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June 30, 2014

Selling Up: Mitel Ready to Help Hotels Upgrade

Menin Hospitality, with boutique luxury hotels in South Florida and Chicago, recently announced the choice of Mitel (News - Alert) and partner DCI/VCore to serve the company’s properties with cloud communications. In a Wall Street Journal article the head of IT for Menin, Seth Wasserman, commented "With several hotels in Florida, we need to be ready for any emergency - wind, rain, power outage - and I don't want to have to bring the train to a stop to change a wheel. I need to keep the business moving.” Of course these are just the kind of circumstances under which cloud solutions excel.

Menin’s business is part of a larger push at Mitel to serve the hospitality industry with cloud based communication solutions, which encompass everything from front desk operations to in-room guest services. An approved partner program leverages Mitel’s resources with the expertise of providers that serve the unique needs of hospitality like 24/7 service, privacy, and energy saving goals.

Hotel properties may respond most quickly to fix or upgrade services that impact guest satisfaction, like slow Wifi or room amenities, but Mitel wants to show how guest services, staff efficiency, and corporate opportunities – managed through cloud communications - can improve the overall guest experience. Their MiVoice phone systems are just one example, providing templates for high-quality, in-room dialing services and customizable guest recognition. The same system at the front desk can be paired with wireless headsets for fast, discreet call management, as well as text alerts for alarms or VIP arrivals. The system deployed in conference room settings provides an additional revenue stream to the property and gives the users the high-quality communication services required for conducting business.

One of the selling points of cloud systems is simple configuration with the ability to make changes, troubleshoot and monitor through a web portal without taking down the system. As a 24 hour operation, there is never a convenient time for hotel properties to take a communication system down for maintenance or installation. For any hotel manager struggling with a legacy system this kind of simplicity could be selling point enough.

According to Craig Wigginton, vice chair of US Telecommunications, Deloitte (News - Alert) & Touche LLP, communication services among vertical markets, including hospitality, health care, automotive, and education, will present strong growth opportunities over the next few years. Use and interest in the connected world and Internet of Things are also rising and could even be the next step for industries like hospitality. Strategies and partnerships like these being built at Mitel may be the way providers remain able to stay ahead of the ever growing demands – and opportunities – of communications.


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