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December 07, 2016

Scality & The One RING to Rule Your Storage Needs

Years back, there was a Petabyte club at NetApp because there were only a handful of firms with that level of storage, but now that number is much higher. Aside from new network challenges, storage proves a major hurdle – the numbers add up rather quickly – requiring a flexible yet secure storage solution set to meet this demand today and adapt to tomorrow.

From a railroad company utilizing drones to monitor track conditions to financial services where regulations require log and transactional data to be stored for seven years – that data pool can get rather deep. As Scality Chief Marketing Officer Paul Turner (News - Alert) exclaimed at Editors Day Silicon Valley, “It’s fun because of the kind of scale of data right now, and I think we’re only at the very cusp of it.”

Turner explained the entire IoT space will massively impact data storage, “Two years ago we crested more connected devices than people. We’re way ahead of that now, and five or six years from now everything is going to be monitored…it’s not just the data in the end point.”

The human genome is another avenue that could result in dwarfing the data needs of today – every person is nearly a terabyte for a full genetic scan.

Turner noted, “Customers don’t just want to store the data they want to analyze and archive the data. The need for capacity and performance exists.” Scality (News - Alert) addresses this challenge with its flat object storage system, RING.

The RING uses “tons of nodes as ephemeral entities,” that are dynamically rebalanced during scale out or failure and can be purged when desired. 

Image via Scality

Because the RING is software defined, you can grow your capacity only when you need to, making storage so much more cost effective. And, recently the RING received some enhancements, which include encryption at rest, support of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) as well as tighter access controls to limit what users can see.

During our conversation, Turner also highlighted the Scality S3 server. The scalable storage platform already has some 30 million users, and is a great fit for the enterprise. The open source server is most commonly used for object storage, and is averaging 2,000 downloads a week.

Scality is the type of firm to put great focus on testing so when they unveil a product, they know it will do as they promise. As Turner put it, “We spend a lot of time hammer testing our products.” The S3 Server and the RING serve as the perfect storm type storage solutions – scalable, with easily accessible data, strong, secure and a cost friendly nature; Scality certainly checks the boxes.

How does one RING to rule your storage needs sound?

Edited by Alicia Young

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