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January 24, 2017

New Tool Uses AI to Improve Wedding Planning

For most people, the sound of wedding bells evokes happiness. Whether you’re remembering the time you tied the knot with your significant other or finally jumping the broom, weddings are always a joyful celebration. But if you’ve already gone through the process, or are going through it now, you know just how untrue that emotion is when you’re in the planning process.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of marrying my fiancé yet, I have had the pleasure of being a Maid of Honor quite a few times and am currently in the planning phases with my sister for her wedding – so I speak from experience when I say it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows.

Working with a budget, getting guest lists, picking venues and vendors is no easy task. You need to find someone who has good reviews, who can play the music you like, a place that can accommodate the guests you’ll have – but not for too much per plate. There is so much that goes into not just planning the big day – but all of the other smaller events leading up to a wedding.

Luckily, I am in the tech space and hear about new innovations and efficiency tools early on. Most recently something came across my desk that immediately piqued my interest: a new Wedding Planner tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ease the planning process.

This particular tool, "Wedding Nook,” is what company co-founder and CMO Chuck Schmidt is calling, “the first and only AI wedding planning system.”

The market for AI is expected to be worth $16.06B by 2022 and grow at a CAGR of 62.9 percent from 2016 to 2022. Sectors including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive and more are expected to improve with AI applications.

Better natural language processing, development of IT infrastructure, more smartphone users and wearables all assist in this market growth across the globe.

Schmidt said the company spent the last four years building the necessary functions of the tool and most of 2016 out of the spotlight working on its network nationally, specifically out of the eye of the competitor.

Now, they are ready to bring the offering to the masses with the official launch of

Wedding Nook automates the $58B wedding industry with an AI platform / formula that utilizes constantly collected data to best match users with a local vendor that meets their needs. This takes out a lot of the guess work and back and forth when it comes to putting plans in place for the big day. 

Image via Wedding Nook

Each site user will go through the process of entering information about the wedding, including the location and budget, and are then matched with results that meet their needs.

Not just for couples, Wedding Nook is also serving planners and vendors who are tired of trying to get everything in order and not knowing where to start.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for devices to collect and analyze data and make intelligent decisions.

That means for every user (wedding planner and vendor) that inputs data into the system, Wedding Nook keeps getting smarter and can deliver more customized results for users.

The tools also come in handy because couples can browse, book, pay and manage all aspects of the wedding in one place, and for free.

For vendors, there is even the ability to advertise services and collect unlimited leads for just a $10 monthly fee.

According to the company, new tools are in the works for both vendors and couples and will be added before the end of year.

Speaking from experience and watching so many get frazzled up until the day of the event, I think what we have here with this new tool, combined with AI, has the potential to really change the game and maybe even make the experience of getting married a happy one again. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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