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October 24, 2008

Digital Fuel Streamlines IT Spending for Businesses

Digital Fuel, an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution provider, today announced it is helping enterprises reduce their IT costs by educating them on where and how to save IT dollars today and in the future.
This offering comes at a crucial time, when many companies are taking a deeper look at their spending and ways to keep their customers when everyone is cutting back.
"There is a lack of visibility into IT costs and IT service utilization in many organizations which results in businesses creating redundancies and not optimizing their investment in IT," said Barbara Gomolski, managing vice president, Gartner (News - Alert).
"By providing real-time and ongoing visibility into IT spend and cost drivers, organizations can significantly reduce IT spend--often by as much as 15 percent or more--simply by identifying and cutting out duplication and waste,” explained Gomolski.
However, finding out where extra money is going can be a tricky task. Digital Fuel addresses this problem head-on by giving enterprises insight into IT cost drivers--unnecessary spending and service usage, poorly utilized IT spending, and avoidable cost over runs.
Digital Fuel's ServiceFlow software solution provides companies with important spending knowledge with unique capabilities that outline business services to their underlying components and costs. In addition, by making IT costs clear, ServiceFlow allows IT to continuously drive down costs and focus IT spending on services that deliver real business value. ServiceFlow is available as a hosted service or on-premise solution.
"With Digital Fuel we were able to help our customers realize approximately $10 million in IT services billing reductions in our first year," said Floyd Rutan, executive director of Cummins Business Services. "It gave us powerful insights into IT service usage across our organization. We're now using Digital Fuel as a key component of our overall IT service management initiatives."
In today's difficult economic times, Digital Fuel is offering a highly valuable, easy-to-use solution that delivers immediate value to cut costs and improve overall service delivery. More than 500 enterprise organizations across a wide range of industries count on Digital Fuel to manage their IT services to significantly cut costs and improve services.
"Cutting IT costs is priority number one for enterprises in today's economic downturn," said Yisrael Dancziger, CEO of Digital Fuel. "We see our software as a big relief boat for thousands of organizations looking to immediately cut IT costs and as a means to keep IT service organizations continually streamlined for the long-term. By cutting 25% of IT service costs, companies can get much needed relief in an area that accounts for a large percentage of overall operational costs."
To learn more about how Digital Fuel can help cut IT costs, visit the Digital Fuel Web site at and sign up for a free trial of the ServiceFlow solution for IT Financial Management.
Digital Fuel Technologies is a provider of Service Catalog, Service Level Management (SLM) and Service Financial Management software solutions for IT, Communications, HR, F&A in enterprises and commercial service providers. The company's ServiceFlow business software applications manage billions in Telco, IT and other business services at companies and governments around the world such as British Telecom, Cisco, Computacenter, CSC, Cummins, Dell, General Electric, IBM, Nestle, O2, Procter & Gamble, Siemens (News - Alert), SITA, Sprint, Steria, Telefonica, Telus, WiPro and many others.

Michelle Robart is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Michelle's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michelle Robart

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