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March 25, 2014

New Phillips Cloud Monitor Base Plugs Directly to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With the era of virtualization, the need to have a big clunky desktop is absolutely unnecessary—unless you're very nostalgic. As more and more people move to tablets, laptops and smartphones for their computing needs, desktops are also becoming much slimmer and more nimble. That is the case with the new Philips (News - Alert) cloud monitor base, which allows monitors between 19 and 29 inches to be plugged in this smart-zero client base, directly into the company's virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The advent of VDI has given large organizations an alternative to the server-based computing model. What VDI has done is hosted a desktop operating system within a virtual machine running on a centralized server. It is basically a variation on the client/server computing model, a term which was devised by VMware.

The Phillips base allows monitors to be directly plugged into the VDI environment so the centralized IT applications, data storage and security can be accessed in a flexible and manageable unit. By eliminating the need to have individual desktops for each employee, this new solution provides two versions; one designed for the VMware infrastructure with the SB4B1927VB and the other one for the Citrix  with the SB4B1927CB, two of the most popular virtualization service providers in the world.

This VDI solution provides enterprise IT managers a way in which they can manage all of the organization's assets under one roof without having to worry about BYOD initiatives and many of the issues related with security. The entire working space of the organization can be maintained with a strong security system completely eliminating the chances of rogue software entering the system. Because the data is secured in the cloud and synced in the main server, access will only be allowed to authorized personnel and data can never be altered.

The monitor base has dual DVI Out for dual screen expandability, microphone and audio for web meetings, USB and LAN, and SmartConnect abilities for productivity tools. Additionally the Phillips monitors provide up to 90 percent savings on electricity, which is always a plus when it comes to saving money and the environment.

The Citrix ready Phillips Cloud device is built on High-Definition Experience (HDX) technology that gives organizations the ability to integrate their assets onto Citrix VDI. Citrix can virtualize and transform Windows and desktops to secure on-demand service to meet the mobility, security and performance needs of end-users and IT.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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