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April 23, 2014

Moka5 launches Vanguard - M5 LivePC version 4.0

Moka5, a provider of end-user computing solutions, recently launched Vanguard – M5 LivePC version 4.0 - a core component of the M5 Enterprise AnyWare platform.

The officials from Moka5 said that LivePC v4 give IT an edge by giving PCs and Macs a fully configured and encrypted corporate desktop within a highly secure, centrally managed container. The solution offers a secure "workspace" on any device. By securing the "workspace" and isolating this activity from the underlying host, data leaks and data theft are thwarted. Work is processed locally, on whatever device the user is on, so there is no need for a constant network connection. Communication between the workspace and the network is fully encrypted, so that corporate data access over public networks is secured. Encrypted public cloud application access over public networks is also enabled through the M5 solution.

Vanguard allows for 14,000 containers per management server—compared to 50 to 100 for standard VDI images—achieved via 64-bit architecture and improved connection handling, caching, and SSL performance. Vanguard’s container management REST APIs allow IT to integrate, revoke, and unrevoke existing tools such as systems management or help desk. Self-service REST APIs make it possible to integrate self-service provisions capabilities into existing portals.

 “Moka5 has been at the forefront of the new enterprise end-user (EU) computing market and now with Vanguard, Moka5 delivers fully on its promise,” said Dave Robbins, CEO, Moka5. “Combining truly massive scalability with a great user experience, IT is able to guarantee client performance while simplifying its overall management footprint and significantly reducing costs.”

Stefan Strobel, CEO, Cirosec, a premier Moka5 EU cyber security partner stated, “With the Vanguard release Moka5 really brings it to a whole new level. Happy customers are the key to our success and partnering with Moka5 is one of our core strategies to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Moka5 offers a local virtualization-based solution that secures the "workspace" to provide policy-based secure access to files, regardless of the type of device or network of the user. The result is an improved user experience, an assurance of security and increased productivity and growth for companies taking advantage of the offering.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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