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December 15, 2010

Outlook for PCs Strong, Despite Pressure from Tablets

Is Apple playing a role in cannibalization? Bill Hope, an analyst at Goldman Sachs thinks this may be the case. According to a Digital Trends report, the company’s shift to Verizon could easily cannibalize business with AT&T. At the same time, the iPad will consume 19 million laptop and netbook sales. The good news for the laptop market, however, is that even with the tablet threat; the market is still expected to enjoy high growth for the next several years. 

According to Shope, tablet shipments will jump to 54.7 million in 2001, eating up roughly 35 percent of PC sales. This number is expected to grow to 79.2 million in 2012, eating up 33 percent of PC sales. Over the course of 2011, 19.1 million laptop sales will evaporate as a result of tablets, with 26.1 disappearing in 2012.Even with tablets eating into PC sales, all is not doomsday for the PC. In fact, this segment of the market is expected to continue to enjoy strong growth and a strong market presence. In 2012, PCs should sell in the 380-400 million unit range ... Read More >>>

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