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August 14, 2017

What to Watch Out for in Enterprise Application Development this Year

By Special Guest
Robert Cordray, Community Contributor

Advancements in technology have contributed to an increased adoption of the newer trends in business. Companies are dropping the old technological trends to gain a competitive edge in business and increase productivity. One of the developments has been in enterprise application development, where most companies are using apps to improve the operations and increase the worker's output. They have also integrated enterprise mobile application development in their systems to help in some activities such as field service management and customer service.

Enterprise application development is the process of designing a software system that integrates various business aspects to help in job performance. Enterprise app development improves efficiency in a company since there is a reduction in the old-fashioned ways of running operations. Additionally, accessibility to detailed information helps in good decision-making and increases transparency in a business entity. Most apps come with a uniform way of standardizing the business process. Below are some of the things to watch out for in 2017.

1) Increased use of enterprise mobile application development

The presence of augmented reality and the virtual reality has contributed to the dramatic increase in the development of the mobile applications. Proficient mobile app developers who integrate VR and AR features within mobile apps are in demand too, with business owners exploring new technologies that are in line with the current world. A combination of the data analytics tools and the mobile technology contributes to better customization and decision-making in business.

2) Security is a primary concern

Some developers may fail to integrate various safety aspects during the enterprise level application developments, leading to vulnerabilities within the app. Cyber attacks have become more frequent and untraceable due to such mistakes or negligence during the app development. Other security related issues include access control, a breach of confidentiality, and cross-site scripting. A business owner should enhance the security of the app to prevent damage to the business reputation.

3) User engagement is key

Developers should have user experience in mind during enterprise level application development. This means that the users will be looking for a consumer app that is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly. The app should provide detailed information quickly and allow for customization by the user to suit their needs. Remember that you may be using the app to market business products and services.

4) There is extra attention on data management

Enterprise level application development has helped companies deal with the serious problem of data management in companies. Ability to provide timely information on the mobile devices has helped companies improve their customer services and business operations. There is an increased demand for enterprise mobile application development this year from most companies, which helps improve data management.


Enterprise application development is expected to break new ground this year. The list of trends in enterprise application development could go on and on with some of the features such as increased adoption of hybrid apps being among the things to expect in 2017. The vast amount of sensitive data flows through the company. Therefore, developers and business owners should pay attention to the security protocols to prevent any cyber attacks on their data.


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