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April 02, 2014

Carroll-Net's Backup Solution Helps Small Businesses Remain Healthy

Server crashes? Prohibited access to offices? Loss of data - sounds familiar? It happens to most of us once in a while, but that once is enough to do damage that will last a lifetime. No one wants to be in a position where data is irretrievable – with Carroll-Net around, hopefully that situation will never arise.

Carroll-Net, considered the most versatile, adaptable, foolproof and cost-effective data recovery solution in the market, has come up with a new offering – Healthy Workstation Offsite Backup-  which will protect the most important assets of a company –  customer lists and data, receivables and contacts.

As Healthy Workstation is open source, technology professionals can manipulate the software to the unique needs of specific clients, adding, removing or modifying features as necessary.

To use the software, all users need to do is to install an agent program on each client desktop, laptop or workstation requiring backup. As a multiplatform solution, the software is fully compatible with Windows, Linux and FreeBSD environments. Healthy Workstation’s cloud storage solutions eliminate the need to buy, install, and maintain server hardware.

 Unlike many backup providers, there is no contract for Carroll-Net's services, so users can cancel at any time. They can manage their clients’ backup requirements using the Healthy Workstation datacenter control panel – right from scheduling an event to deciding how long data is to be archived.

With two decades of experience behind it and armed with the latest technologies in disaster recovery, Carroll-Net claims to have had clients up and running in no time in the wake of catastrophic events.

Healthy Workstation Offsite Backup is perfect for resellers and consultants with small business clients needing one or many systems backed up in real time. After all, like their bigger counterparts, even small businesses have the same need for disaster recovery. It’s pretty affordable at only $9.95 per month with resellers offering up to 100GB of storage per computer. Extra storage costs only 10 cents per GB.

Carroll-Net engineers are currently working to improve Healthy Workstation and make it compatible with many more platforms. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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