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May 25, 2017

Important Features to Consider for Windows VPS

By Special Guest
Zuhair Sharif, Online Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one the most beneficial and widely used programs in the world. They are ideal to use for Web hosting, secure mail servers, virtual desktops, or for running critical applications. VPS have also revolutionized the world of gaming, by creating multiplayer environments for players all over the world to participate. So what exactly is a VPS? It is a Windows server that is being hosted inside a hypervisor. The VPS uses its own operating system and access to it is granted to the main user of the system. It is usually a part of a larger, dedicated system. There are a great number of reasons why one would want to use a VPS, including those that are mentioned above. The kind of convenience that is provided by these servers has helped in bringing exponential developments in the virtual world. Certain features of the VPS system are the following:


Buying a dedicated system for your work is a thing of the past. Dedicated systems are quite costly and have excessive space and many features that most of us do not utilize properly. Thus, buying one for individual work is a waste of money and resources. This is where VPS Windows systems come in. Since a VPS is only a fraction of the dedicated system in the virtual space, it also costs a fraction of the larger system. VPS systems also include all the features a usual interface would. You could run it as software on any modernized machine. Thus, VPS systems are not out of reach programs; they can be utilized by almost anyone with basic computer knowledge and skills.


One of the main uses of running Windows VPS systems is for compatibility purposes. There are many programs and applications out there that

require certain specifications to run, that cannot be run on just any interface. With so many different kinds of VPS available, with different specifications and software, it is no longer difficult to find a compatible environment for any application that you many need to run. Windows VPS systems are not just compatible with running different operating systems. The compatible features can also be used to play video games in multiplayer with high resolution visuals. They can also be used to control a remote desktop, which could be useful in running small businesses or as a virtually set-up office space.

Performance features

In the beginning, VPS systems were useful, but their usage was quite compromising to those who made use of it. Now, there are numerous performance enhancing features in a Windows VPS that enable them to be useful in many different fields, effectively.

RAM (News - Alert)

Virtual systems started from having a couple of KBs of RAM to a maximum of 512 MB at some point. VPS systems nowadays come with a guarantee of at least 1 GB of RAM. For a virtual system, this is just enough RAM for performing many tasks that may be basic or slightly heavy.

Disk space

Virtual private server systems also come with at least 100 GB of disk space for storage, and about 2000 GB of memory as data transfer memory. With this much memory available on a virtual space, users are able to perform a number of tasks such as documentation, creating an application, sending emails to each other and many more.


File transfers using VPS systems no longer require reboots. All data is transferred effectively within packages, while all the settings stay the same. Any resources required for data transfer or running applications are also automatically adjusted, without creating any inconvenience for the user. All of this is done in incredible speed.


Back in the day, the performance of the virtual system depended on the number of people using it and what kind of work they all did. This resulted in many issues and the system was quite slow whenever more than one person used it at the same time. Nowadays, the virtual interface is fully privatized. The resources available on the system are available on each system separately for each individual to use. This does not compromise the speed of using the virtual system for any of the users, making work fast and efficient. The privatization of resources also enhances the security purpose of the VPS system, as our work is only available for viewing and editing by us, unless we want to share with another party.

Remote Desktop

One of the main features of VPS systems is that you are allotted a virtual desktop. This desktop can be in the form of an actual windows desktop, in accordance with the operating system that is being used, or any other personally customized desktop for whatever other purpose it may be needed for. These remote desktops give the illusion of working in an actual, dedicated system environment, with the same resources and features as that of an actual desktop.


The speed of virtual private server systems nowadays is much more enhanced than what it used to be. This is because the users themselves no longer have to go online and perform maintenance checks on their own; they can simply leave it on the system itself, as all upgrades and maintenance checks are now performed automatically by the VPS system as soon as the user goes online with it.


Virtual, online spaces are usually notorious for being unsecure places of work. Being hacked or having data stolen or deleted by co-workers or even other random people was a big issue. Nowadays, due to the personalization of every virtual space, they are much less susceptible to virus and hacker attacks. Most VPS systems come with heavy encryption for more security.

Domain Name

Another feature that is quite common in Windows VPS is a Domain Name, which comes with any VPS purchase you make. This helps to personalize your own virtual space and provides an identity for it.

About the Author

Zuhair Sharif is an online entrepreneur and digital marketer.


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