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Welcome to the Network Security Channel
Welcome to the Network security channel. Network security is important for a company's infrastructure – a network should never be compromised by a security breach. Leaking information can damage a company's reputation just as surely as an oil spill– and there are plenty of hackers out there willing to do the deed. Companies educated about their networks strengths and weaknesses are better equipped to take proactive measures. Here at the Network security channel, you can find all sorts of information about network security options in the form of breaking news, podcasts, case studies and white papers.
Without successful security measures being utilized within a company, it is likely it will be hacked, its confidential data will be stolen and it will suffer catastrophic affects that could actually close the doors on the operation for good.
Corero Network Security has announced that the company has received $7.2 million (GBP 4.56 million) of funding.
A new SAFElink Anti-Theft service has been launched by PlumChoice. In the case of a lost or stolen computer, the valuable data stored on a laptop or notebook is protected against theft or breach by the service.
Foreground Security, a security consulting, training and services, has appointed Yousif Mostafa as its new director of Governance, Risk and Compliance.
A virtualized network security solution has just been introduced by Barrier1. For a variety of reasons, data centers are seeing the growth of virtualization. The same level of protection provided by the next generation of network IT Security, however also needs to be provided in the virtualized world. For these reasons, Virtualized Intelligent Threat Management, a revolutionary new product category has been created.

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The Astaro Security Gateway offers complete UTM protection and can be installed as either hardware, software or as a virtual appliance. License the security applications of your choice on your Astaro Security Gateway – only selecting what you need.

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