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November 12, 2015

ServiceNow's Service Management Makes Better Use of IT Resources

IT has become the center of the universe for businesses.

While the IT staff’s purview in the past was largely relegated to tasks such as fixing fellow employees’ computers and maintaining internal systems, now IT types are charged with helping fix the business. At least that’s how Dave Stephens, vice president and general manager of service management at ServiceNow, sees it.

There are three main challenges IT faces today in meeting both the requirements of the business at large and the employees in particular, according to Stephens. That includes delivering a great experience, offering more transparency so the businesses for which they work can better understand the value of various IT functions, and speed (IT is often viewed as a department that is slow to respond).

ServiceNow, Stephens said, helps IT transform to face those challenges and better prioritize their work in this new world in which IT resources are being pulled in so many different directions. With ServiceNow’s service management solutions, he added, businesses can better understand how people are using and how much they like or dislike the communications and technology tools available to them. The 11-year-old organization also delivers project management tools so IT staff can more intelligently decide which tasks to attack first and when to do them.

More than a third of the global 2,000 companies leverage ServiceNow solutions today. The company also provides its solutions to mid sized companies in such verticals as banking and financial services. ServiceNow’s solutions, he indicated, enable IT can go beyond simply keeping the lights on and decrease their spending on keeping legacy systems (and the multiple ticketing systems often connected to them) running. That way IT personnel can use more of their time to help their employers more successfully address the digital revolution.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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