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June 12, 2014

CPLANE Makes Dynamic Virtual Networks Available

CPLANE NETWORKS, a provider of software-defined networking (SDN), has announced the general availability of dynamic virtual networks (DVN), a software-only solution that integrates with the OpenStack framework.

OpenStack framework is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds.

Noting that enterprises and cloud service providers are moving from static infrastructure configuration to dynamic service orchestration, Brandon Williams, CEO at CPLANE NETWORKS, said, “OpenStack is the open source platform of choice for private and hybrid clouds. And, we are Built for OpenStack.”

The transformation of static physical networks into virtualized resource pools is possible thanks to DVN. One of the key benefits of this newest offering is the allocation of the virtualized resource pools on demand. In addition to “significantly” reducing the time, this also reduces the deployment cost of cloud applications, according to company officials.

Moreover, DVN streamlines the entire OpenStack service life cycle, starting with easy, automated deployment. The SDN controller offers a centralized view of network topology and state, which makes network provisioning “zero touch.” Plus, there is an automatic push of the appropriate flow rules to the computer nodes, company officials said.

Company officials said that there is a “dramatic” improvement in the network performance by placing critical functions, locally, at the computer node. In addition, the use of openly supported components such as VXLAN and Open vSwitch, combined with open APIs, makes the migration to new OpenStack releases and technologies easy.

“We replace the standard OpenStack Neutron network service with our scalable SDN controller to create high performance, highly available virtualized networks,” said John Casey, CTO and vice president of engineering at CPLANE NETWORKS.

Casey said that they have eliminated a performance bottleneck and single point of failure in the Neutron network service -- the Network Node. He said that with DVN, the routing between virtual machines is now only a single hop.

Last month, New Context and CPLANE NETWORKS announced a strategic partnership to deliver OpenStack optimization and acceleration services for enterprises and cloud service providers.

New Context, a systems architecture firm dedicated to optimizing, securing and scaling solutions, is an early adopter of DVN. Daniel Riedel, CEO at New Context, said that the company is “proud” to be a CPLANE NETWORKS integrator as it solves a critical networking challenge with OpenStack allowing companies to be able to scale their cloud environments.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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