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July 07, 2014

Cloud APIs for a Whole New Approach to Development

Advancements in technology generally bring us better access to the tools we need to be productive. In the case of social media, there may be arguments to the contrary, but when combined with cloud access, it’s hard to argue this trend is void of extensive benefits. A key focus in development is speed, flexibility and scalability, all possible with the right API.

The last decade focused on the consumerization of IT. Development was strictly focused on the stakeholders and making their lives easier through access to great apps. A new focus has emerged, however, as developers seek the same kind of access to extend their tools for producing great apps and delivering valuable IP. For many, that means access to powerful APIs and strategies supported from the top down.

Developer-led innovation is taking hold, and market leaders are embracing the opportunity to empower these key members of the team to speed time-to-market on new apps and secure domination in an increasingly saturated space, according to a post on The Next Web. To protect this strategy, CIOs and IT teams need to work together toward a common goal. This means providing developers with the access they need to a scalable and flexible infrastructure.

By allowing developers to use only what they need and quickly scale as necessary, they can avoid bottlenecks such as server, storage and services building. Access to developer marketplaces means the availability of new tools and services to ramp up the development of demanded applications so as to promote productivity. This includes doing away with the long-term contract that can slow development and hinder innovation.

At the same time, CIOs and IT managers will do well to allow developers to experiment in their own environments. With the right API management solutions and monitoring tools, supervisors can have the necessary visibility into traffic flows across the network to ensure the right security measures are in place while developers test their code.

To that end, companies bringing the latest and greatest to market are embracing the hacker culture, recognizing the ingenious development opportunities that emerge when these developers are given the freedom to roam. With a collaborative and creative outlet, they satisfy those desires, while also working toward a common goal. While doing so, development standards for APIs.

One company making this kind of freedom and innovation in development possible is SOA. The company promotes its API development for the cloud, empowering developers with access to the tools they need to produce applications users demand. SOA was recently on hand at the Cloud Expo to talk about their place in the market and how the cloud has changed development for the better.

To get the full story, check out the video below from the showroom floor.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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