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Do Cloud Communications Make Good Financial Sense?
The benefits associated with cloud computing and cloud communications continue to permeate the content pages of popular telecommunications websites, but do actual deployments deliver as promised?
Is Taxation Lacking in Cloud Communications?
Cloud computing creates tax complexities as it has a borderless quality that makes it difficult for taxing jurisdictions and tax teams to proactively manage the associated risks.
The Cloud Isn't Just Talk - It Provides Tangible Cost and Time Savings
According to a study from Rackspace Hosting, 88 percent of cloud users in the U.S. and U.K. report cost savings, while 56 percent say the cloud has helped them increase profits.
Cloud Outages May Be Inevitable, but Customers Can Take Measures to Counteract Them
While cloud computing outages may be inevitable, there are things customers can do to plan and prepare for them to minimize downtime and manage their own customers' experiences.
SMBs Opting for Cloud Backup as a Service
Cloud storage is becoming more common for both business and individual users, as seen from the growth of the number of those opting for personal cloud space.
More IT Companies to Consider SaaS Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is appealing to any type of computer users. Whether at home, at work, or on-the-go, they can use on-demand cloud-based software, platforms or infrastructure that are sold as a service.
CompTIA: Distributors Will Always Have a Place
Cloud computing has no doubt made accessing software and services easier for users, but the reality is that it might just leave resellers and distributors out in the cold.
Six Cloud Computing Trends for 2014
The cloud changes everything. While the Internet changed the game 20 years ago, the cloud is creating a second revolution in how people and businesses conduct their lives.
The Cloud Benefits All, but Especially Small Business
The cloud benefits businesses of all sizes, but small and medium-sized businesses are particular beneficiaries of the cloud computing revolution.
Exercise Caution Before Jumping into Cloud Computing
Jumping into cloud without exploring all facets of it is not always the best choice, because of the many disadvantages that continue to exist with cloud computing.
Seven Cases for Businesses to Determine if They Should Move to Cloud
A Silicon Valley-based marketing company, has identified some of the key issues that organizations face while deciding whether cloud services are right for their businesses.
Cloud is the Next Evolution in IT
Organizations have accepted cloudtechnology as a viable solution for increasing efficiency without the capital expenditure of traditional IT infrastructure, and to the vast majority the cloud is the next evolution in IT.
Virtualization and Cloud Computing: How Can They Benefit Your Business?
Virtualization is software that separates physical infrastructure to create a variety of dedicated resources, like multiple operating systems and applications, which may be run at the same time.
Bell Labs Collaborates with Mexican University on Cloud Computing Research
A new project that aims to research cloud computing networks and technologies has been launched by Bell Labs in collaboration with students at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Cuernavaca School in Mexico.
Midsize Businesses Know What They Want from Their Cloud Storage Solutions
New research from CloudScreener shows that cloud computing is being increasingly adopted by midsize enterprises, and that IT professionals at those companies have a good understanding of what they are seeking from their cloud providers.
Cloud Computing Revolutionizes Disaster Recovery
One of the biggest advantages in cloud-based computing is resilient data recovery during a disaster - natural or otherwise, thanks to the fact that cloud-based systems run on a redundant server network.
10 Cloud Terms You Need to Know
Cloud computing is advancing rapidly, so you are forgiven for not knowing every term even if you consider yourself heavily into tech.
Active Accounts Associated with Personal Cloud Storage Services to Skyrocket: ABI
The numbers of personal computers and laptops which have been shipped has dropped because of increased cloud storage and more tablets in the marketplace, according to new analysis.
Chinese Cloud Business Boosts Competition, Improves Picture for Users
It's becoming clear that there are many more competitors getting into the Chinese cloud computing field, and that's shaking things up to the consumer's overall benefit.
Cloud Continues to Stand Out as an Essential Business Tool
Cloud computing is only getting more popular as we move further into the 21st century. While people have been slow to see all the exceptional benefits that the tech can offer, businesses are coming around quite quickly.
Guaranteed SLA in Cloud Services: A Difficult Proposition
When it comes to cloud services, which offer guarantees through service-level agreements (SLAs), can a guarantee ever really be established?
Hosted Contact Center Market Increases Because of Scalability, Flexibility & Omni-Channels
As increases are predicted to continue in the New Year, companies appear to favor the hosted contact center market because of its scalability and flexibility.
The Cloud and Its Future in IT
Cloud computing is no longer a technology reserved for a niche market; it has infiltrated all facets of IT, becoming an essential tool for driving innovation and making organizations more agile than ever.
Looking Ahead: Cloud Computing in 2014
When a year is about to come to an end, experts across every technological field make their predictions as to the most likely development to occur for the coming year. So here are some developments that will take place in cloud computing.
Web-to-Store Holiday Shopping Season Expands With the Cloud
The scalability of cloud services can become particularly handy in times where increased business demands an increase in resources.
Predictions by IDC Reveals Cloud Computing to Exceed $100B in 2014
The 2014 predictions for technology by International Data Corporation revealed one of its top ten was the growth of cloud computing. The company prjoects the market for this technology will exceed $100 billion next year.
Trends in the Cloud: What 2014 Will Bring
While cloud computing ostensibly makes us more efficient, it has yet to make us omniscient. However, key trends are emerging that merit attention in 2014 to fully leverage the power of the cloud.
Adoption of Cloud Computing in Australia to Accelerate in 2014
In 2014. Australian companies will become more application-centric, while an infrastructure-centric approach will gradually become redundant, according to a recently published report.
Big Blue Rolling Toward Cloud Computing
While IBM is still very strong, the past six quarters have been slow and many pundits in the tech and financial sector have been - prematurely - beating the drum for the demise of Big Blue.
Gartner: India Will Spend $4.2B on Cloud Services Over the Next Five Years
Gartner has predicted that India's small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) will spend $4.2 billion on cloud services between now and 2018.
GFI Plugs Disaster Recovery, ConnectWise Integration into IASO Backup
IASO Software, now a division of GFI Software, has updated the Dutch maker's backup tool with better support for virtualization, integration with professional services automation (PSA) from ConnectWise, and virtual disaster recovery.
Five Reasons for IT Admins To Be Thankful
With Thanksgiving so close, you're probably thinking about turkey, family parties, and a much-anticipated day off from work. But if you're an IT admin, there are various other things you should be thankful for nowadays.
What Does Cloud Computing Offer IT Managers?
For most businesses data that relates to its customers is its most important commodity. To efficiently access data when and where it is needed, many successful businesses are turning to cloud computing.
AppsCare Highlights Cloud Computing Surveys and the Challenges CIOs Face
In a recent survey on the future of IT services, only 38 percent of participating organizations said they used cloud services, but 80 percent said they would be implementing some form of the technology within 12 months.
Cloud Communications Providers - Spread your Wings and Diversify
Cloud computing has thrown open so many possibilities that IT managers are slowly coming around to the idea that the cloud is not such a bad thing after all and can actually be used to improve business and lower IT costs.
Vietnam Firms Bullish on Cloud Computing Due in Part to Customer Demand
It seems that talk about nearly any technology these days inevitably stops briefly on the Asia Pacific market to acknowledge that, yes, growth is excellent there. This usually has to do with largely with China's developing, industrious market that demonstrates explosive growth in the case of cloud computing, mobile and more. However, Asia Pacific doesn't begin and end with China.
Cloud Service Facing Security and Skill-related Problems
According to a forecast by Forrester Research, the global cloud computing market is expected to reach $270 billion by 2020. Cloud services are introducing a new level of efficiency to businesses of all sizes and budgets by providing affordable solutions. Although the sector is experiencing a boom, a shortage of skilled technicians and security issues driven by the Edward Snowden fiasco and the NSA have been pointed out by many experts in the field regarding how fast the market will continue to grow.
Cloud Technology Deployment at a Disadvantage with Skills Deficiency
For all its benefits, including cost-saving and simplification, cloud computing is suffering from a significant problem that has prevented companies from maximizing its potential or even using it: a lack of skill in the technology.
The Best Technology Isn't Always for Sale: How to Beat the Technology Trap
Success is not always about having the latest gear; it's about having the gear that does the best job. But how to apply these lessons to a small to medium-sized business (SMB)?
Cloud Computing to Monopolize IT Spending by 2016
The cloud is no longer a buzzword; the buzz around it has settled and the haze almost cleared. Now everyone wants to get aboard notwithstanding the fact that there are still some reservations about total acceptance.
Interoute Offers Free Cloud Data Access for Startups
Startups need all the help they can get before they get recognized and start receiving funding from VCs, and the announcement from Interoute to start offering free cloud data access through its European fiber network will definitely be appreciated.
Resistance to Cloud Computing Adoption Ultimately Boils Down to Fear of Change
As is the case with all disruptive inventions, the road to cloud computing is paved with resistance. Migrating to the cloud involves major change, not just in equipment and software, but in the way IT operates and is managed.
The Mobile Cloud Era Will Be Led by Virtualization and Software-Defined Data Centers
The cloud has been touted as a lot of things, but the main theme that has been bandied about is that it's disruptive. And the disruption is only beginning.
The Cloud is Only Gaining in Popularity
Despite being a fairly young technology, there is very little doubt that the future is incredibly bright for cloud computing. While there are certainly some people who want to claim the cloud is just a fad, it actually appears to be anything but.
SMBs: Win the Fight Against Cyber Crime
IT professionals are in a constant battle with cyber criminals, and the criminals will always strive to stay one step ahead. There's nothing to suggest that the battle will ever cease.
GFI Expands Cloud with Deep Web Protection
There is a big addition to the GFI Cloud suite in the form of Web security. Designed for SMBs, GFI Cloud has multi-faceted Web filtering and monitoring that can stop phishing, malware, spyware and adware, botnets, spam, and proxies.
GFI Cloud's New Web Protection Service Saves IT Managers Time and Resources
Less than a month after it released a white paper advocating multi-layered security for SMBs, GFI Software has added another layer of protection to its GFI Cloud hosted IT security and management platform.
Cloud Computing Growing in Overseas Economies
Today, emerging countries are as equipped as the developed countries and they are in a better position than ever before to harness the true potential of cloud communications.
Small and Medium Sized Businesses Need to Move to the Cloud
While there are new companies moving to the cloud, there are still some firms that are finding it hard to actually make that call.
The Migration to the Cloud by the US Government
The move by the U.S. government to the cloud will make it more efficient and save it a lot of money; and with the current government shutdown, every billion will come in very handy.
The Cloud Making its Mark on Mobile Platforms
Cloud communications have, by and large, been used to reduce the cost of existing business procedures, with the business world moving swiftly into an era that is referred to by industry analysts as the mobile/cloud era.
Working in the Cloud Can Mean Big Savings for Smaller Companies
There is very little doubt that cloud computing can help businesses in a variety of different ways. The thing that most people overlook when pointing to the positives that the technology brings is just how helpful it can be to businesses that need a little help to get over the top.
GFI Cloud Advocates Multi-Layered Security for SMBs
GFI Software, developer of the ground-breaking GFI Cloud platform, has released a white paper addressing the issue of using a multi-layered security strategy for SMBs.
Cloud Services Most Often Blocked by Non-IT Problems
With the explosion in popularity that the cloud has seen over the last few years, there are still a couple of different barriers standing in the way of the technology getting that much bigger.
Cloud Computing's Challenge to IT Departments
The demise of the IT department in organizations has been predicted for some time now, and the drum beat is getting louder than ever as cloud technology proponents keep making a strong argument in its favor.
EMC Sees Growth in its Cloud Services
One of the leading storage providers in the country, EMC has announced that it is going to be taking a more detailed and longer look at getting more involved in the cloud industry.
Five Benefits of Cloud Computing
Research analysts show that many SMBs are adopting cloud computing to deliver aspects of computing as a service over the Internet.
GFI MAX Riding MSP Wave
GFI MAX, the MSP arm of GFI software, is hot on the trail of MSPs. And it's already bagged a whole heap - the company now has over 8,000 MSP partners for its GFI MAX RemoteManagement, and that is just one of the arrows in the GFI MSP quiver.
Chinese Cloud Computing Raises Security Concerns
A paper commissioned by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) addresses cloud computing in China and security issues that could potentially endanger U.S. assets.
When It Comes to the Cloud, EU Drifts Toward More Specific Standards
There is very little doubt that cloud communications is picking up steam. But there is still one area that is keeping companies from joining the cloud revolution and that is the safety and security of the service.
Intermedia Finalizes its January Acquisition of Telanetix
Intermedia, the world's largest third-party Microsoft Exchange host and cloud service provider, finalized the January acquisition of Telanetix, a cloud-based communications solutions provider, giving it a clear advantage in cloud voice and hosted PBX services for SMBs in the U.S.
GFI Boosts Remote Management and Gives Away Asset Tracking
GFI MAX, the MSP arm of GFI Software, boosted its MAX RemoteManagement tool this week with the addition of a new remote command line function.
SMEs to Benefit from Cloud Computing
As more and more companies understand the benefits that come from using cloud computing, they are migrating their existing legacy system to cloud technology.
How to Promote Cloud Communications Sales
Despite all the popularity surrounding cloud services, it still continues to be difficult to sell a cloud communication package to corporate customers.
MSPs can Beat HIPAA Deadline with a Little GFI Help
Under Obamacare there is a major HIPAA deadline looming September 23rd of this very year. And healthcare companies and the MSPs that serve them are in danger of being caught off guard.
GFI Software Unveils GFI MAX Managed Antivirus Solution
GFI Software, a provider of cloud communications solutions for small businesses, announced the release of its GFI MAX Managed Antivirus solution featuring the latest VIPRE anti-malware technology.
Cloud Communications Don't Sell Themselves, Even If They Should
We all know that cloud communications delivers a number of benefits for companies. But just because it is obvious to us does not mean it is obvious to others.
Cloud Communications Alliance to Present on 'The Attack of the Patent Trolls'
A CCA presentation in October will discuss the challenges that the growing threat of patent trolls pose to technology companies, resellers and end users.
Claims Management Beginning to Look to the Cloud
Cloud computing is only getting more popular these days. One of the reasons that cloud communications and cloud storage is growing in popularity is because there are so many different marketplaces to use the services.
American Cloud Companies Set to Lose Business over PRISM
While study after study had shown that there is an increased interest in the using the cloud, a brand new study shows that the United States government's use of the PRISM program could actually hamper the rate of adoption going forward.
Cloud Gives Small Business Affordable Access to Premium Applications
Cloud computing has provided small businesses with many new opportunities by making applications that were previously available to large enterprises accessible to businesses with small budgets.
GFI Software Supports UK Channel Expansion with Cloud Partner Program
GFI Software, a provider of powerful, award-winning IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, is taking its innovation another step further. Building on the success of GFI Cloud, a new program from the company will grow U.K. partner activity, as well as help and incentivize the channel to incorporate cloud services into their solutions.
SMBs Looking to Add to Cloud Services In the Future
It seems that there is a new report every other day detailing how different verticals of the business sector are moving to the cloud. There have also been a ton of different reports that have detailed the success or prospective failure of the cloud services business as a whole.
Cloud Communications and Cloud Technology is Growing Every Day
When it comes to the cloud, most people who claim they are hesitant to use the technology are those who have some real problems with perceived issues in dealing with security.
Jump Technologies Taking Its Cloud Communication Tools to the Healthcare World
With cloud services getting bigger and more popular all the time, one way in which companies can actually stand out from the crowd is by offering up focused services to one particular sector of the market.
Dell Supplies $2M 'Super' Science Cloud to NCI
In a $2 million contract, Dell is supplying the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), a government-funded high-end computing service hosted by the Australian National University (ANU), a cloud computing facility for researchers.
Expectation of Lower Costs Drive Cloud Adoption Rates in Asia Pacific
Expectations that cloud will lower costs is driving rapid adoption rates in Asia-Pacific, with 77 percent of enterprise IT delivery is expected to be cloud-based in Asia Pacific by 2016.
GFI MAX Survey: Cloud Providers Always Looking for Better, Cheaper Tools
The cloud is a competitive place and cloud providers do their best to pick great products with good margins. And this search never really ends, as providers are in many cases willing to switch vendors mid-contract if they find a better product or a much better deal.
Cloud Computing Shines Bright for Younger Students
Online learning through technologies like massive open online courses (MOOCs) has skyrocketed. Those with fulltime jobs can reap the benefits of additional education without the hassle of traveling back and forth to a school; advanced and curious high school students can educate themselves further than they might be able to otherwise; and college students often find them cheaper or more convenient.
Australia Sees More Cloud Computing Down Under
Australia is seeing more adoption of cloud computing - as the cloud services market continues to increase. An IDC (International Data Center) survey showed that of those enterprise executives questioned, some 86 percent are using the cloud, compared with 71 percent in 2012.
How to Overcome Security Concerns for Cloud Communications
The promises made surrounding cloud computing have been shouted from the rooftops of many a vendor. Research reports all over the industry support the lower cost, greater flexibility and improved performance when leveraging cloud communications, yet many companies have yet to make the leap. For a number of organizations, the hesitation rests solely on concern over security.
Is Cloud Maturity Unlocking the Value of Cloud Communications?
The cloud is touted as offering a range of benefits - from cost savings to achieving greater scale and driving innovation within IT departments. The question remains: is there anything the cloud cannot do?
Cloud Computing Has the Power to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 95 Percent
Cloud computing and virtualization are two of the top trends in IT. Companies are turning to cloud communications as it helps them reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs. Cloud-based solutions allow businesses to access the most advanced services directly from the provider.
Cloud's Collaboration with Web Community Could Accelerate Standardization
If the cloud is really another word for the "Internet," then it would stand to reason that the cloud computing industry should be collaborating more with the Web community, according to Jeff Jaffe, CEO of standards body Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).
GFI Sets Webinar on How to Overcome the 'Technology Trap'
If you're running a small- to mid-sized company, your use and dependency on both technology and computing has naturally grown with your business. But with this growth also comes complexity and the need for ever-increasing IT strategy and management, including replacement and development along with people and costs. How can anyone reasonably be expected to keep up?
Cloud Computing Could Create 8,600 Jobs in Ireland
Cloud computing is having positive effects far and wide, with new figures that show effective use of cloud strategies could create as many as 8,600 jobs in Ireland. In addition, the cloud has the potential to reach $12.2 billion in revenues, according to business analysts at a recent Irish Management Institute (IMI) event in Dublin.
GE Steps into the Cloud With Big Data Analytics
GE is making its entrance into the cloud computing market, and is ready to take it by storm. The company plans to provide cloud-based analytics services to industrial customers, creating an "Industrial Internet cloud" that uses big data analytics to help provide new insights and information.
The Growth and Future of the Cloud
North Bridge Venture Partners and GigaOm Research have looked at the state of cloud computing, as well as its future. After surveying 855 respondents, including business users, vendors, and IT decision-makers, they have found that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is still the most in-demand use for the cloud, among other interesting bits of information.
PRISM Calls Cloud Security into Question
When it comes to cloud computing, I've often spoken in favor of it, and all the benefits it provides. That said, security has always been an issue, and that is even truer now that the PRISM and Tempora surveillance programs have come to light.
Cloud Computing Market in Brazil on the Way Up
It's no secret that, in their search for greater flexibility and scalability, businesses from all over the world have turned increasingly to the cloud. Typically, the focus is thrust upon the North American, Asian and European markets, but a recent report from Frost & Sullivan examines the state of the cloud computing market in Brazil, which has begun to gather serious momentum.
Can Cloud Computing Can Save the Earth?
A set of studies about cloud computing and its impact on the environment are reaching similar conclusions: the efficient technologies facilitated by cloud are helping to make the world a greener place to live.
Survey Looks at the Future of Cloud Communications
As respected firms examine the impact cloud computing has had on business in the last few years, others are exploring its potential in the future. Reval has just completed the latter, its third annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey. Participation reached 855 respondents this year as researchers captured insight from key industry players on what to expect from cloud communications to cloud computing.
SaaS Changes the IT Skill Set in the Cloud
The benefits of the cloud have been extolled far and wide, but most businesses do not fully anticipate the positive transformation that cloud services can have on their IT departments.
Top 10 Security and Privacy Challenges of Big Data and Cloud
When it comes to cloud computing, security remains first and foremost the biggest concern for IT decision-makers. Furthermore, Big Data is having an effect on security and privacy challenges. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Big Data Working Group recently released an expanded top 10 list of security challenges, following the group's initial set of technical and organizational problems around big data and privacy that was released last year.
European Commission Urged to Safeguard Data in the Cloud
The European Commission (EC) has been approached by a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) to safeguard EU users' data in the cloud. The MEP has asked the EC to draft a set of unique rules for the same.
Are You Ready to Have Your Own Private Cloud?
Virtualization and various forms of cloud computing have changed the way companies run their operations. Scrappy online startups realize the need of renting computing power from cloud providers like Amazon Web Services.
Are You Ready to Have Your Own Private Cloud? Some Enterprises Have Started This Trend
Organizations like PayPal, the U.S. National Security Agency, Samsung,, Comcast, Bloomberg and even a group of particle physicists are among those that have launched their own isolated networks.
Agility vs. Cost in Cloud Communications? Why Not Both?
The key players in the cloud computing space spend a lot of time and money touting the benefits associated with their offerings. Key positioning includes the lower cost of operations when cloud-based solutions are in place. Others will tout access to agile capabilities that are otherwise inaccessible. Is it possible to have both?
Growth in Cloud Communications Drives Trends in Recruiting
What does the future hold for IT contractors? If they're focused on mobile solutions and cloud computing, the opportunities around the bend are well ahead of other segments. The demand is growing among consumers and the commercial sector, creating new and exciting opportunities for those with the right skill sets.
Can Cloud Communications Benefits Really Drive Change in the Gaming Industry?
Who rules the gaming market - gamers or those creating the experience? There seems to be a battle for control with Microsoft's latest announcements surrounding the Xbox One. Cloud communications is a key component to the gaming system, but do gamers want the restrictions initially put in place?
GFI Launches New Cloud Backup Service
GFI MAX, the part of GFI Software that services MSPs, has a brand new tool that integrates with the MAX lineup - GFI MAX Backup.
Cloud Computing Advances Energy Savings: Study
Most often, the benefits of cloud that are touted by cloud service providers and industry experts are the potential cost savings, security and greater efficiency. A new study reveals additional insight about the potential environmental impacts cloud can have globally.
Cloud Communications - Not as Common as We Thought
With so much information readily posted about the use of the cloud and how companies are embracing the technology and its benefits, it's easy to assume that adoption is happening in droves. According to recent research by Gartner, however, the adoption of cloud communications and other technologies is not happening at the pace we once believed.
Five Reasons SMBs Should Embrace Cloud
While many enterprises are adopting cloud-based services such as cloud communications, some small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still question whether cloud can offer them the same benefits as their larger counterparts.
GFI Removes MSP Malware Gratis
GFI Software recently boosted its VIPRE malware tools and offered free removal of any little nasties that make it through this barrier.
Six Reasons Why Cloud Computing Changes Everything
Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. It is more than just a trend. Cloud computing is completely reshaping how business is done because it is transforming information technology on a fundamental level.
GFI Software Initiates Partner Conference for Middle East Region
"Work Together, Succeed Together" was the theme of the conference recently conducted by GFI Software for its customers in the Middle East region.
Does User Privacy in the Cloud Need Reform?
With the increased popularity of Web-based software that shares information through cloud computing, legal scholars who are scrutinizing privacy issues say user privacy is in need of serious revision.
Stay Protected Against Cybercriminals
Cybercriminals are out there, looking for the best way to infect computers and steal valuable data, personal information, or even just cause distress. It's a sad but true fact of the computer-centric world we live in. As such, it's important to not only know what scams are out there, but how to best protect yourself against them.
Answering the Key Questions About Cloud Communications
The talk surrounding the possibilities in the cloud makes it appear to be nothing more than hype. How can one type of technology offer so much promise? The reality is, cloud computing can deliver as much benefit as necessary when it replaces an antiquated system or infrastructure. In terms of cloud communications, the value-add is significant.
Federal CIOs Need to Embrace Hybrid Cloud: Gartner
As more federal agencies shift toward cloud-based services, chief information officers (CIOs) need to take a strategic approach to cloud that includes strong consideration of the agency's mission, a top Gartner analyst said during a recent federal cloud conference in Washington, D.C.
Let the Cloud Manage IT Services
While managing IT services can be a tiresome and frustrating task, there are ways to make it easier. One of the most common and most effective is through management in the cloud and through hosted services, where companies can receive the same benefits with greater flexibility and support.
WhyGo Announces New Cloud-based Video Conferencing Solution
WhyGo has made itself quite the respectable little market when it comes to videoconference sector. The company has announced that it has strengthened its standing with the world's first public and private video conferencing and room scheduling. This new system operates using the cloud. When it comes to video conferencing, the company has already put out a couple of different video conferencing solutions.
Hybrid Clouds Already Are All Around Us
If you think hybrid clouds are the way of the future, think again. They're already here. Hybrid clouds already exist in most organizations. IT just doesn't know about it. That's because hybrid clouds occur whenever workers leverage a public Web service such as and mix it with company data.
GFI Buys Backup Partner, Pushes Full Steam in Hybrid Cloud Backup
MSPs have a new choice when it comes to backup. GFI Software today bought its existing backup partner IASO, which is already the basis for GFI's managed backup offering, a service sold through MSPs and often bundled with GFI MAX remote monitoring and management.
Network Monitoring From the Cloud
Network monitoring, as vital as it is, has often been overlooked by small and medium-sized businesses due to its complexity, time requirements or costs. However, thanks to the cloud, network monitoring solutions have now become more accessible, and are allowing more businesses of all sizes to better monitor and manage their networks for maximized speed and efficiency.
If You Can't Stop Employees from Using Their Own Devices, Join 'Em
I wish I could play Spider Solitaire at work, really I do. I would love to check sports scores during business hours, too. But the fact of the matter is that I'm just too busy during my workday. I'm too busy for time-wasters in the office, and I'm even too busy for my company's IT department.
Cloud Communications and the Necessary Change to the Business Model
Whether the business owner realizes it or not, they all use cloud computing. Some may claim they have yet to migrate and others may admit to only incremental changes. The reality is that in this mobile economy, companies of all sizes are using cloud computing and cloud communications to the point that it is effectively changing the operation of the business model.
Google Has a Few Tricks up its Sleeve, but the Real Value May be with GFI
While Google will forever be a verb thanks to the giant's dominance in the search world, the company still struggles to establish itself as an enterprise and developer-focused provider of cloud computing solutions. To try to stake its leadership claim in this space, Google has announced that its cloud services platform is open for anyone and can be used with its new by-the-minute billing promotion to support cloud communications.
For Many, Work E-Mail Invades Weekends and Holidays
Anybody who works a job five days a week knows the value of weekends, holidays, and those nights where you're finally done with work and get to relax. They're the little joys in life that many would lament having to give up. Yet as a consequence of the growing ever-connected, work-where-you-want environment, many find themselves spending time dealing with work e-mail when they're off the clock.
Stay Protected Against Cybercriminals
Cybercriminals are out there, looking for the best way to infect computers and steal valuable data, personal information, or even just cause distress. It's a sad but true fact of the computer-centric world we live in. As such, it's important to not only know what scams are out there, but how to best protect yourself against them.
'Hi. My name is Rory, and I'm Addicted to E-mail'
If you've ever checked your e-mail while at a funeral (and felt sufficiently creepy while doing so), take heart; you're not alone.
Five Questions to Ask Before Migrating to Cloud Services
We've almost reached the point where the cloud is no longer a separate IT "thing" and is more just part of the larger IT operation, as I wrote about earlier this week. But we're not quite to that point, and many organizations are just now making the leap to leveraging cloud computing as part of their enterprise IT strategy.
Cloud Computing is Dead. Long Live Cloud Computing
It is time to stop thinking of the cloud as "cloud computing" and time to just start thinking about it as part of the computing experience.
HIPAA Drives Healthcare in the Cloud
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is no joke for the healthcare industry or the solutions providers who support it. HIPAA was designed to protect patient privacy and restrict who has access to patient medical records.
GFI Adds Patch Management to Its Admin Suite
GFI Cloud already was a slick way for IT admins at small and medium-sized firms to centrally manage their IT resources and provide antivirus support, but now GFI has added functionality to tackle one of the most essential but often unperformed tasks that IT administrators face: patching.
Cloud Survey Says Multi-Cloud Use Growing
Cloud management professionals RightScale recently announced the results of its second annual State of the Cloud survey, and the research says essentially the more it's done, the better it gets.
Cloud Computing Will Be the Norm in Federal Offices
The cloud is one of those technologies that has its purpose pretty much everywhere you go, from social to business to mobile. With all the benefits cloud computing touts it's become quite an asset, so much so that federal agencies have been making the switch. In fact, in three years' time, most federal managers will assume that everyone is operating within the cloud, says GCN.
GFI Software Adds Patch Management Capabilities to GFI Cloud
GFI Software, a company that develops IT solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses with up to 1,000 users, recently announced that it has added more features in GFI Cloud. The new features, which include patch-management capabilities, will improve the interface, allowing the SMBs to provide services with more convenience.
Cloud's Impact on SMBs: Fact vs. Fiction
Whether your organization has already deployed cloud-based services or is going through the process of weighing the pros and cons of shifting toward cloud computing, IT departments are being changed by this disruptive force. Changes that might be good for some businesses are not for others, which means that there is no one-size-fits-all cloud model that will help your company achieve organizational efficiency and business productivity - even cost savings, which are just some of the fundamental benefits of cloud.
Cloud Computing Can Increase Revenue - But Only if it's Used
The benefits associated with cloud computing often center on the cost reduction companies can enjoy when they don't have to make substantial investments in hardware or infrastructure. At the same time, small businesses benefit from the access to enhanced functionality that was once out of their reach due to the mere cost of development and deployment.
Ready for the Cloud? Learn How to Spot the Right Provider
The cloud has introduced a whole new way of managing information and applications, enabling the small business to operate at the same level and capacity as its larger competitors. And while the opportunities continue to grow for the SMB market, the decision-maker should tread lightly. While valuable services do exist in the market, there are many that are promising one thing and delivering another.
What Not to do With a Cloud Communication SLA
Marketing strategies are launched every day in an effort to grab the attention of the target audience and outpace the competition. Take the retail sector, for instance. Target is reaffirming its position as the store of choice among the upper middle class, while Kmart is fighting back with a brilliant (and instantly viral) campaign for Shipping Pants. (If you haven't seen the commercial on YouTube - you're missing out.)
Cloud Adoption is Expanding, But Not Without its Challenges
The thought of moving information and technology to the cloud once had corporate CIOs losing sleep. Now, according to a survey recently published by Unisphere Research, nearly two-fifths of organizations are running private clouds, and one-fourth use the public cloud for the enterprise.
Many Benefits for Hotels That Embrace the Cloud
Most industries can benefit from the cloud, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Hotels, in particular, have the opportunity both to leverage common benefits of the cloud and also take advantage of some industry-specific opportunities.
A Business Case for Adopting Cloud Communications
In this uncertain economic climate, there are many reasons why cloud-based services, including cloud communications, are right for businesses.
Myths About the Cloud
Almost everybody knows about cloud computing at this point, and most of us use it to some degree. But there are a lot of misconceptions about what the cloud is and is not. Let's clear up a few misconceptions that keep businesses from fully embracing the cloud.
Show Me the Money: Cloud Communications Cuts Costs
Cloud communications isn't just fancy tech-term used in the industry. Cloud communications is a real thing, not just a catchphrase, which has helped a lot of organizations when it comes to using data and keeping costs down. With the cloud being a highly secure, location-independent solution, it offers options that far outweigh traditional IT services, and thus it makes for an attractive option for computing and communications needs.
Time to 'Upset the Apps Cart'-or Energy Use and CO2 Will Spiral Out of Control
Are we caught in a dangerous Web of our own making? The popularity of services like Google Apps, Office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Facebook, Zoho cloud office suite, and many others delivered over wireless networks, is driving a massive surge in energy consumption, according to research results just released in Australia.
Small and Large Businesses Utilizing the Cloud in New Ways
"Yabba dabba do!" Visions of Fred Flintstone punching a time clock with a pre-historic piece of slate at the quarry where he worked as a crane operator comes to mind when we think of the proverbial 'punching the clock.
The Real ROI of Cloud Computing
Cost savings is, by far, one of the most frequently cited benefits of cloud computing - but is return on investment (ROI) the right measure of success?
U.S. Military Awards $45 Million Cloud Contract to Alliance Technology Group
As the U.S. government ramps up its investments in cloud communications, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has awarded a $45 million cloud-computing contract to systems integrator Alliance Technology Group. The contract calls for an intelligence and surveillance information storage cloud that could eventually require four exabytes of storage - an unprecedented volume of data.
GFI Software Hosts Pakistan-based Training Event
GFI Software, a provider of Web and e-mail security, archiving, fax, networking, security software and hosted IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), recently hosted a special training workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Learn to Value IT Administrators and Company Hardware
Being an IT administrator has a lot of benefits; you get to know most of the employees, you're involved in many major decisions, and your input is considered important in company meetings. But we can't forget, however, about the downside, as some stress can inevitably accompany the job. Just look at some of the daily issues they have to confront.
Cleveland- Based Evolution Capital Partners Implements Navatar Private Equity CRM
Redefining the techniques to manage funds, deals and portfolios, Navatar Private Equity CRM has bagged yet another new customer. This time it's a Cleveland-based small business private equity firm, Evolution Capital Partners.
New Regulations Drive Demand for E-mail Archiving
When most of us think about E-mail threats, we think of cybercriminals and hackers trying to obtain confidential information or viruses that can corrupt mission-critical documents and applications. But there is yet another outsider that you might have to worry about if you are ever subpoenaed to turn over your internal communications: the legal system.
dock10 Teams with Infostrada to Transform UK Media
The UK broadcast industry is facing strong challenges and opportunities in moving to a completely digital workflow.
Authen2cate Unveils Web Browser Extension Reach for Browsers
Authen2cate released its Web browser extension, "Reach for Browsers," which extends its simple, secure, and flexible single sign-on experience.
GFI Software Debuts GFI WebMonitor 2013
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) now have the option to enjoy GFI Software's latest Web security and filtering solution, GFI WebMonitor 2013. The Internet is a vitality in the office, and needless to say, it has become equally important to manage the potential associated issues such as employee productivity, security risks and bandwidth loss.
GFI Software Debuts an Independent Company for Developing Advanced Security Solutions
GFI Software is all set to launch a new, independent company called ThreatTrack Security Inc. As an independent security technology business unit, ThreatTrack will focus on the company's VIPRE family of antivirus products and high-end antimalware intelligence solutions, SandBox and ThreatTrack. Julian Waits, currently the general manager of GFI's security business unit, will assume the role of CEO at the new company.
A Winning Game Plan for Corporate IT During March Madness
The March Madness tipoff starts March 19. While some of the best collegiate basketball players will vie for a championship trophy, IT administrators and employees will be competing in a different game this week: The battle for access to March Madness versus the bandwidth and IT challenges that come along with the tournament each year.
Channel Associates of GFI Software in Qatar Attend Training Workshop
GFI Software, a cloud communications and security solutions provider, recently arranged a training seminar for its channel associates in Qatar. As part of the course, practical training was imparted on numerous GFI offerings, including the GFI MailArchiver, GFI WebMonitor, GFI MailEssentials Online, GFI FaxMaker and GFI LanGuard. Best practices to improve efficiency were also shared by GFI at the training workshop, and channel associates were successfully kept abreast of the most recent industry trends across the globe.
Why the Harlem Shake Gives IT Admins Headaches
I just came back from maternity leave, so I haven't yet been invited to a Harlem Shake party, but I know friends who have, and I - along with just about everyone else - has seen at least a couple Harlem Shake renditions on YouTube.
'Evernote is Dead to me' - 50 Million Contacted Due to Cloud Communications Compromise
Recently, an alarming e-mail jumped out among the many corporate communications that cross my e-mail inbox. Evernote had been hacked, and it somewhat casually asked me to change my password.
Let's Get One Thing Straight, Software Patches Are No Laughing Matter
Despite the time and hassle, however, system and network patches are an essential component of a healthy computing environment. For regulated industries, it goes even deeper than that-being able to show that systems have all the necessary security updates is a compliance requirement.
GFI Software Participates with OpenDNS to Help Shape the World of Internet Security Today
The recent string of cyber security attacks involving Twitter, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times has inevitably drawn the security industry's attention to the importance of developing predictive technology-based security solutions. The security research community has also realized in this context the importance of sharing the ideas of prominent security technologists and researchers.
Intelliverse Includes Cloud-based Communications Solutions within Its Partner Program Offering
Intelliverse recently announced that its partner program offering will now include cloud-based communication solutions. Designed for supporting robust communication between businesses and their customers, the latest offering from Intelliverse includes IntelliBuzz, a social media analytics and management solution and IntelliConnection, a lead-generation solution designed to mitigate cold calling. The new service will now be a part of the company's Cloud Telephony suite of Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distribution, and IP Telephony services.
Funambol, Mahindra Comviva to Help Service Providers Deliver Personal Cloud Service
On Monday, Funambol and Mahindra Comviva announced they are collaborating on personal cloud solutions for mobile service providers to rebrand and offer to their customers. Globally, the personal cloud service market is expected to grow nearly sevenfold, from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $43.5 billion in 2018.
Don't Let Valentine's Day Cyber Threats Leave You Broken-Hearted
While Valentine's Day has come and gone this year, online threats popped up on this annual holiday that celebrates love - as is common on many holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But holidays are not the only time online scams are creeping around the Internet - they lurk year-round.
GFI EventsManager Now with Active Network and Server Monitoring
Network infrastructure requires permanent monitoring and maintenance to function appropriately. Tracking different management solutions for different IT assets is not only costly, but it takes up valuable time and resources for IT departments. GFI Software, a provider of IT software and hosted services, has a solution named GFI EventsManager which equips IT managers with additional tools to manage and monitor the network infrastructure's performance.
Easing Network Vulnerability with Cloud Communications 101
Every day, system administrators are working against vulnerabilities in software and operating systems, and based on the severity of threats, it sometimes seems vendors and service providers are fighting a losing battle - especially when you consider the statistics.
Checking in with GFI Software and GFI Cloud
Last year, GFI Software revealed the GFI Cloud, which provides a single integrated solution to streamline the management of IT. It ultimately enables any administrator with access to the Internet to manage their entire network through this advanced solution. With automated checks and continuous scanning, users can save time and focus on strategic initiatives that build the business instead of traveling to remote and branch locations. Plus, all of this can be done without complex processes or licensing requirements.
Multifactor Authentication to Be a Big Player in 2013 IT Projects
The password may well be one of the most ubiquitous developments in technology today. There are passwords to get into devices, passwords to reach websites and even passwords on shut down systems - and that's just for computers. The thing is, passwords can be easy to guess. While we may all be aware of this fact, even so-called "optimal" passwords made of "non-traditional" words with numbers and letters and symbols in place can be less than valuable in the face of brute force password cracking technology. This is where multifactor authentication comes into play.
GFI's FaxMaker Online Is the Cloud Solution that May Finally Replace Traditional Fax
A number of solutions have popped up over the last couple of years billed as fax replacements that many have predicted or hoped would lead to the end of traditional fax technology. Still, though, traditional fax is still widely used in certain industries - healthcare, law firms, financial services - to meet security and compliance regulations.
GFI Software Reveals FaxMaker Online for SMBs
Faxing is an inevitable part of business communications. While traditional fax has been around for what feels like longer than we can remember, cloud computing has recently been gathering momentum to make online fax solutions a very popular alternative that are less time consuming, more cost-efficient and overall more convenient for business operations.
GFI Software Kicks Off 2013 with Several Huge Achievements
Log management software has a new star in its collective firmament in GFI Software. Not only has GFI recently managed to hit several new milestones, but it's also brought out a substantial number of new features for its GFI EventsManager. These events all add up to give GFI Software not only quite a bit of extra credibility, but a clear establishing of its presence as a major player in the market.
GFI MAX Hits an Exciting New Milestone
GFI Software, producer of GFI MAX, a company that provides support to IT companies worldwide, revealed on January 17 that it hit the 7,000 customer mark and that it now has a presence in 125 countries. The numbers show a whopping increase of 40 percent in the last 13 months, as this time last year, the company proudly celebrates its 5,000 customer milestone. GFI is confident that this growth rate shows no signs of slowing as it settles into 2013, and it anticipates further growth throughout the year.
Settling the Debate: Could Social Media Shut Down E-mail Once and For All?
One of the great things about the advance of technology is the inevitable discussion about the death of its predecessor. The way technology works today, there's a new version just waiting to be rolled out almost as soon as the newest addition hits the market. And most usually, there's a crowd full of onlookers jeering the old technology and doing all they can to hasten its departure to announce that it is indeed "dead." Many technologies have been affected by this process, and now, one of the latest targets is e-mail.
Security Still a Huge Cloud Deterrent, GFI Software Rolls out ThreatTrack 2.0
Cloud communications services have become increasingly prevalent in the way companies operate today; however, the one main deterrent is found in its sometimes questionable security aspects. Inevitably, this had led companies to seek new ways to use this technology in a way that is significantly safer and more secure. In light of this, GFI Software has launched its ThreatTrack 2.0 solution.
After All This Time, Do We Still Not Understand the Cloud?
The cloud extends beyond cost savings to encompass many things; the streamlining of information, the instant sharing of files to promote project management and immediate access to apps that springboard more efficient operations, among other things. But as much as consumers and professionals use cloud computing in their everyday lives and operations - and as big as it's being beefed up to be in 2013 - many are still vague as to what the cloud means and what it actually does.
Unpatched Software Vulnerabilities Named the No. One Security Risk for SMBs
I admit, not all of my software is up to date. I just don't have the time to stay on top of all the patches and updates typically required, even though much of it is automated these days. To my surprise, I'm also not alone.
How Cloud Communications Can Offer SMBs Enterprise-Class Solutions
In the past, companies craving expansion were able to afford more advanced technological tools to augment their businesses' efficiency and workflow - usually costly endeavors that large enterprises today can afford. However, considering the number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the U.S., there is a significant market for companies that are looking to grow but don't have an enterprise-size IT budget for hardware and software.
GFI MAX Designed with IT Support Companies, MSPs in Mind
GFI Software's GFI MAX is dedicated to helping IT support companies and managed services providers (MSPs) increase their revenue from existing customers while attracting new ones by way of cost-effective, easy-to-use services. Indeed, the GFI MAX platform provides MSPs with remote monitoring and management, e-mail security, endpoint security and managed hosted backup software suitable for companies of any size. It has gotten much praise lately, and so it only seems appropriate to take a closer look at this esteemed cloud communications technology.
GFI Software's Predictions for 2013
The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look back at the opportunities and mistakes of the year before, analyze anticipated trends that will result and make predictions based on information gleaned. In the realm of cloud communications, there were some recent predictions shared by GFI's David Kelleher that can affect both the business and end user that are worth noting.
Why You Should Invest in Online Faxing As a 2013 Business Resolution
While many believe that the fax is something of a dead technology or too old to be considered viable, there are still plenty of places that use it routinely. Add in the use of online technologies, and the use of faxing is a lot wider than some may think. In light of this, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released the results of the first ever Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) of online faxing services, whose results come as yet another shock to those who thought faxing was a long-dead form of communication.
GFI VIPRE Internet Security 2013 Review: Looks Simple, but Packs a Punch
Last week, Computer Active's Kelvyn Taylor released a promising review of GFI's newly released and enhanced VIPRE Internet Security 2013, which includes all security features of VIPRE Antivirus 2013; VIPRE Easy Update to auto-fix out-of-date software; a firewall to protect against inbound and outbound Internet threats; an anti-spam filter to protect against spam and phishing e-mails; and a bad website blocker to block access to malicious Web pages.
eAcceleration Chooses GFI Software's VIPRE Client SDK For Top-of-Line Malware Protection
eAcceleration is an esteemed computer software business whose StopSign Protection, a self-described "complete computer security" solution, provides users with an all-in-one Internet security complete with anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and popup blockers. The only thing, however, is that to stay on top, the company needed to stay up-to-date with its software for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. For this, the company turned to award-winning industry leader GFI Software.
Learning How to Protect Your Network and Data While Shut Down for the Holidays with GFI Software
With bring your own device (BYOD) becoming an integral part of today's corporate culture, organizations are faced with the challenge of dealing with hackers accessing corporate IT resources from non-company equipment. During the end of year holiday period, most office-based businesses choose to keep their shutters down, leaving their IT departments unmanned. This in turn leaves key IT applications at heightened risk of hacking and denial of service attacks, malware infections and unauthorized access. In view of this, GFI Software newly released guidelines for businesses planning to remain closed during the festive season.
The Future of Cloud Communications: Cloud-Based Video Surveillance
We're hearing so much about the cloud today; acquisitions, attritions, infographics and more, but could it be that we've been steadily overlooking a rather vital piece of the cloud puzzle? Apparently, many think the next big thing is going to be (drum-roll) cloud-based video surveillance.
GFI Gets Rave Review for Cloud Communications Platform
The trend of software vendors now providing cloud-based versions of their wares has suppliers of network management software making a slow transition; however, there are others who are "taking the plunge" to the cloud, which Brian Posey recently pointed out in a favorable review of GFI Software's cloud offerings.
You're Most Likely Affected by These Holiday Shopping Scams - Unless You Already Have Been
As holiday shoppers continue to busily shop online to spread good cheer through the retail industry, cyber criminals are similarly laying out cookies and milk for them in the form of malware across the Web. Think you may not be affected by these desperate ploys? Think again.
Monitis' All-In-One Server Monitoring Solution Provides Night and Day Differences for Elite Email
For an e-mail marketing firm such as Elite Email, it's vital to ensure consistent server performance to maintain client satisfaction. This, of course, calls for round the clock performance monitoring of services so that any potential degradation can be identified before it causes downtime, and thus, customer dissatisfaction. Having experimented with a slew of monitoring solutions, Elite Email made the right decision in selecting a cloud-based monitoring solution from Monitis, a company acquired by GFI Software last year.
GFI Software Turns it Up a Notch by Upgrading GFI LanGuard
Cloud communications small- to medium-sized business (SMB) expert GFI Software is now making life just a little bit easier for those using the company's esteemed GFI LanGuard, which allows them to identify, quantify and prioritize vulnerabilities as well as automate deployed security patches and service packs, by updating the solution with new vulnerability assessment and patch management capabilities.
Online Shoppers Want Lightening Speed Service...Can You Blame Them?
Online shopping - it is one of the modern luxuries of technology in this new age. Don't try to deny your guilty pleasure of casually sifting through the freshly stocked Web pages of your favorite retailer during your lunch break. We've all done it before, and rightfully so. No longer are we destined to spend countless hours in long lines, battling for the last item on the shelf or enduring the pasted on smiles of the overworked cashier. When shopping can be as simple as clicking a button, who wouldn't enjoy it?
The Continuing Growth of Cloud Communications as we Near 2013
Cloud communications continue to be touted as a low cost means to managing all interaction channels, but does this technology platform offer enough to capture the attention of companies everywhere to continue to push demand in the future? According to ShoreTel, the popularity of cloud communications will be motivation enough.
GFI MAX Integrates Cloud Services Depot's NOC Services into its Remote Management Program
GFI MAX RemoteManagement is a hosted remote management and monitoring (RMM) tool with antivirus and backup software, designed specifically for IT Support Companies and MSPs by industry leader GFI Software. In an effort to expand the capabilities of this award-winning remote management and monitoring tool, GFI MAX has teamed up with Cloud Services Depot for its Network Operations Center (NOC) services.
Government Favoring Cloud Communications, Plans to Close 1200 Data Centers
When it comes to operational efficiencies, the U.S. government may not be the first organization that comes to mind. As nonprofits, government agencies don't always have a reputation for efficient spending, but that trend may be shifting, as recent activities suggest cloud communications may be a new focus.
IT Should Make Some Serious New Year's Resolutions for System Improvements
The New Year will soon be here, and it's a fine time to make plans to ensure the next 12 months are efficient, prosperous and well-managed.
GFI Sounds Off: 'Antivirus Alone is Not Enough'
GFI Software is well-known for its security solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Today, with the ever-increasing amount of communications channels (ie. mobile phones, social networks and traditional communications platforms), these companies in particular can face some drastic security threats and/or gaps.
Qumu Announces Qumu Hybrid Cloud Video Communications Solution
Qumu, a business video platform provider and a Rimage company, has unveiled its latest product offering, the Qumu Hybrid Cloud Video Communications Solution. This solution is a cloud-based instance of the Qumu Video Control Center, combined with Qumu VideoNet Edge devices to enable quality streaming to audiences inside and outside corporate firewalls from the cloud.
An Inside Look at the GFI FaxMaker 2013
The use of SMS text messaging as a powerful communications tool has exploded in the last few years as services expand and costs go down. Now, companies are recognizing the value in using this medium to reach multiple recipients at once with targeted messages these users want to receive. GFI Software, an industry leader in cloud communications solutions, eases this process with its new and improved GFI FaxMaker 2013, leveraging cloud communications to combine SMS text messaging with fax server software.
GFI Sets New Bar for Professional Cloud Communications with VIPRE Business Premium
When hidden malware all but caused one school district's entire network to come crashing down, administrators knew that a change had to be made - and fast. After many of researching different solutions within available cloud communications, the decision was made to jump ship from its current LANDesk Antivirus Software in favor of GFI's VIPRE Business Premium.
GFI FaxMaker 2013: A New Hybrid Faxing and SMS Text Communications Solution
In a bid to serve the needs of business users, top executives and mobile-savvy employees, GFI Software has developed a new and improved version of GFI FaxMaker 2013, which enables users to send SMS text messages to multiple recipients at once. GFI FaxMaker 2013 integrates with cloud-based e-mail and fax service providers to cater the changing needs of today's mobile workforce.
What You Need to Know Now to Stop Malware in Its Tracks
Malicious software, better known simply as malware, can wreak havoc on sensitive data, corporate computers and communications systems. Of course, stopping malware from even getting close to your systems is not a single-step process. It's rather a multi-pronged approach requiring not just a sufficient malware protection solution, but a seriously proactive approach on your end.
If the Cloud Isn't the End-All Solution to Disaster Recovery, What's the Key to Full Data Protection?
It's obviously no shocker that this year's recent Halloween super storm disrupted business operations along the entire East Coast. While citizens everywhere are finally restoring power and resuming their everyday affairs after Sandy settled exactly one week from today, business managers should know better than to think that the worst is over for them.
The Deepening Union Between Cloud Communications and Mobile
As organizations increasingly adopt cloud services and embrace enterprise mobility initiatives, mobile and cloud are converging. With more mobile workers and consumers supporting tablets, mobile content, mobile video and personal cloud services, the IT world is in another state of transition, as the "anytime" availability and unlimited storage is critical for businesses.
10 YouTube Channels that Will Make Every Techie Swoon
YouTube is home to more than vBlogs, 80's cartoons, funny advertisements and songs set to still images of trees. It also has become an adjunct to many news websites and institutions, offering up meaty educational programming worthy of a college classroom as well as a more visual way to satisfy your appetite for all of the latest tech news.
Four Steps Admins Should Take to Prepare for Exchange 2013
The latest version of Exchange Server will be shipping in just a couple of months - and with many notable changes in Exchange 2013, system administrators undoubtedly need to prepare for its arrival.
Cloud-Managed Antivirus Software Ideal for Alleviating SMB Security Risks
While it would stand to reason that large enterprises are at a bigger risk for security and data breaches because of their sheer magnitude, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are just as vulnerable to security risks as their bigger counterparts, if not more so. In fact, hackers find SMBs a more attractive target, according to Entrust president and CEO Bill Conner, who recently led two workshops to discuss the security threats businesses can encounter.
GFI Software Reveals New VIPRE 6.0 SDK for Windows
GFI revealed this week its new VIPRE 6.0 SDK for Windows environments, which boasts a slew of new and advanced security features that software developers, PC utility providers and other security vendors can integrate into their product offerings or custom applications.
Verizon Launches the Virtual Communications Express
There are some incredible collaboration tools and capabilities available today, but more often than not, small and mid-sized businesses just can't afford them, leaving the enterprises to snatch up all the fun toys. Now, Verizon Enterprise Solutions has a new communications system specifically designed to help smaller businesses get the same features and solutions as their larger counterparts - the Virtual Communications Express.
Need-to-Know Info Before Sending Your Next Tweet or Sharing on Pinterest
It seems everyone today uses connected devices. Beware though, as with the rise of use comes the rise of cybercrime, which requires users' constant vigilance just to keep their personal devices and sensitive information safe from cybercriminals. In light of this, GFI Software, an esteemed provider of Web and e-mail security, archiving and fax, networking and security software and hosted IT solutions, released its Vipre Report for September 2012 that reveals the most prevalent threat detection scenarios for individuals to be aware of.
GFI Simplifies Protection and Management for SMBs with GFI Cloud
Not every small- to medium-sized business (SMB) can enjoy the luxury of IT expertise - or time to learn and manage the company's IT, for that matter. Thankfully, there's a Web service for that.
How Cloud Communications is Helping Fight Cancer
The medical industry is increasingly becoming more aware of the benefits of cloud communications. In fact, while the commercial sector worries about secure information, medical organizations recognize the inherent protections. A group called Cancer Research UK is the latest to enter into the cloud industry, which is expected to bring more reliability and speed to the company's critical processes.
GFI Software Releases VIPRE Antivirus 2013, VIPRE Internet Security 2013
GFI Software recently revealed the immediate availability of the latest versions of its VIPRE line of antivirus products.
GFI Introduces New Patch Management, Scanning Capabilities of 2013 Vipre Internet Security Software
GFI takes pride in being a forerunner in network, e-mail and Web security, management and monitoring, offering award-winning IT software and hosted services that cover all of the bases for any unique challenge or need which are specific to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Recently, the company went even further to reveal exciting new capabilities of the upcoming version of its esteemed Vipre Internet security software - Vipre Antivirus 2013 - specifically including improvements made to patch management and scanning.
Brother Rolls Out Cloud Capabilities with New Desktop Scanner
As more and more small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) look to the cloud to achieve greater efficiencies, Brother International Corporation has launched a new desktop scanner, the ImageCenter ADS-2500W, which includes cloud capabilities.
Looking Deeper at GFI's VizualMobile Acquisition: Changing the Face of SMB Mobile Security?
As consumers increasingly adopt smart devices, more attention must accordingly be paid to mobile device security; it's inevitable. Last week, GFI Software revealed that it had snagged VizualMobile in a strategic move to increase mobile device security. GFI is already a well-known player in the fields of such things as network and e-mail security, where it already boasts a slew of proven and powerful products and solutions, but now the company is looking to further extend its reach.
Study Shows European Regulations Slow Growth of Cloud
While the cloud is widely used among businesses, it is still largely misunderstood. Consider some of the latest statistics as evidence; 51 percent of American adults believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing, and one in five Americans admit that they've pretended to know what the cloud is or how it works.
GFI Software Acquires VizualMobile's Mobile Device Management Technology
As more tablet PCs, Androids, BlackBerrys and iPhones are entering the market, companies are finding it equally difficult to manage the ever growing list of mobile assets in their attempts of focusing solely on securing crucial enterprise data.
GFI: 'Smartphone Apps a Battleground for Scammers' - Even Mobile Phones Aren't Safe
Computers are no longer the only victim when it comes to malicious attacks, malware and viruses. Nowadays, mobile users need to stay up on their devices to ensure that the apps they're downloading aren't rogue viruses in disguise. GFI Software has been a heavy advocator of this, as well, where the company recently revealed new insights suggesting that no device is completely invincible, and that Androids are most vulnerable.
The Increasing Importance of Prioritizing E-Mail Data Security
When it comes down to it, organizations of any size are subject to being victimized when it comes to e-mail security and protection. While enterprises often handle a substantial amount of data - and depending on the type of business, sensitive data - small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are just as much in danger of organized attacks and e-mail hacking.
Adopting Cloud Leads to Many Benefits, but Infrastructure Still Matters
Going to the cloud leads to lower costs, improved ease of use, and better implementation of future products - as well as other benefits, but infrastructure still matters. Close to half of over 100 IT executives said they are evaluating, considering or planning for the cloud, according to a recent IDG Survey.
GFI WebMonitor Now Even Better with New, Advanced Features
Almost exactly six months ago from today, the new GFI WebMonitor 2012 was released for decadent public consumption, being touted as one of the industry's leading Web security solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This was a new addition to the company's strategic lineup of hot new innovations offered to SMBs to better ease and guarantee network protection. With the inclusion of GFI WebMonitor 2012, SMBs could enjoy even easier network protection from malicious threats, but now, the product has been enhanced to boast a slew of exciting new features for SMBs, which, according to a recent GFI blog, "put valuable productivity, bandwidth and security data in the hands of relevant stakeholders throughout the company."
GFI MAX Achieves 30 Percent Increase in Customer Base in Just Eight Months
Cloud communications contenders can learn a lot from GFI Software, a provider of IT software and hosted services for network security, e-mail security and management, Web monitoring and security for SMBs, who recently reported a 30 percent increase in the use of its GFI MAX RemoteManagement portfolio in the managed service space.
GFI Software Shows How Cloud Communications are Driving MSP IT Channel Growth
As cloud computing and cloud communications continue to proliferate, the managed services provider (MSP) market is thriving as a result. In fact, the MSP segment currently represents about 10 percent of the global IT channel, according to GFI Software CEO Walter Scott, who recently estimated that figure based on the following math:
GFI MailArchiver Sees Some Major Changes
While not everyone is happy to see big changes made to a product, those made to GFI Software's GFI MailArchiver may have a lot of users sitting up and taking notice. GFI MailArchiver 2012 - released earlier this month - is bringing a lot of new features, and changes to some old ones, in its newest iteration.
Thinking About Jumping the BYOD Bandwagon? What You Need to Know First.
The proliferation of smart devices has spawned a trend known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at businesses across the world, where employees bring their own smartphones, tablets and other devices to access work applications, e-mail and other resources to carry out their jobs.
ManageIQ Extends IT Cloud Management Capabilities for Advanced Hybrid Cloud Computing
Enterprises have been making the public cloud move as a part of their business strategies, yet are also placing emphasis on the private cloud for specific objectives. Amidst this, one company has made it its mission to be right there beside them as the next new cloud revolution breaks way - hybrid cloud computing. With only six years in the industry, ManageIQ may be relatively new to the scene but packs a punch when it comes to cloud management services and solutions.
GFI Lays Down the Law: Consequences of Overlooking Cloud-based Security
GFI Software has been a long-standing provider of IT software and hosted services, specializing in network security, e-mail security and management, Web monitoring and security for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It goes without saying that the team at GFI knows what's what when it boils down to network security. It also goes without saying that applying the proper network security is crucial in this day and age, yet businesses everywhere seem to rank it at the bottom of their priority list, or otherwise seem to settle with burdensome applications which hog resources. Why is this the case, and what are the looming consequences of overlooking implementing reliable network security?
Is Cloud-Based Security Valuable? GFI Software Explains Five Ways To Tell
Security is one of those vital points that only a few people think about, but everyone notices when it's not there. Protecting vital systems can be one of the toughest jobs a company has, yet also one of the most necessary. Protecting cloud-based material is no less important than making sure no one wanders off with your computers in the night, but how can cloud-based security be measured effectively?
GFI Software Reveals the Intrusive Truth about Obama and Romney Election Apps
Have you recently downloaded the smartphone app created to promote the Obama and Romney campaigns? They seem to be an excellent concept in theory; support your candidate and enjoy showing your political pride via your mobile device. Despite the hype, these smartphone apps have been recently exposed for their intrusive permissions demanded by its meddling software, as recently reported by GFI Software.
Living on Cloud Nine: Consumers Rising to the Sky in the Year of the Cloud
2012 has been deemed the year of the cloud - and with good reason. We all know that cloud communications and technology have been rising to the occasion, so it's no shock to see that it has become all the rage in nearly every industry. Apple, Microsoft, and Google - three of the largest companies known to mankind - have more in common than leading the pack when it comes to consumerism. They are also all rushing to batter up at the cloud communications plate, having all integrated cloud into their latest advancements. It's very clear that consumers and businesses alike will be harmoniously living on cloud nine in the very near future, but why and how exactly?
Mat Honan Says 'This Isn't Just My Problem' - Apple Hacking Exposes Potential 'Looming Nightmare' of Cloud Communications Era
As of March of this year, 51 percent of US households own an apple product, according to a recent survey by CNBC. One in 10 homes that don't own an apple product are planning to purchase one within the year. 50.4 percent of cell phone owners in the U.S. own a smartphone of some kind, ultimately making the regular cell phone (which, keep in mind, was introduced not that long ago in the grand scheme of things) now a minority when compared to the big apple.
Listen Up SMBs: Protect Your Sensitive Data like Never before with GFI's Newly Launched GFI MailArchiver 2012
To address the persistent problem of exchange email archiving and management for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), GFI has introduced this week its all-new MailArchiver 2012 software. This latest addition will work to build a better email backup platform, as well as ensure that SMBs' sensitive data won't leak out through email.
Cloud Communications, Making Remote System Monitoring a Breeze
For some companies, the concept of monitoring a workstation remotely may conjure up thoughts of less control. Inexperience with the function and operation of cloud communications can create feelings of uneasiness because of unfamiliarity with the technology and its benefits - not to mention that we have a tendency to initially reject change and fear the unknown. Sometimes, however, change is good.
Defense Against Cloud Communications Network Vulnerabilities is Not What We May Think
Fighting against network vulnerabilities has been a persistent and raging battle, and sometimes it feels like it is simply going nowhere. With companies experiencing security incidents every day, one thing is surely brought to light - companies need to take the proper precautions against protecting themselves and their networks. While many think it's as easy as one, two, three, it's not; however, this isn't a bad thing.
Zoho's Top List of 25 Most Popular Cloud Business Apps
Each month, GetApp releases its listing of the most popular cloud business apps with close to 100,000 monthly business users, mostly from North America. For the month of July 2012, Zoho's Business Management Suite topped the list for its online Web applications geared toward small businesses.
Cloud Communications - You Really Can Do More with Less
Is it really possible to do more with less? This push from upper management in many a corporate environment has left some feeling overworked and underappreciated by those they aim to support. If they made the move to cloud communications, however, the idea of doing more with less offers benefits that resonate throughout the enterprise.
Microsoft Looks to Grow Cloud Communications in the Face of $492 Million Loss
Microsoft is still playing catch up as it attempts to compete with Apple and Google in the cloud space. In the face of reporting its first quarterly loss earlier this month, the software giant is hailing the growing popularity of its private and public cloud offerings to offset its giant loss - to the tune of $492 million during three months to the end of June due to a writedown the company took due to its failed aQuantive acquisition.
Location-based Tracking : Keeping Tabs on Your Spouse and Kids
Technology has certainly afforded curious spouses and parents everywhere a peak into their partners' and kids' whereabouts, despite the fact that the idea of keeping tabs on someone is a bit….intrusive.
Why Cloud-Based Services Make Sense
Cloud communications has become the face of the future in many ways. Companies are increasingly making this critical switch for a multitude of reasons and benefits. Cloud-based services are designed to offer the benefits of having your own on-premise applications without the overheads or demands of local resources; users enjoy the same applications without having to install updates or check and re-check that the configuration has not been changed; and you also don't have to pay any unexpected upgrade fees or associated costs.
GFI Software's Distressing Finds: Over Half of Small Business IT Admins are Unsure of Current Antivirus Software
Would you believe that about 50 percent of IT administrators spend about three weeks or more per year manually updating their AV software or removing malware on users' PCs? If this seems hard to believe, maybe it won't so much anymore, as GFI Software released new research last week revealing just that. Over half (51 percent) of IT admins at small businesses would not bet their own money that all of the computers their businesses own and employees use are malware-free. Even worse, the study showed that almost 60 percent are wary that their computers are at peak efficiency and doubt they won't fail.
GFI CEO Walter Scott Introduces New GFI Cloud, Cloud-Based IT Management Platform
The team over at GFI Software has been very busy as of late - specifically with creating something so revolutionary that it will truly change the market - according to CEO Walter Scott in an informational video. Its GFI Cloud Platform - a Web-based IT management solution - gives users control of their IT environment in 10 minutes or less.
GFI Rolls out New Cloud Delivery Platform for SMBs to Adopt IT Services
Today, cloud communications provider GFI stated the availability of its all new GFI cloud, a revolutionary new platform developed to easily deliver cloud services via a Web-based user interface, making it more accessible than ever before and available from anywhere with an Internet connection. The new enhancement will also enable IT admins within small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to more easily and efficiently manage their IT systems, which will provide more free time and resources to assist focus on priority and crucial tasks. Essentially, the new addition is "IT simplified."
Masergy Adds Broadcore's Potential to Enterprise Cloud Communications Solutions
Technology solutions enabling secure global communications have become a need of the day, as threats of online hacking and malware attacks have been rapidly increasing. Integrating cloud based technology with secure communications, enterprises can get a flexible and customized solution to fulfill their needs.
Masergy Acquires Broadcore in Effort to Expand Cloud Communications Services
Masergy Communications Inc. has snapped up Broadcore Communications in a move that brings together two cloud services providers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Moldcell Introduces Cloud Communication Service in Moldova
Moldcell, an operator in Moldova, is all set to unveil a cloud communication service, which will be capable of connecting several different devices. The service, Moldcell Comunic, includes technology offered by the unified communications organization, CommuniGate Systems.
K12 Kit Introduces Cloud-Based Communications and Publishing for Schools
Cloud computing is the most popular adoptable technology of this century, and in the educational arena, it can help students and teachers to utilize virtualized, on-demand computing resources where and when they need them.
Cloud Communications Eliminate Network Risks
New technology innovations emerge on a consistent basis, promising to solve productivity issues or streamline processes. The benefits make implementation appear attractive, until deployment is complete and the new application residing on the server poses new risks to the network. Fortunately, with the rapid adoption of cloud communications, many of these risks can be avoided.
SMBs Driving Cloud Communications Spending
While large enterprises certainly invest their fair share in IT, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are leading the charge in IT spending - from security products to cloud computing.
Virtustream Upgrades Cloud Communications with Three Layers of Encryption
Virtustream has introduced xStream 2.0 - a cloud-based communication solution for private, virtual private, public and hybrid clouds. So far it's been receiving a lot of attention, especially among businesses hesitant about moving to the cloud but are now gaining confidence - all due to its ability to meet tight security standards and its coordinating public and private communication using three layers of encryption.
GFI MAX RemoteManagement to Monitor Linux Servers
Cloud communications provider GFI is set to soon monitor, report, and alert on all important aspects of Linux servers via GFI Max RemoteManagement, according to a blog by GFI's Scott Calonico from last week.
Amazon Cloud Service Disruption Could Have Been Prevented
When Amazon's cloud services platform - Amazon Web Services - went down on Thursday, it was an unfortunate situation for some and a fortunate one for others. Obviously, AWS' downtime wasn't good for its users or Amazon's reputation, but competing cloud service providers and IT vendors took advantage of the situation by going on Twitter to announce that their service remained unaffected.
A Company Born Out of MIT Continues Making Big Splashes in the Cloud Market
Not every company has that cool "we started out of a garage" story, but for Akamai not only is the company's origin cool, but it shows just what can come out of a little hard work at a higher education facility.
CipherCloud Talks Gmail Cloud Security Solution with TMCnet at Cloud Expo
Even though cloud adoption is taking off at rapid speeds, many companies are still expressing reticence about fully making the jump to cloud because of security concerns. Fortunately those looking for secure cloud transitions need to look no further than CipherCloud, a company that touts itself for providing cloud security solutions that protect customer data using encryption.
Cloud Communications: Five Top Web Security Concerns
Cybercriminals have always posed a threat, but today the danger is greater than ever as companies rely more on the Internet for their communications. As a result, cybercriminals have changed strategy and system admins are struggling to keep up.
Cloud Communications Provider GFI Software Releases VIPRE Report for May
GFI Software, a provider of cloud communications, has released its VIPRE Report for May 2012, a collection of the 10 most prevalent threat detections encountered last month. Officials at GFI Software said that in May, researchers tabulated a number of attacks on Tumblr users including two spam campaigns centered around a fake "Tumblr Dating Game" which led to surveys, fake advertising spam asking for personally identifiable information in exchange for ad revenue generated by the victim's tumblelog, and a phishing site posing as the Tumblr login page.
First Command Financial Services to Drive Sales with CallidusCloud's Sales Performance Management Suite
In order to boost the performance of its sales organization in North America, First Command Financial Services has selected Callidus Software's Sales Performance Management (SPM) suite. Companies using CallidusCloud SPM Suite can maximize their sales and channel performance with targeted incentives and rewards. First Command Financial Services is a leading provider of financial and investment services.
Norman Beefs up Security in the Cloud with its Online Protection Services
Norman ASA lived up to its reputation as a proactive provider of content security solutions and forensics malware tools when it introduced the Norman Online Protection (NOP) for its cloud-based services. This is a high performance, cost-effective, Security-as-a-Service solution that is placed outside the organization's network and reportedly stops malware and other threats even before they reach the system.
Turbine MMORPGs Leverages Cloud Communications Technology from Happy Cloud
Cloud communications is probably the hottest buzz word in information and communications technology (ICT) industry as innovative cloud platforms are transforming the way in which data is created and shared across the users. Cloud communications has encroached on all areas of businesses including financials, retails, BPO, gaming, and more.
Cloud Communications Guarantees 24/7 Email Service
In today's world, email is a critical communications tool. A white paper generated by cloud communications provider GFI indicates that today email has become deeply entrenched in business operations and is being constantly used for both internal communications as well as communications with external clients, vendors, partners and other business contacts. Consequently, any email downtime means a loss of productivity, possible compliance and regulatory issues related to data loss or even lost revenues.
Cloud Communications Transform Building Energy Management Market, Says Pike Research
Cloud communications is available in the form of software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, as well as cloud storage and cloud backup, among others. And, according to a recent white paper from Pike Research, cloud communications is emerging as the basis of rich software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings among energy management firms. The white paper, "Smart Buildings: Ten Trends to Watch in 2012 and Beyond," analyzes technologies that make buildings smarter and more energy efficient.
CipherCloud Unveils Maiden Cloud Information Protection Solution
CipherCloud has announced the release of CipherCloud for Chatter at Cloudforce London. Apprehensions regarding data confidentiality, rights, protection, and regulatory fulfillment necessities are adressed this maiden cloud information protection offering for enterprise social networking. Application performance or the end user experiences are not affected due to the important security competencies offered by the product. Similarly, cloud applications require no modifications in order to work with CipherCloud for Chatter.
Maximizing the Value of Cloud Communications
As the cloud market matures, there is a plethora of cloud-based services available to both enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) - cloud communications in the form of software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, as well as cloud storage and cloud backup, among others. The promise of cloud may very well be as wide as the cloud landscape itself, offering benefits such as improved infrastructure, communications and operational efficiencies.
Cloud Adoption Surges Forward Thanks to Dedicated Cloud Providers
When it comes to the cloud, there is no stopping its reign. From private to public to hybrid cloud models, it seems that all organizations - from the small to the large - are lining up to purchase their ticket to the cloud train and this adoption is only going to continue burgeon as companies begin to really understand the opportunities it affords.
SimpleSignal, Intelisys Partner to Offer Cloud Migration Training for Channel Partners
SimpleSignal, a provider of cloud communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions, has formed a partnership with Intelisys, a master agent company, to provide education and training to channel partners to help them migrate to the cloud. The cloud communications market is growing at a fast pace and Intelisys has hopped right aboard that train, delivering to its cloud communications partners through acquisitions and industry partnerships.
SMBs Quickly Embrace Cloud Communications as they Search for Better DR Strategies
For those naysayers who contend that the typical small- to medium-sized business (SMB) is not yet ready for cloud communications services, think again, as a recent survey released by Symantec Corp. found that SMBs' desire to be better prepared for disasters is leading SMBs quickly down the path of virtualization, cloud computing and mobility.
Twilio Offers Cloud Communications APIs to Windows Azure Customers
Cloud communications services provider Twilio has formed a partnership with Microsoft to make Twilio's voice and messaging APIs easily available to Windows Azure customers. The partnership allows Windows Azure developers to leverage Twilio's voice and messaging APIs to develop innovative cloud apps. Developers can receive a starting credit of 1,000 free text messages or inbound voice minutes with sign up.
Get Ready for the Email Spam Fight with Cloud Communications Company GFI's Solution
We've all been there; we've received an email that looks harmless enough from one of our friends or family members with a cool link in it and clicked on it, only to discover that we have now brought a virus to our computers. And in today's IT world which is dominated by hackers and computer geniuses, email threats have become more prevalent than ever.
Cloud Communications: Protect Your Computer Systems Against Virus Attacks
When it comes to security risks and potential breaches, one thing is certain: hackers don't discriminate. In the past, most viruses were written for PCs, however, in today's technology environment both PC and Mac platforms are popular targets for malware writers and attacks. A recent white paper published by GFI Software - a provider of cloud communications services - outlines recent Mac malware attacks and offers specific strategies to secure both PCs and Macs.
SingleHop Unveils a New Mobile App for iOS and Android Platforms
SingleHop Inc., a dedicated server and cloud hosting provider specializing in mobile administration tools, announced the launch of its new mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.
VoIP Customers, VARS to Benefit from Cloud Communications Offering
A joint technology and marketing offering between cloud communications provider Covista Communications and full service distributor, Forerunner Telecom, will provide value added resellers with a one-stop solution for all their telecommunications needs. Forerunner will now offer Covista's cloud-based phone system, Select Choice, with its ADTRAN, Polycom and Professional Service expertise, creating a turnkey, cloud-based solution for SMBs, according to company officials.
NetSuite Cloud Software Ranks High, SPI Report Highlights Benefits
NetSuite's cloud PSA and SRP software once again has emerged as a winner for the fourth consecutive year. Currently, NetSuite leads the Professional Services Automation (PSA) market with a 26 percent market share in 2011. This achievement has been reported by the SPI Research 2012 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report, which also names NetSuite customers like Siemens PLM Software, NetSuite, Architech and Advent Software, as being the "Best of the Best."
TCN and Finance Express to Offer Cloud-based Communication Services to Automobile Finance Clients
TCN, Inc. recently announced that it will be collaborating with Finance Express to provide the automobile finance industry with comprehensive cloud-based communications services. Finance Express is one of the leading experts on online services and web-based technology for the independent dealer market.
Are You Wearing Your IT Admin Too Thin? Cloud Communications Company's Survey Says Yes
If you are an IT administrator, your day might sound a little like this: Wake up and check your work email, praying that nothing catastrophic happened overnight. Head to work and spend the majority of your day putting out fires. Try to convince the higher ups to adopt some of those great new technologies like cloud, VoIP, SIP or virtualization - and explain to them what those terms mean. Head home and pop in two Tylenol and go for a run on the treadmill, desperately trying to rid yourself of the stress of the job.
Cloud Communications: What Makes a Cloud a Cloud?
In the IT industry especially, people like to throw around the term "cloud computing"…a lot these days. Let's face it: there are a lot of versions of "cloud computing" and definitions vary based on who you are talking to, whether it's an IT engineer, a marketing vice president or your basic layman (or laywoman).
F5 Demos BIG-IP Solutions for Microsoft Private Cloud
Since F5 Networks Inc., a provider of virtualization, cloud computing and on-demand IT, has been planning to roll-out BIG-IP solutions, compatible with Microsoft System Center 2012, as well as private cloud.
Hosted Vs. On-Premise: Email Security Critical to Cloud Communications
Security continues to rank high on the list of concerns among CXOs considering shifting their communications to the cloud. Although more organizations are moving their email to the cloud and cloud-based email security is growing in acceptance in some sectors, moving security off premise continues to be a concern in relation to hosting solutions.
Cloud Communications Promises Cost Benefits
There is an ongoing push toward cloud communications as this platform can provide considerable benefits to the enterprise and the SMB. And, now that a number of providers have helped to calm the fears that a several companies have had regarding this seemingly vulnerable platform, the benefits can be more easily attainable.
Cloud Communications Company GFI Releases VIPRE Report for March 2012
GFI Software, a provider of cloud communications solutions, has released its VIPRE Report for March 2012, saying that it's a collection of the 10 most prevalent threat detections encountered last month. The company's top 10 threat detection list has been compiled after going through the collected scan data of GFI VIPRE Antivirus customers. Company officials said that these customers are part of GFI's ThreatNet automated threat tracking system.
GFI VIPRE Desktop Software Development Kit Provides Edge in Fight against Malware
Most everyone, at one time or another, has had to face a threat of malware in their systems. If not addressed promptly and thoroughly, it can result in loss of data, identity theft, or even the complete destruction of a system. GFI Software's VIPRE's Desktop Software Development Kit looks to add some serious firepower in the ongoing war against malware of every sort.
AWS Taps Eucalyptus as Private Cloud Communications Ally
Amazon Web Services' move to partner with Eucalyptus Systems is one of the most savvy cloud communications alliances to take place thus far in 2012. Amazon Web Services teamed up with Eucalyptus Systems, a provider of on-premises infrastructure-as-a-service software (IaaS), to help its customers more efficiently migrate workloads between their existing data centers and AWS while working across both environments.
Cbeyond Launches Remote Migration to Simplify Cloud Transition
IT and communications provider Cbeyond has released its remote migration service aimed at helping guide small and medium-sized businesses through a successful transition to a cloud server.
Taiwanese Telecoms Compete for Customers, Offer Attractive Cloud Services
Telecoms located in Taiwan have steadily increased its investments in the cloud and partnered with application development companies on cloud-based initiatives, indicating where telecom executives in Taiwan think the future of computing is headed. User demand for access to cloud-based content and apps via designated devices is constantly on the rise.
Ensuring Security in Cloud Communications
Security remains one of the biggest obstacles toward adopting cloud communications and other cloud-based services. Symantec's recent "State of Cloud" survey showed that organizations are conflicted about security - rating it both as a top goal and as a top concern with moving to the cloud. Businesses need to consider several security issues before they shift their IT to the cloud. A recent checklist from GFI Software, a provider of cloud communications solutions, is a handy guide for companies engaged in a cloud communications strategy.
Radiant Communications Approved for Cloud, Network Compliance Standard
Radiant Communications Corp. recently was approved for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 2.0.
Top Reasons Why SMBs Should Adopt Cloud Communications
When it comes to the cloud communications, perhaps no group stands to benefit more from its offerings than the small- to medium-sized business (SMB).
San Francisco PR Agency wins three major clients from the Cloud Computing Sector
Technology and strategic communications firm Borders + Gratehouse has announced its reception of three new clients: AppDirect, SoftLayer and Xero. San Francisco based Borders + Gratehouse already has an impressive client portfolio that spans cloud infrastructure, SMB and enterprise services as well as green and consumer technologies. The three new clients expand the company's clientele in the cloud-computing sector.
IT Managers Need to Deploy On-Premise and Cloud-Based Anti-Spam Strategies
U.S. businesses need to take a more proactive approach in dealing with spam and security issues, according to a new study released by GFI Software, a provider of cloud communications services. Nearly half of the survey's respondents said they have experienced a data breach as a result of employees clicking on malicious links or files within spam emails. A majority of organizations rely heavily on the anti-spam component of their antivirus solution to filter out unwanted or harmful messages, underscoring the need for a multi-layered spam defense that includes both on premise and cloud-based services.
CloudPassage Discusses Notion of Cloud Security
When discussing the evolution of cloud computing, and "the cloud" in general, one of the most pressing issues is security. How can an organization be assured of its data's properly stored? What if there is a backup problem? Many decision makers feel that they do not have enough knowledge about how secure the cloud is; resulting in them not making the move to hosted solutions. But one vendor in attendance at ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami is in this very business.
Are International Markets Ready for the Cloud?
With terms like "virtualization," "hosted" and "cloud" flying around like common vernacular - and all of their definitions seemingly identical - you should not feel alone if you find yourself unable to distinguish between the phrases. And perhaps that's because the industry is constantly changing its opinion of what these terms truly mean.
Vodafone Selects Giesecke & Devrient Platform for Secure Mobile Access to Cloud Services
Now, Vodafone Germany has chosen Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) to develop innovative security solutions based on standard SIM cards.
Q4 Enables Cloud-Based Fuel Monitoring from a Central Location
Quadrant4 Systems Corporation (Q4) is enabling cloud-based fuel monitoring from a central location, which allows real-time response to disasters, with the launch of its Oil & Gas practice with specific focus on Telemetrics. Quadrant4 Systems notes that its new release uses extensive Open Source technologies that include Linux, Pentaho, and Hadoop and runs on an Amazon EC2 cloud platform. Q4's cloud-based Telemetrics platform can be deployed on smart mobile devices that run on Android and BlackBerry operating systems.
Wyse at CeBIT 2012 Demos New Mobile Cloud Services and Cloud Client Computing Innovations
Wyse Technology, a global provider of Cloud client computing whose portfolio includes thin, zero and cloud PC client solutions, desktop virtualization and cloud software for desktops, laptops and next generation mobile devices, has announced its most recent demo offerings at CeBIT 2012 in Hanover, Germany. As knowledge workers increasingly work from outside the office, it is difficult for corporations to control device usage, application usage, and most importantly, to monitor the flow of corporate information and intellectual property beyond the company's walls.
OSF Global Services Now Part of NetSuite Solution Provider Program
OSF Global Services, a company offering SLA-grade professional services, has recently joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program.
Layered Tech's Cloud Hosting Services: Latest Solutions and Compliance
Layered Technologies, Inc., which is a global hosted IT infrastructure provider, provides clients essential cloud hosting solutions that promise flexibility, availability, affordability and scalability. The offered solutions meet the requirements of all major hosting companies and comply with the higher standards.
ASF Announces Apache ACE is Now a Top-Level Project
The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced that Apache ACE has now become a Top-Level Project (TLP).
Are You Ready to Make the Switch to the Cloud?
But perhaps one of the biggest advantages of cloud is that it allows you to leverage the best technologies without the burden of having to own and maintain them. Simply put, it allows your IT guys to focus on other tasks as a majority of your processes can be automated.
First Communications Helps Customers Connect Directly With AWS Cloud Platform
First Communications recently announced that it will leverage its high-capacity and long-haul metro fiber network services to establish direct connectivity between data centers, colocation facilities and offices of customers and the AWS cloud platform. By enabling direct connectivity with the ASW cloud platform, First Communications will make it easy for customers to benefit from increasing bandwidth throughput and helps in offering a more reliable network connection as opposed to Internet-based connections.
Huddle Launches Intelligent File Synchronization Platform for the Enterprise
Huddle, a cloud content collaboration provider for the enterprise, recently announced the launch of Huddle Sync - the first ever intelligent file synchronization (sync) tool created specifically created for the enterprise. Huddle Sync will provide employees with secure access to the entire corporate knowledge database and will only sync relevant documents onto their desktop and mobile devices providing them with real time information. A private beta program for Huddle Sync has been launched and will be of help to CIOs and top management, according to company officials.
NetSocket SVSS Receives Avaya DevConnect Compliant Award
NetSocket's Service Visibility Solution Suite or SVSS is now compliant with Avaya's IP communications solutions, allowing enterprises cloud service providers to deliver quicker support and resolution of network problems.
CFN Services Intros Alpha Platform On-Demand Cloud
CFN Services, a company offering managed automated trading enablement services, has introduced its first ever globally-distributed, high-performance public cloud for the global financial markets named Alpha Platform On-Demand cloud. The company has inked a strategic partnership with Tier 3, the enterprise cloud platform company, to extend its existing Alpha Platform to financial services companies to self-provision an enterprise-grade, virtual private cloud for business-critical applications and services.
Secure, Easy Hosted Email: GFI's MailEssentials Complete Online
With an eye on reducing costs, streamlining IT operations, and providing employees with more reliable information and communications systems, many businesses are turning to hosted cloud service providers for things like email. A hosted service provider takes care of all behind-the-scenes IT functions like infrastructure setup and management, security and storage. The customer pays for these services on a subscription basis, thereby outsourcing their IT needs and often obtaining the added benefit for employees of being able to access applications from any location-including remotely on mobile devices or laptop computers
OnApp Makes Splash at Cloud Connect with Cloud Hosting Platform
Cloud and CDN software provider OnApp is certainly finding itself on cloud nine this week, and it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day.
Citrix Rolls Out 'Amazon-Style' Public Cloud for Enterprises
As enterprises seek out potential sources for cloud adoption, Citrix today launched CloudStack 3, the company's first release of its open source cloud platform under the Citrix brand since acquiring last year.
Cloud Automation Center Expanded by DynamicOps
DynamicOps recently announced a key intelligent resource management expansion to its DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center, which is currently the industry's only user-aware self-service VM reconfiguration capability. With this new enhancement, customers will now be able to automate and streamline ongoing VM management, which in turn will help them reduce their ongoing management service delivery from days to just minutes.
6WIND Rolls Out 6WINDGate Cloud for Infrastructure Providers
The latest generation of data centers faces many of the same challenges as mobile networks. In both environments, service providers need to maximize their network capacity while designing for maximum scalability and optimum network monetization. Software provider 6WIND has launched its new cloud product aimed at helping address the needs of cloud infrastructure providers with its network-as-a-service product.
GFI Report Indicates that Cybercriminals are Out to Get Vulnerable Internet Users
The first month of the New Year didn't start off quite right for many Internet users as cybercriminals stalked Internet corridors and sought to infect systems and scam users with new malware attacks. The 10 most prevalent threat detections encountered during January 2012 figured in the VIPRE report released by GFI Software. GFI's ThreatNet automated threat tracking system revealed that Trojans continue to pose the greatest threat and occupied half of the top 10 positions.
Telx Enters Into Strategic Alliance with Appcore
Telx and Appcore, a leading global provider of enterprise private hosted cloud services, have teamed up for private hosted cloud services.
Cloud Services Specialist Telesphere Moves Regional Headquarters to Larger Facility
Busting at the seams at its original facility, cloud communication service provider Telesphere has picked up and moved its regional headquarters nine miles south to a larger office space within the Denver Technology Center.
Cloud Communications Company Reports More Than 5,000 MSPs Using GFI MAX Managed Services
Cloud communications provider GFI Software is starting 2012 off with a bang as the company recently announced that currently more than 5,000 managed service providers (MSPs) are relying on the GFI MAX RemoteManagement to support more than 65,000 networks worldwide.
Cloud Communications Company Intelliverse Announces Hosted Solution for Contact Centers
Intelliverse, a cloud-based communications provider for enterprises, has introduced its hosted solution for contact centers. Officials with Intelliverse said that the company's platform integrates Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and IP Telephony applications into one solution, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.
Aculab Cloud Debuts at ITEXPO East
Cloud Communications Expo sponsor Aculab just released the latest in its telephony offerings at ITEXPO East this week. Aculab Cloud, the new deployment option from the computer telephony provider, has taken all that was essential and familiar with traditional telephony systems and put it on a hosted, on-demand platform as a service.
The Mobile Employee: Educate Thyself
Take a good look around you. Chances are, almost everyone has a mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or other handheld gadget that can access the Internet. With the flux of mobile devices becoming the norm, employees are now using their mobile devices at the office - a trend aptly called bring your own device, or BYOD - so much that businesses are starting to scrutinize their policies on the mobile employee. Or, should we say, lack thereof?
Novatrend Provides Virtual Business Service in 'Hours' Using CA AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform
Novatrend recently selected the CA AppLogic cloud computing platform for its new cloud services - making everything much faster and economical, the company says.
GFI Launches Cloud Communications Channel on InfoTech Spotlight
(Norwalk, CT - 1/24/2012) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global, integrated media company, announced today that the Cloud Communications Channel, sponsored by GFI, has been launched as the newest addition to the InfoTech Spotlight Online Community program.
Attention SMBs: Cloud Communications Stands to Benefit You the Most
Following a year that was characterized by unprecedented cloud rollout and widespread cloud adoption, it appears the question heard round the IT industry has been amended from 'What is the cloud?' to 'Who stands to benefit most from the cloud?' And the answer, according to cloud communications services provider GFI Software, is the small and medium-sized business (SMB).
GFI Software: A Look at How a Cloud Communications Company was Born
Even in 1999, there was a company out there looking out for the little guy - the small and medium-sized business (SMB). Determined to provide SMBs with access to technology solutions that best meet their needs and budgets - and are still simple to deploy and easy to manage - GFI Software was founded more than a decade ago. Fast forward 12 years later and GFI has emerged as an award-winning provider of cloud communications solutions for SMBs.
Free Cloud Communications Live Demo