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August 01, 2014

German Startup iMUNIQE Allows Anyone to Easily Encrypt Documents

How valuable is the information? That is a question every enterprise must ask itself, because the likelihood of it being stolen is very real, especially if the data is being transmitted using mobile technology. The warrants issued by the U.S. government against Chinese military personnel was not because there will be a chance in Hades the five soldiers will see their day in court, but it was intended to warn everyone, the hackers trying to access your network have unlimited resources. And depending on the value of your information, the entities that are after it will put as much effort as humanly possible to steal it. A new German startup, iMUNIQE, says it has created a device that prevents systematic data tapping on the Internet.

According to the iMUNIQE, the technology it has developed has been tested around the world with 8,000 hackers from 130 countries to see if they could crack a test file, with no success. The company said a single person would not be able to break the technology, and in fact it would take him or her128 years.

The device is a micro compact dynamic stealth system which allows the user to encrypt any document and send it using any communication channel such as email, Facebook, Skype (News - Alert), Cloud or USB stick to the intended recipient. It works on any device or operating system and it doesn't require additional software, certificates or installation programs.

It is a 100 percent offline solution because all of the information for the encryption and decryption are located directly on the iMUNIQE key with a one of a kind software and hardware components. Only known and authenticated partners are able to access the encoded content by plugging the key into a USB, micro USB or USB Lightning port.

The platform can be used on:

  • Operating systems - Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS, Windows Phone and more
  • Devices - PCs, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.
  • Transfer access - Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G, LTE (News - Alert), Bluetooth etc.
  • Content - every file Format

It uses double authentication with physical key plus password / PIN to protect the key and manage any of the partners you communicate with. Because it uses offline authentication, it doesn't require official public/private key procedures. If it is lost or stolen it is useless because it needs a password and PIN to operate, and if the smartphone or tablet is compromised the data can't be accessed because the key hardware is part of the encryption process.

The paranoia the Edward Snowden saga has introduced around the world is being exploited by many companies promising to protect you from every imaginable threat. Only time will tell if the services they currently offer are as good as they promise, but as any decent security expert will tell you, if you have something somebody really, really wants, they will stop at nothing to get it.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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