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September 20, 2016

ServiceNow Certifies Xangati ESP App

Xangati (News - Alert) helps businesses take control of their virtual data centers. Its Xangati ESP software scans virtualized data centers and hybrid clouds to identify performance issues and automatically take action to resolve such issues.

ServiceNow (News - Alert), a developer of cloud-based software for enterprises that require service management tools, has now certified Xangati as a partner whose new ESP application will work alongside ServiceNow in the cloud. ESP has passed a series of operational and interoperability tests to assure that it works well with ServiceNow while also providing security and high performance.

Xangati’s new application in the ServiceNow cloud will still work for the customer by identifying network issues. It will then create ServiceNow events when finding an issue, which will lead to automated ServiceNow tasks being performed to fix any problems. Jagan Jagannathan, the chief technology officer at Xangati, noted that his company and its newest partner see all the same data. Then they work in tandem to protect that data in different ways.

“Essentially the ServiceNow MID server (Management, Instrumentation and Discovery) and the Xangati virtual appliance are seeing the same customer data center, but now with a real time and multi-dimensional view of all the assets in the data center that are discovered as configuration items by ServiceNow and associated with performance remediation actions that are automated by Xangati,” Jagannathan said.

ServiceNow has made a name for itself by partnering with large firms such as Microsoft (News - Alert). It announced at the beginning of 2016 that it had achieved $1 billion in revenue in the previous year. This is because businesses want greater security and control of their cloud-based workloads, such as those that use Microsoft Azure.

The addition of Xangati seeks to further develop that mission of offering application security and management. Use of the Xangati app should give businesses peace of mind because they will know their workloads are being monitored for performance. Meanwhile, they can also take heart that Xangati can identify serious issues and notify IT administrators, who can take further action if necessary. Nothing is expected to be lost in translation.

Edited by Alicia Young

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