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August 14, 2017

Rapid Global Cloud Growth Calls for Engineering Talent

By Special Guest
Krishna Reddy, Staff Author,

XaaS models prevail in every region – but telecommunications engineers must make it work

The latest forecast from the Gartner (News - Alert) Group shows that overall demand for cloud computing will grow 18 percent this year to $246.8 billion in total worldwide revenue, up from $209.2 billion in the previous year.

Of that total, demand for public cloud infrastructure is expected to grow a full 36.8 percent this year to $34.6 billion in revenue worldwide, the forecast says.

Services of all kind are now available from the cloud. Collaboration software, contract management, payroll, security, market research…you name it, and you can get all kinds of services at relatively low prices so that your company does not have to make large capital expenditures to produce them itself.

Proof of the cloud’s success is that Microsoft (News - Alert), Oracle, and SAP are all moving to this delivery model as fast as possible, tweaking their old applications and buying new ones that were made in the cloud.

Concerned about security? In 2014, the CIA moved part of its internal operations to the cloud. That gives an idea of the level of security that can be maintained there.

Freelance Telecommunications Engineers Needed for the Cloud 

But all of these services require the support of telecommunications engineers. The so-called “Cloud engineer” position can be broken into multiple roles, including cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer and cloud network engineer. 

“If companies want to stay at the forefront of innovation in 2017, then they need to hire for these crucial, in-demand tech engineering roles today or risk being unable to access this talent as the available talent pool grows smaller moving forward,” points out Digital Strategist Shawn Vize.

What’s more, networking — where cloud and IoT disruption are changing the industry — is seeing the biggest demand and best salaries according to a new survey by Dice, the tech jobs website. can help find telecom engineers

When your company is working in the cloud, you will need to find cloud engineers. At, for example, there are 15,000 engineers listed who can start working for you tomorrow.

Working with on-demand contractors will save you at least 30 percent, as you won’t be paying for benefits and vacations. You’ll also be able to access fully trained engineers with great qualifications and long experience – vets them and screens their qualifications so that you know you are getting the talent you need.


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