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April 23, 2014

Belden Unveils Tofino Enforcer SDK for Companies to Develop Cyber Security Solutions

Most companies have proprietary network architectures; security of a company’s network is paramount. It’s been a concern for years, pointed out Frank Williams, senior product manager for security at Belden.

To overcome this problem, Belden a specialist in providing signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications has unveiled the Tofino Enforcer software development kit (SDK).

Using the Tofino Enforcer SDK vendors can optimally secure proprietary protocols with the help of Belden’s patented deep packet inspection (DPI) technology keeping sensitive internal information safe and secure. The solution can be customized according to a company’s development cycle.

The toolkit helps third parties to create cyber security solutions while Tofino Enforcer modules help secure supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) as well as industrial control system (ICS) protocols.

This enhances the reliability and safety of industrial systems. The Tofino Enforcer SDK will make available Belden’s DPI technology to automation vendors and system integrators. Additionally, the toolkit can be used by developers to design custom loadable security modules or LSMs that match different types of SCADA and ICS protocols.

Also system integrators can offer custom DPI modules to their customers for securing unusual SCADA protocols or devices. The proven Tofino DPI firewall technology can be leveraged for various scenarios and applications.

The security delivered by the Tofino Enforcer technology is better than the conventional firewall solutions as it performs multi-level analysis and filtering of all SCADA messages. Its fast message forwarding functionality delivered for time sensitive applications suits the needs of industries like power distribution and manufacturing.

In addition, the Tofino Enforcer SDK offers a pre-configured toolkit with documentation using which third-party developers can create the required security functionality. The entire development process is managed internally while support and final testing are ensured by Belden’s Tofino Security group.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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