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Wi-Fi Provides RX for Healthcare Challenges
The healthcare environment naturally lends itself to wireless networking, given the inherently mobile nature of physicians, nurses, orderlies, and others who move from bed to bed or examining room to examining room, ministering to patients. This paper looks at how healthcare providers are using wireless LANs creatively to improve patient care and to realize much-needed cost efficiencies. It also discusses the primary challenges health organizations face in their deployments and offers up solutions for successfully addressing them.
IP Telephony and the Interaction Center Platform
Telephony remains the dominant form of customer interaction for most businesses today and is certainly a fundamental component of effective customer service. Traditional telephony is now being joined by IP-based telephone options to reduce the cost of telecommunications and to increase communications options. The Interaction Center Platform provides a number of methods to combine traditional circuit and IP telephony utilizing comprehensive support for a variety of telecommunications architectures.
Speech Analytics - The Power of Simplicity
Interested in Speech Analytics but don't know how to get started? This white paper explores the preferred architecture for businesses that want to leverage the capabilities on conservative investments, and
defines the steps to a successful start out of the gate – as well as a path to build on that success as the benefi ts of the technology take hold in the business.

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