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March 24, 2017

ARM's DynamIQ Bolsters AI, Cloud Applications

It is perhaps the greatest of symbiotic relationships: the relationship between hardware and software. Hardware without software is a pricey paperweight, and software without hardware is a series of incomprehensible jumbles on paper.  So to advance the hardware side of the equation, ARM (News - Alert) recently showed off its new DynamIQ chip technology that would offer significant advancement for not only new devices, but also several software applications.

The DynamIQ system is set to not only augment artificial intelligence (AI) systems, but also will lend new value to cloud computing, as well as new devices. The new chip designs are set to be part of ARM Cortex-A processors that will hit shelves later this year, and once they do, are set to add extra capability to systems engaging in what's called “heterogeneous compute,” or a design where different cores and processors are used in the same machine. It will also lend extra power to multicore processing, where devices are handling a variety of different tasks at once, some of which require a lot of power and others require much less.

According to ARM proper, the DynamIQ system is expected to be the single biggest event in micro-architecture since the 64-bit computing architecture released back in 2011. ARM expects to ship a total of 100 billion chips over the next five years, among all its computing partners, which is double the quantity shipped in the preceding five years.

This is good news not only for ARM—whose new DynamIQs will likely be a major part of upcoming technological development—but also for the end user, who is looking forward to seeing what these new cloud computing systems, AI systems, and other such developments will look like. More options for the end user is generally good news, competitively speaking, and we'll likely see quite a bit of new developments as time goes on. Perhaps some of these wonderful developments we've been hearing about for years like self-driving cars and the like can finally be brought into the market.

Regardless of the final outcome, ARM's new chips should go a long way in making the next generation of computing advances, and potentially even beyond that. We'll have to wait and see about the ultimate outcome, but it should still be quite a sight in the end.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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