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Without successful security measures being utilized within a company, it is likely it will be hacked, its confidential data will be stolen and it will suffer catastrophic affects that could actually close the doors on the operation for good.
Corero Network Security has announced that the company has received $7.2 million (GBP 4.56 million) of funding.
A new SAFElink Anti-Theft service has been launched by PlumChoice. In the case of a lost or stolen computer, the valuable data stored on a laptop or notebook is protected against theft or breach by the service.
Foreground Security, a security consulting, training and services, has appointed Yousif Mostafa as its new director of Governance, Risk and Compliance.
A virtualized network security solution has just been introduced by Barrier1. For a variety of reasons, data centers are seeing the growth of virtualization. The same level of protection provided by the next generation of network IT Security, however also needs to be provided in the virtualized world. For these reasons, Virtualized Intelligent Threat Management, a revolutionary new product category has been created.
To retain the operational advantages of virtualization while optimizing virtual server security, Barrier1 has introduced a virtualized security solution. Virtualization is growing in data centers for a variety of reasons. However, the next generation of network IT Security has to offer the same level of protection in the virtualized world as well. A revolutionary new product category has been created, Virtualized Intelligent Threat Management.
At the recent Interop Vegas 2011, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani had the chance to interview David Rogers, the VP of MSP Solutions and Business Development at Astaro.
To introduce strong network security policy management solutions, NuMobile, Inc. and its subsidiary, Stonewall Networks, have scheduled a July training and business development conference with Stonewall's German marketing partner Circular, a German company specializing in IT security and storage solutions. Additionally, Circular operates as a leading IT infrastructure system integrator in Germany.
Network engineers all over the globe are focused on the rapidly dwindling number of IPv4 addresses and the upcoming IPv6 compliance test. What they are not as concerned with, believes Radware, is the host of network security concerns that could accompany this changeover.
Many test vendors look at it from a network health perspective - can an environment withstand maximum capacity. BreakingPoint, however, takes it a step further, seeking to actually go beyond expected thresholds, to determine how they will behave in such scenarios.
Elecsys Corp. has released zONeGUARD, the most recent addition to the company's supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) telemetry product line.
With phishing and insurance fraud on the rise, the Honesty Labs Senior Design team, made up of students from the Howe School of Technology Management and the College of Arts and Letters, is designing a business model for computer software that identifies deception in text.
Soffront Software, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, announced American Security Programs, one of the fastest growing security companies in the U.S., has experienced dramatic growth using Soffront's CRM software.
Intersil Corporation, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog, mixed signal and power management semiconductors, announced that its new ISL59605 adaptive equalizer IC, also known as MegaQ, is honored with the Best New Product Award in the OEM category at the 2011 Security Industry Association New Product Showcase awards ceremony at ISC West.
CloudPassage, Inc. recently made available its software-as-a-service security solution as a Partner Server Image within GoGrid. CloudPassage, Inc is a well known security SaaS company and GoGrid is one of the leading cloud infrastructure providers. Customers by using CloudPassage, GoGrid's public and hybrid IaaS will now be able to manage their own cloud security by making use of a single solution that is purpose-built for the cloud and delivers multiple layers of defense for cloud servers.
Saylor Frase, president of well-known managed network security service provider Nuspire Networks, will be speaking at an upcoming prestigious IDC event in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Industry observer Bill Snyder repeats the gruesome tale of the homeowner in Buffalo who was busted by law enforcement agents in February for downloading a huge trove of child pornography.
ValidSoft, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. (ETAK), has unveiled a new technology solution, claiming that it can now help you safeguard money if someone has stolen your credit or debit card.
Juniper Networks is once again set to transform the experience of networking. This time, it has chosen to introduce a guide that aims to help customers realize the benefits that security and automation bring, and emphasizes the simplicity of implementation.
Integration of partner solutions into the Oracle Extended Identity Management solutions is one way to ensure that organizations don't have to rely on multiple security systems. PasswordBank Technologies Inc. has become an Oracle partner for Enterprise single SignOn in the Mac and Linux SSO.
Avenda Systems, a provider of Identity-based access control solutions, has been recognized in the 6th annual Hot Companies and Best Products Awards program by Network Products Guide, a technology research and advisory guide.
Continuing its expansion into the service provider segment, managed network security and certified compliance company StillSecure has partnered with collocation data center provider Continuum Data Centers to deliver a complete suite of managed network security and certified compliance solutions for Continuum customers.
Allied World Assurance Company Holdings launched its new Privacy and Network Security Insurance product, Privacy//101.
Although many companies have started to take advantage of virtualized server infrastructure, they are starting to realize that benefits may come at the expense of security. So, to better understand the security plans of these companies, market research firm Infonetics Research recently conducted a survey of end-user companies that have deployed server virtualization.
Late last year, integrated network security provider Stonesoft discovered a new category of malware known as Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs), which enable the bypassing of network intrusion prevention systems and the delivery of attacks that can't be detected by network security systems. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-FI) has since verified that AETs pose a unique and extremely dynamic threat to the critical data capital and systems of organizations.
According to Astaro, network configurations and the threat landscape have become increasingly complex, making it necessary for organizations to consolidate their IT security. Therefore, to protect company networks, Astaro has continued developing more comprehensive network security solutions.
Spirent, a company delivering next-generation communication networks, devices and applications, revealed that Crossbeam Systems has selected its cyber network security solution to test the performance of its latest X-Series network security platform.
Businesses seek secure online transactions and have begun to use SIEM network security products as they offer protection against malicious activity within a network.These network security products can constantly monitor and act on safety intrusions, safeguarding an organization's virtual and physical assets.
WhiteHat Security is one of the leading providers of website risk management solutions. The company recently released the eleventh installment of the WhiteHat Security Website Security Statistics Report. The report focused on the vulnerabilities found in websites during the 2010 calendar year. More than 3,000 websites were examined and the severity and duration of serious critical vulnerabilities were tested. Based on the research, WhiteHat researchers were able to determine that Information Leakage has overtaken Cross-Site Scripting as the most common website vulnerability and the average website has serious vulnerabilities for more than nine months of the calendar year.
CellTrust Corporation, a leading provider of mobile secure messaging and secure applications for mobile phones, has recently announced that CellTrust's mobile banking products based on SecureSMS Secure Mobile information management (SMIM) architecture has not been affected by the new Zeus Trojan.
A provider of unified Web security, email security, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions for the enterprises, Websense Inc unveiled a comprehensive social media security solution called Websense Defensio at the DEMO conference. In a press release, the company said that the new solution incorporates social networking security features that are specifically designed to protect corporate brand presence and properties on the social Web.
Network security is a critical issue for an organization as nearly every business critical process is completed on the network. At the same time, employees rely on the network to access archived data and other information that is used to focus on core competencies. A weakness in network security can mean a weakness in the business.
To take consolidation of IT network security to a higher level, unified threat management provider Astaro Corp. has unwrapped three new network security solutions, Astaro Application Control, Astaro Log Management and Astaro Endpoint Security. Together, these solutions provide network security that extends beyond the perimeter, protects against modern threats and improves administrators' visibility into network operations, said Astaro.
In an announcement, the technology and business assets of DeepNines have been acquired by Netsweeper Inc., the provider of web content filtering and web threat management. Key DeepNines personnel will be also brought on board by Netsweeper. The company has not revealed the terms of the deal.
Q1 Labs a provider of network security solutions, recently published guidelines for enterprises desirous of protecting their networks from threats including insider as well as cybercrime.
Market analyst firm Infonetics Research says there is still room for new players in North America's security client software market as enterprises are looking to use new security software for emerging devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The research firm said that 16 percent of enterprises it interviewed as part of the survey said they would buy the security software from a different vendor than their chosen desktop and laptop client security vendor.
Astaro, Europe's leading vendor of Unified Threat Management, announced that has signed an agreement to bring the Romanian company CoSoSys and its entire staff on board. Astaro acquired CoSoSys so that it could integrate CoSoSys' ahead of the curve endpoint and data security technology into Astaro's solutions.
Network Security is essential to protecting critical information and infrastructures as vulnerabilities are truly the weakest link in the security of computer systems and networks. In a recent report issued by security firm Secunia, the focus was on the vulnerabilities that will plague the network and continue to haunt users and network administrators unless they are eliminated.
Businesses are spending millions of dollars to secure their data, resulting in a rapid expansion in enterprise network and data security market, says market analyst firm ABI Research.
Addressing the issue of whether network security "really is as difficult as it seems," Tracey said for some it is. But with what he called a "Unified Threat Management," which can manage all security needs under one interface, such as Web filtering, e-mail encryption and filtering and simple easy reports, it gets much easier.
As more companies continue to transition their critical business applications to the cloud, network security is becoming even more paramount. To properly defend themselves from malicious online attacks, enterprises have started employing the help of security experts who have experience as hackers.
TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), a provider of network security technology, announced it has bagged a five-year contract worth $49 million from the Department of Defense.
Astaro a provider of unified threat management solutions announced that the company has formed a partnership with Celt/Integrity to offer network security and technology services.
Symantec announced the launch of its MessageLabs Intelligence 2010 Security Report, which throws light on how cyber criminals have diversified their attack tactics to sustain spam and malware at high levels throughout 2010.
The use of Facebook over corporate networks is having an impact on overall network performance and security. Ignoring this potential problem will result in severe consequences, says network security company BreakingPoint.
New York City-based, IT security consultancy firm NopSec, Inc., recently launched Vulnerability Risk Management Solution (VRM). In a press release, NopSec announced that the newly launched solution is designed to enable enterprises to effectively manage IT security risk levels related to network vulnerabilities.
How important is network security to the continuity of your business? If you are like just about every other business operating in the market, it is critical to your survival and your success. It can be a challenge, however, to enforce consistent network security throughout a large enterprise, especially if the IT staff is lacking or non-existent.
Tenable Network Security, Inc., a provider of unified security monitoring solutions, announced the launch of cloud-based Nessus Perimeter Service with flat-rate pricing.
The infamous Stuxnet worm is capable of targeting U.S. infrastructure, although it has yet to adversely affect any domestic systems, a senior Department of Homeland Security official said earlier this week.
Powerwave Technologies, Inc., a global leader in end-to-end wireless coverage and capacity solutions, becomes a part of the EDGE Innovation Network, a collaborative, open-environment initiative enabling industry and academia, with government input.
With an aim to help cloud providers, enterprises and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) protect sensitive data against external and internal threats and comply with regulations such as PCI, SOX and HIPAA, Imperva, a key player in the area of data security, came up with a comprehensive strategy.
The past couple of weeks have been pretty seminal for anyone concerned about the state of Internet security and the bigger picture as to how much we could - do - and should - trust the Web. These two strange words - WikiLeaks and Stuxnet - have suddenly entered our lexicon and there is a lot to be concerned about in the world of smart grid.
A recent study from Astaro examines the question of branch office network security.
Over at TMC, we recently had the pleasure of relaying the musings of Bill Prout, the sales engineer manager at Astaro Corporation, about customer concerns pertaining to network security. And Prout is an expert on the subject - he has used his knowledge to assist the likes of such organizations as EDS, Thompson Financial, Merrill Lynch, and the City of New York. But how does he apply his wiles to the holiday season? Read on...
Astaro, a Unified Threat Management (UTM) vendor, protects over 50,000 business, school and government networks against IT security threats. In a recent interview with TMCnet CEO Rich Tehrani, Astaro Community Development Manager Jack Daniel outlined some new directions for the company, as well as some of its core products and services. "We try to make it as simple as possible to properly configure network security and your system security," Daniel said during the Interop New York 2010 Conference.
Webroot, a network security service company, announced the results of a survey that explores consumers' online shopping habits leading up to the holidays.
Microsoft Corp. announced the release of a broad consumer survey which involved over 38,000 men and women in 20 countries across the globe. They were questioned about their perceptions regarding counterfeit software.
Astaro, a provider of Unified Threat Management (UTM) vendor, announced it has entered into a new distribution relationship with specialty distributor Lifeboat Distribution.
In speaking at a Wall Street Journal conference of chief executives, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned the citizens of potential cyber attacks in the future. He said that these attacks pose a huge threat in the future and must be tackled through joint efforts by US military and civilian agencies, reports Yahoo News.
In speaking at a Wall Street Journal conference of chief executives, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned the citizens of potential cyber attacks in the future. He said that these attacks pose a huge threat in the future and must be tackled through joint efforts by US military and civilian agencies, reports Yahoo! News.
Network security is an important focus for any organization as the network manages so much of what you do every day. You no longer only use the network for simple processes. Today, it manages your information, communications, processes and even your scheduling and phone calls. This is all meant to promote more efficiency and productivity within your environment, yet it can also be a nightmare for those who have to protect the network.
Astaro Corporation, a network security solutions vendor, plans to send its representative, community development manager Jack Daniel to the upcoming Security BSides conference in Ottawa Canada.
Lancope, a specialist in NetFlow collection and analysis, announced that Network Computing & Computing Security magazine recently named its StealthWatch product suite the 2010 'Network Security Solution of the Year' at the recent Computing Security Awards gala.
I recently had the pleasure of discussing cyber threats with Alastair MacWillson, the managing director at Accenture Security Practice.
Qwest Business has recentlyoffered some tips to protect your enterprise networks from the mobile blind spot.
A UK patent has been granted for D-Link Middle East & Africa's proactive network security defense method labeled as ZoneDefense, a technology that helps prevent businesses from exposure to potential network threats.
VanDyke Software, a provider of secure remote access, file transfer, and system administration solutions, and Amplitude Research, which specializes in B2B and technology market research surveys, announced the results of the Sixth Annual Enterprise IT Security Survey.
The Stuxnet worm has been garnishing large amounts of media attention these days - and for good reason. The worm drops a malicious shortcut into removable drives, compromising network security wherever it goes. It is the first of its kind to feature an uploaded rootkit function that is able to hide injected code located in a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
While cloud services are gaining popularity and analysts are predicting growth, security seems to be a big concern for a lot of IT professionals. And future growth clearly depends on this factor as evident from a recent survey conducted by PhoneFactor, a leading global provider of phone-based two-factor authentication.
In Stieg Larsson's popular "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo" series, the main character, Lisbeth Salander, belongs to an elite underground hacker organization with nearly limitless capabilities. The Republic can rob bank accounts, mess with governmental systems and provide all kinds of network security issues.
Businesses have at last come to realize the many benefits of cloud computing. Still the industry is shrouded with security myths and misperception, which come into the way of mass adoption of cloud technology. Cloud computing purchasing decision should involve a lot of research on the part of the prospective cloud customers. Vendor security measures and detailed product information especially are the two major aspects that potential buyers should consider before making final purchasing decision.
To provide IT managers with insight into potential data risks in the enterprise, HP has published a research report that highlights enterprise-computing trends and network security vulnerabilities for the first half of 2010.
Recently I was able to interview Jack Daniel, the community development manager at Astaro. Jack has a fairly impressive background, as he serves on the National Information Security Group's (NAISG) board of directors and the Boston Area Windows Server User Group Steering Committee. In 2010 he was recognized by Microsoft as a MVP and in another, recent honor, he was named one of the "Top 10 Sexy Infosec Geeks of 2009" - which is pretty complimentary!
Although, organizations have been using deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to analyze network usage and performance, there is no common method to test and validate DPI throughput for network security products like next generation firewalls and unified threat management appliances. Plus, there are still some other challenges confronting DPI, which is a method of packet filtering that examines the content in the packet header and payload.
The Internet is still growing and, as we make the transition from Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) - driven in part by the fact that IPS technology can scale to meet users' needs in the future.
Astaro Corporation, a provider of network security appliances, announced that Jack Daniel, Astaro's community development manager, will speak at the upcoming Secure Boston event at the Four Points Sheraton Norwood Hotel & Conference Center on Sept. 16.
DesktopDirect from Array Networks Inc. seems to be a hit with Needham Bank employees as usage of remote access is said to have tripled after employees found that with DesktopDirect they could access all files and applications anytime and anywhere without compromising data.
Aditya Birla Minacs, a global business solutions company for telecoms, has been certified as Processing Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider. This distinction is the highest level in the PCI DSS compliance hierarchy, thereby enabling comprehensive data protection efforts in support of card payment e-commerce transactions and handling process.
Ray Bryant, CEO of idappcom and a data traffic analysis and security specialist, explains why the big chair in most organizations can carry a lot more responsibility than you might think....
Aditya Birla Minacs, a global business solutions company, has been certified as Processing Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant as Level 1 Service Provider-the highest level in the PCI DSS compliance hierarchy.
Recently TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, sat down for an interview with Benny Czarny, CEO of Opswat. The company delivers development tools, he said, aimed at software engineers and product managers but also CTOs and other people.
Recently TMC's CEO, Rich Tehrani, sat down for an interview with Bradley Antsis, vice president of Technical Strategy of M86 Security. The company concentrates on providing "real-time security controls. For us, that means providing a variety of security controls, across all different network segments that people need around e-mail and Web, and for cloud."
Astaro Corporation, a company with more than 100,000 product installations worldwide, has published an eBook titled Driving Profitability Through Information Security. The eBook, which can be can be downloaded for free at: http://tiny.cc/
With the convenience of logging on to the Internet in a coffee shop, or any other public network, Wireless Fidelity or "WiFi" has become popular, but there are high security risks associated with such connections.
The global banking system has experienced some of the biggest network security challenges over the last year and a half. While struggling to emerge from a recession, financial institutions and businesses alike are now facing a new threat that steal clients' funds and damage corporate reputation. This article offers valuable advice to help banks and businesses deal with this evolving threat while explaining how organized cyber crime rings are focusing on corporate bank accounts.
PacketMotion, a provider of User Activity Management (UAM) solutions, has announced an open registration period for a three-part IT compliance and network security webinar series beginning Aug. 24th.
How comfortable would you feel if you feel if you knew the government could monitor your e-mail and messaging interactions on your BlackBerry? According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, this is exactly what is happening in India.
(Norwalk, CT - Aug. 30) InfoTech Spotlight today announced that the Network Security channel, sponsored by Astaro, has been launched as the newest addition to the InfoTech Spotlight channel program.

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