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April 01, 2014

End Those Network Wait Times with Avaya Fabric Connect

Networks are becoming more dynamic and BYOD, mobility, and security are making networks more complex. This increasing complexity increases network wait times, which affects productivity and margins, negatively impacting businesses. A recent Avaya (News - Alert) survey revealed that such a trend did indeed exist, but noted that Avaya’s Fabric Connect would put an end to those troublesome wait times.

Avaya’s Fabric Connect is a game changer in the sense that it shows businesses a new way to build networks with a new application-first Wireless LAN offering that “brings the Automated Campus to the wireless edge.”

Simply put, it is a great tool to manage the ever-changing and dynamic network environment and can accommodate sudden spikes in network capacity. Also the configuration of networks and deploying of new services will become faster and easier.

This is because with the Avaya Automated Campus, IT departments can turn up scalable cloud-based services by configuring only end devices. Avaya Fabric Connect will automatically configure the distribution and core switches and other devices.

The advantage that the Avaya Fabric Connect confers can be understood better in the light of statistics that the Avaya survey puts forth. It revealed that companies wait almost a month (27 days) -- most of the time on a maintenance window -- before they can make a significant improvement to a business system. And, assuming that businesses make an average of 10 changes a year, they would have to wait up to almost nine months before any positive impact is visible.

This is what Avaya Fabric connect sets right. It eliminates the need for the ‘maintenance window,’ by automatically doing what IT personnel spend hours doing, saving valuable time in the process. In addition, it reduces the potential for errors that could impact business agility and revenues.

"Previously we needed six weeks for network changes; today we can implement them in days,” stated Albert Knoll, network operations manager, Fujitsu (News - Alert) Technology Solutions, while commenting on its recent, flawless implementation of Avaya Fabric Connect.

Avaya has deployed Fabric Connect successfully at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics -- and is the backbone for its third InteropNet.

The company’s wireless LAN 9100 Series can further reduce end user waiting time by offering faster gigabit Wi-Fi throughput. Its control feature allows the prioritization of applications, ensuring that business-critical applications always come first.

To see Avaya’s award winning capabilities in action, visit Booth 2151 at Interop (News - Alert) Las Vegas.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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