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January 26, 2017

IT Titan IronYun Taps Jenne for Distribution

IronYun may not be a household name in the United States when it comes to information technology (IT) elements, but that's a problem that Jenne, Inc. is eager to overcome. As such, IronYun has turned to Jenne to be its exclusive United States distribution partner, and thus it falls to Jenne to get out the word and handle some new purchasing.

Bill Brennan, who serves as Jenne's vice president of security sales, noted, “We are pleased to partner with IronYun, an industry leading company known for their next generation cloud computing and big data video search software. IronYun offers Jenne’s security resellers and integrators an end-to-end private cloud computing solution. These solutions, which are used in numerous vertical markets in which our partners do business, including banking, education and schools, hotels and hospitality, international airports and more, are a great choice for IT security teams who are searching for the necessary software video analytics tools that can effectively process and generate business intelligence. Our new relationship with IronYun is a win-win all around.”

IronYun, for its part, turned to Jenne because it was an “ideal partner” for the company, according to word from IronYun's executive chairman of the board Tom Ma. Jenne also had a “growing reputation in the security marketplace” that was tough to pass up for a major IT operation, and a slate of partnerships the company had established would only prove more helpful in delivering value to the overall operation.

Some of those aforementioned connections will be on display quite soon. Jenne is an exhibitor at the upcoming ITEXPO event, set to run February 8-10 in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Broward County Convention Center. Jenne can be found at booth 720, showing off its array of options for those who stop in.

These arrangements tend to work out well for all concerned. The supplying company, IronYun in this case, gets access to a whole new market without having to do the legwork itself, a process that can save both time and money. Meanwhile, Jenne, the agent, gets a new product to take back to its array of contacts, potentially able to upsell them with new items using a previously-established reputation. That improves the chances of new profit for Jenne as well as for IronYun, and the only cost to IronYun comes out of the increased revenue brought in. After all, what would any reasonable person rather have: 80 percent of a million-dollar market, or 100 percent of a thousand-dollar market?

This new arrangement should go well for both sides, and Jenne's skill in the IT market should go a long way toward helping make the arrangement as effective as possible. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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