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June 18, 2014

Study Finds Security Breaches Take Hours To Detect, Sometimes Months To Resolve

Security breaches are becoming commonplace nowadays as hackers are resilient in obtaining people's personal information. Timing is critical in these circumstances and unfortunately a new study by CSG Invotas revealed that it can take awhile to discover that a cyber attack has happened, as well as a long time to resolve the issue.

The study, which was conducted by independent research firm IDG and surveyed decision makers of information security, strategy and solution implementations at companies with 500 or more employees, found that more than one-third of breaches takes hours to detect. What's even more shocking is that once a cyber attack is discovered, it can take days, weeks, or even months to fix. Despite this alarming fact, the majority of survey respondents are taking an active approach to change it- 61 percent reported that they are looking for ways to improve response times to security breaches.

One of the solutions being examined is business process automation, which allows for a quick and coordinated response to stop security attacks. One-fourth of those surveyed said they were comfortable with automating some security workflows and processes, while 57 percent said they are somewhat comfortable with automation for some low-level and a few high-level processes but still want security teams to be involved.

Participants in the study said that on average 30 percent of their security workflows are already automated today with two-thirds of respondents expecting that more security workflows will be automated in the near future.

“There’s no doubt that improving intrusion response and resolution times reduces the window of exposure from a breach,” Jen McKean, research director at IDG Research, said in a statement. “More companies seek security automation tools that will enable them to resolve breaches in mere seconds and help maintain business-as-usual during the remediation period."

While it shouldn't be a surprise to hear that a cyber attack has occurred, organizations should be prepared to effectively handle them. As said in a statement by Paul Nguyen, president of global security solutions at CSG Invotas, chief information officers need faster and smarter ways to respond to a security breach in order to protect and maintain "company reputation, customer confidence and revenue growth."


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