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July 30, 2014

FCm Unveils ClientBank Cloud

Everyone has data, but few know how to use it profitably. Since the advent of big data analysis, companies have discovered that proper analysis of data on hand can yield unbelievably good results. However, they need a proper platform to achieve that.

FCm Travel Solutions is bringing the power of big data analytics to its clients. The company has launched a new cloud-based reporting platform that enables customers to use big data analytics to deeply analyze travel data.

Named ClientBank Cloud, this reporting tool makes use of third party intelligence, and also provides access to aspects such as external travel, non-travel and expense data for cross platform analytics. The company already provides the ClientBank global reporting system, which will become an add-on to ClientBank Cloud.

Using this platform enables clients to come up with customized dashboards and reports. This not only makes their job easier, but opens up new possibilities in reporting as they will have all the controls at their hands.

FCm's Global Technology (News - Alert) Leader, John Morhous, said, “This technology provides clients with a platform to perform 'big data' style analytics for multiple areas in addition to the standard travel data available for expense management, traveler profiles, travel risk management, buying behavior, gamification, open bookings, carbon offsetting, credit card activity -- essentially any third party data that can be related to travel. To support this we've developed a data 'connector' functionality that draws on intelligence from a range of third party (or external) sources, which are fully managed by FCm.”

Recently, the company signed a partnership deal with tClara to integrate tClara's Trip Friction benchmarking metrics with its new ClientBank Cloud. This partnership seeks to provide better information to travelers with proper analysis and make their travel more comfortable. The company is again looking to make good use of big data here. 

Edited by Adam Brandt

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