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May 21, 2010

ExtraHop Networks Changes the Troubleshooting Game: Interop Video

Editor's Note: This article refers to a video interview shot at Interop (News - Alert)2010. To view TMCnet's entire library of videos from Interop and other industry shows, demonstrations and interviews in our in-house studio, visit our Video News home page.

At Interop this year, TMCnet had the opportunity to speak with a number of key industry players, including Jesse Rothstein CEO and Founder with ExtraHop Networks (News - Alert). Rothstein visited the TMCnet media booth for an interview captured in this video.

Rothstein began the session by providing a little bit of info on ExtraHop Networks. This Seattle-based company is a technology startup focused on bringing application awareness to network monitoring and application delivery assurance. The company wants to bring proactive early warning to ensure business-critical functions do not fail.

'IT is heading for a collapse,' said Rothstein. 'IT applications used to run in a single silo in a single data center and now they are distributed geographically across the world. There are so many moving parts, something is always broken.' After 25 years, we have a whole toolbox we can turn to when things go wrong.

Rothstein believes key pieces of the puzzle are lagging behind. IT cannot keep up with the evolution within the market. As a result, ExtraHop has leveraged recent gains in storage capacity to change the way companies troubleshoot.

The company's solution is a passive network appliance that performs full-stream reassembly and analysis. Ease of use is a key focus for the company and by learning habits of the network, users and different apps, they can understand when an anomaly occurs.

The biggest challenge for this company right now is building the right team. Rothstein was quick to note that it is all about the team that you build as your ability to scale revenue is limited by your ability to build a great team.

What makes their team great?  'We are deliberate and patient in our hiring. We are willing to wait for the right people to come along.' In fact, the company's valuable team helped ExtraHop Networks to win the Best of Interop in their category and Best Startup.

For more on this new and innovative company, check out this video in full.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire


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