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May 14, 2010

Display Link's Crespo Demos Latest Remote Graphics Offerings

At the Interop (News - Alert) 2010 show in Las Vegas, TMC's Erik Linask found time to talk with Dennis Crespo, Executive Vice President from Display Link. Noting that "pretty much every computer manufacturer out there" has a Display Link product, Linask invited Crespo to tell more about the company.

"Display Link is a technology manufacturer," Crespo said, adding that the company makes software and silicon technology to remote graphics over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB. "We can take full HD graphics and put it out on a remote screen and also have a fully interactive back channel."

They way they do that, Crespo explained, is "we have virtual graphics software that runs on the PC side, that takes your CPU and GPU resources, and creates a virtual session for each screen or client.

He brought a couple products to the interview to demonstrate, one of them an HP zero client, which works with the new Microsoft (News - Alert) MultiPoint Server 2010 software. It adds a mouse, keyboard and audio in and out, and full display to a zero client. "You can put up to ten of these in just one Microsoft MultiPoint server," he said, adding that each of the displays has different content, different login sessions - "and each of these is only 89 dollars."

And for laptops, he showed an adaptor, which is USB to the computer, and then with a graphics output.

TMC (News - Alert) also had the news that at the show itself, DisplayLink USB virtual graphics processors were shown to have reduced the complexity of sharing graphics and visual data between device and screen, thereby improving PC productivity and affordability through the development of peripherals like zero client systems, universal docking stations, adapters, projectors and monitors.

The company showed off the first ever commercially available ten seat zero client  computing product. "With a single HP ms6000 desktop as the server, Microsoft Multipoint Server 2010 as the operating system and the DisplayLink USB virtual graphics enabled HP MultiSeat t100  client for peripheral management, ten users can experience individual computing sessions for high performance shared resource computing that's more affordable than ever," company officials said.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David's articles, please visit his columnist page . He also blogs for TMCnet here .

Edited by Kelly McGuire

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