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September 15, 2015

Nine Laptop Applications You Must Have

When you purchase a new laptop, it usually comes with a large assortment of software already preloaded. Some of the applications are free to use, while others are offered on a trial basis. However, new applications are developed all the time that offer a wide range of functionality and features to enhance your computer and your capabilities. But it can be a daunting task to search through the thousands of applications currently available. Following is a list of nine software essentials that you should definitely seek out and install on your new laptop.

1. Evernote

This extremely useful app takes bookmarking webpages to a whole new level. It has been around a long time, so chances are you've already heard of it and know what it is capable of. But if not, then you should know that Evernote (News - Alert) is a clever little application that lets you easily bookmark all sorts of content, as well as add photos, videos, areas of text and basically anything else you can view on your laptop to a virtual clipboard, which you can then use to review saved content, add more notes, organize your notes and bookmarks into to various collections, and share the saved content, links and other data with others.

2. Wunderlist

Your new PC likely already has a calendar app for marking important dates and setting appointments. But Wunderlist is a very intuitive app that does the same and much more, in an easy to use, organized and intuitive manner. You can also sync it across the Web and other devices so that you aren't necessarily tied to just your laptop to make and view reminders.

3. Google Chrome

Windows has its new browser, Edge, and there's always Firefox, but Google (News - Alert) Chrome seems to offer the most functionality. Especially when used in conjunction with many of Google's other apps, such as Google Pictures, Gmail, Drive, and Google Docs. It also works with Google Chromecast, which lets you stream video from your laptop to your television.

4. Immunet

Now that you've got what you need to be organized and view the Web, you need something to keep all your data protected, and one of the most popular choices for doing so is Immunet (News - Alert). What makes Immunet a solid choice for virus and malware protection isn't just that it’s good at what it does, but also because it is a free cloud antivirus program. That means that not only do you get excellent protection for your new laptop for free, but also that you are able to get automatic updates, rather than having to install them manually as you would with other virus protection applications.

5. Kindle

At some point you're probably going to want to purchase a book from Amazon. Even if you aren't a big reader, you may want to purchase a new cookbook, home improvement guide, or something else from the mega-online bookstore, and the Kindle application is the perfect bit of software to let you easily view it on your laptop.

6. TuneIn

There's plenty of Internet radio apps out there, but TuneIn is definitely the standout. With TuneIn, you can easily pick up local radio stations, as well as those around the world. Missing some of those joyful Irish tunes? Just search for radio stations in Ireland and you'll be presented with a long list of all your favorites. It's also great for easily selecting the right mood music for the day without worrying about making playlists or hearing a lot of the same songs as you would on other music apps.

7. VLC Player

The VLC player is a nifty little bit of software that is capable of playing a wide assortment of video files, so you don't need to have a whole bunch of different applications for different files, or waste time scrambling for an application that can play and MKV file.

8. Steam

If you like games, then you'll love Steam. Similar to an app store such as the Android app store or Apple (News - Alert)'s app store, Steam is a virtual storefront in which you can buy and download all manner of games to your laptop. Steam is also popular because you can chat with other users about your favorite games and even mark achievements.

9. Flipboard

If you regularly read through the Yahoo news stories or other news websites, then you'll definitely want to avail yourself of the features of Flipboard (News - Alert), which collects all the news that interests you in one spot and presents it like a glossy magazine.

What do you think of this list? Is it missing something? Please share your thoughts and make your own suggestions for applications that people definitely must have on their new laptop!

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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