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June 30, 2014

SolidFire Announces Interoperability with VMware VSphere Storage I/O Control

SolidFire, a specialist in all-flash storage systems, has been offering different types of storage media leveraging its all-flash architecture, with volume-level Quality of Service (QoS) controls.

Recently, the company has achieved interoperability with VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control. This means IT managers now have the option to deliver predictable storage performance to each individual virtual machine within their infrastructure with ease.

According to SolidFire, its Quality of Service (QoS) sets the standard for delivering an exact level of performance and bandwidth within multi-tenant infrastructures.

Now by merging SolidFire's storage Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities with VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control, IT managers can easily designate, manage and deliver predictable virtual machine performance from the host all the way through to the underlying SolidFire storage system. SolidFire uses VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control to enable VMware's end-to-end performance control

"SolidFire with VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control provides a tunable and predictable storage infrastructure for each virtual machine datastore," said Dave Wright, SolidFire's Founder and CEO.

Wright said that the VMware managers can now oversee provision storage policies within the virtual infrastructure that are then enforced down to each virtual disk in the SolidFire storage system.

The interoperability with VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control, with storage-enforced QoS, makes way for predictable performance to virtual machines and even allows for automated storage performance allocation, while minimizing and maximizing burst performance based on per-VM Storage I/O Control requirements, according to the company.

This arrangement also enables end-to-end QoS control to curtail "noisy neighbors" and allows for the merging of multiple performance-sensitive applications onto a shared infrastructure. In addition, more and more VM deployment is possible as the dynamic performance allocation to datastores reduces the need to over-provision storage.

Gaetan Castelein, senior director, at VMware said, "SolidFire, using VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control, can isolate QoS to enable predictable performance for each VM in a shared storage infrastructure."


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