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July 21, 2017

Is Your Enterprise Data Secured?

By Special Guest
Veronica Hanks, Senior Business Analyst, Algoworks

In this technological era, every day we have a new system, tool or device at our disposal. However, the ever-changing technology can pose a threat to your information. And most organizations are not very well equipped to handle any sudden threats. This in turn makes your organization vulnerable. The security issues are growing and an organization cannot be maintained without eliminating its system threats.


 You cannot expect your system to be protected forever. Eventually some advanced form of malware will try to infiltrate and ruin the firewall. So, preparation for such threats is very crucial. With the help of sandboxing, your network system will send updates warning of any virus or malware detection. It also shields your network from getting attacked, thereby isolating the problem until you resolve it.


Analytics are very useful when it comes to filtering and sorting all of the data your organization manages. Thus it helps to maintain an order of your organized normal activity of the system. The IT analysts will be able to get a clear picture if any suspicious activity is found.  Any irrelevant and unwanted data will be easily recognized.

Detection of Threats

 When there is an exchange of statistics between two or more endpoints, it is of utmost importance to secure both the sender and recipient points. When employers of an organization send data by a phone or tablet, they might not always have secured Internet connections. Thus it poses a threat of getting important data hacked. The numerous security threats are viruses, malware and hacking. Oftentimes, with the installation of new tools or software, we start to experience virus attacks that can disrupt our system security. But a proper analytical tool will help you to resolve this with the guarantee to protect your system from every possible threat.

Adaptive Access and Choosing Security Tools

Access to certain data is needed but, with adaptive access, you can check to see who has been granted access. Any suspicious access will alert you to a malware threat and will save you from hacking. The users receive a certain limit of access to the information they need.

Moreover, the proper security level is also necessary to run your business smoothly. Yet most companies do not want to take security measures because they believe it is too expensive. But, there are many affordable options available that a company can choose.

In order to understand potential threats defining the network system resources are vital. This way, you can develop the right strategy to counter the problem. For the appropriate implementation of this strategy, your business requires vulnerability assessment. After assessing the vulnerabilities that your organization might have, the security measurements are taken.

Cloud Security

Cloud-based applications are very easy to use and any business can afford them. You can use them temporarily too. These applications have security getaways where you have to check the security system. It is important to know the policy before you opt for such an application since they have internal security measurements.

These gateways monitor suspicious activity, prevent data loss, and encrypt all communications to provide additional security. Even better, these gateways are an affordable security solution, so even smaller businesses can add this layer of protection to their network.


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