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July 21, 2014

Connect your Data Network to the Public Cloud with VNS3

CohesiveFT, an original cloud networking company and member of the Amazon Partner Network, allows its customers to build their cloud powered products and services over its network routing and security virtual machine – VNS3. It’s making available theVNS3 Lite Edition on Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS), on a trial basis for a period of one month.

"Our goal in participating in the Network Infrastructure free trial campaign is to help more enterprise customers move to cloud computing," said Ryan Koop, director of products and marketing at CohesiveFT.

Product trials are important in that brands have an opportunity to convince prospects about the product in question and explain why it meets their needs. Hence, AWS appeared excited to have VSN3 offer a free trial as part of the campaign. Those customers who actively use VNS3 on AWS are eligible to $100 in AWS credits.

“This is a great, low-risk way for customers to quickly trial VNS3 running on AWS with the option to easily shift into paid editions at the end of the trial," noted Barry Russell, head of business development for AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

VNS3 on AWS can be distributed securely across multiple public and private clouds, allowing users to manage cloud deployments with their data center resources. It easily integrates with existing network equipment, is easy to implement, and gives users cloud mobility and agility. It can be used as a pay-as-you-go virtual network server, eliminating cloud networking risk.

"By expanding both the networking capabilities and building on security options available for AWS users, we're helping enterprises easily move to and grow on the AWS Cloud," observed Johnson.

Geezo, a CohesiveFT customer, used VNS3 to securely connect to multiple financial services customers. Although it was using AWS, it needed to build switching tunnel architecture between its applications and customers’ data centers. According to James Elwood, CTO of Geezo, VNS3 did the job, saving the company over 15 man-hours per week of monitoring and maintaining.

This is just a single example of VSN3’s success as a hybrid virtual machine. CohesiveFT reports that since its launch in 2008, VNS3 has been used to secure over 80 million virtual device hours in any virtualized environment and customers have successfully co-created nearly 5,000 secure and interoperable solutions that work in and across clouds. It rained awards for CohesiveFT and VNS3 in 2013, and this appears likely to continue in 2014.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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