organization.”

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Anil’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Erin Monda