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Information Technology - Embracing Network Optimization
The Great Cloud Debate: Which Model is Right for Your Organization?
Virtualization has paved the way for cloud computing to become more readily adopted by organizations; the business benefits of utilizing a cloud model are much more apparent than they were with virtualization. While it took virtualization many years to be widely accepted by businesses, cloud computing is experiencing a much shorter ramp-up period for acceptance by every size organization.
Information Technology - Cloud-Sourcing: The Next Generation of Outsourcing
Cloud-Sourcing: The Next Generation of Outsourcing
Cloud computing has been whispering a lot of promises to IT, ones that CIOs are still not sure will be delivered. While the cloud is simplifying some aspects of IT, it's making others that much more complex, including outsourcing models and redefining the role of service providers.


Cloud Computing
From Hype to Reality: Testing the Cloud
Managing IT networks requires a broad set of competencies in a growing number of technologies and products. It therefore makes sense that these competencies are centralized in larger data centers providing cloud services to a number of smaller enterprises for which IT is not a core competency....
Web 2.0 → 3.0
Web 2.0 Provides Unique Opportunity for Specialized PaaS
As more and more cloud vendors enter the market, providers will have to differentiate themselves by focusing on specific customers, geographies, applications, or service models. Application-optimized, cloud-based solutions make sense for enterprise customers looking for high performance, highly available infrastructures....
Data Centers
The Era of the Application
ndividual networking components are managed as isolated, single-point devices. A networking router, for example, is managed as though it does nothing more than route IP traffic in a void, yet applications are 100 percent dependent on that router working as expected. Organizational and data center networks are currently viewed as a series of individual objects to be managed by individual groups, but there is no overarching view of how those components relate to each other and the rest of the infrastructure, or how those components all function together to deliver applications to users...
Freedom vs. Security
There is no doubt that the Internet has been the most revolutionary invention of the 20th century. Never before has a human invention given so much freedom to so many people: digital access to information of all kind everywhere in the world. Today, more people get their news from the Internet than from newspapers; young people are watching more online video than broadcast TV; everyone can develop their own blogs and let the world know about their lives, thoughts and opinions...
Why Virtualization Has Stalled and How to Restart It
In many data centers, virtualization has stalled. The culprit: complexity. Look to automated data center management tools to keep forward progress. The benefits of virtualization are well known. Virtualization has proven that it can achieve key IT objectives...
Embracing Next Generation Enterprise Mobility
Technology is rewriting the playbook for the modern enterprise. To intelligently evolve and thrive in the new marketplace, retail enterprises must change to serve smarter customers. CIOs need insight into the next generation of enterprise mobility to enable that change and empower their workforce to provide excellence to customers, drive demand for products and services and impact the bottom line...

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Editor's Letter
Exploiting New Opportunities, Facing New Problems
With the alignment of business and IT becoming increasingly more relevant and critical in what continues to be an uncertain economy brings greater pressure for CIOs to reinvent their IT mission to compete and succeed. With new opportunities come new challenges posed as problems, and the CIO must navigate a new sea of choices...
Publisher's Outlook
6 New Rules in a Post-Jobs World
Let’s face it, any company trying to compete with Apple (News - Alert) in its core markets has been beheaded and frankly, in the case of HP, embarrassed. For so many years, there were two ways of doing things: The established way like Microsoft did and the different way that Apple did things. It turns out in market after market, the established way was wrong. Here are some of the observations I have made as to why Apple has been such a phenomenal success and thoughts on how your company can be the next Apple and you can be the next Steve Jobs....
Lights Out
The Cloud is Serious Business
You kids today with your “cloud computers” and your “Googly Docs.” In my day, we attached files to our emails… and we liked it that way...
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