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March 20, 2014

Overgroup Aims to Make Service Provider Billing and Back Office More Flexible, Responsive

QuickBooks is not a great tool for a service provider to use to bill customers, says Sunita Voleppe, marketing director at Overgroup Consulting LLC. It requires a lot of manual work, can take days or weeks just to deliver a bill, and doesn’t help address bad debt.

Using a collection of disparate back office systems that have been pulled together over time is not always an ideal to power a service provider business either, she adds.

A better way is to leverage Overgroup’s H2O cloud-based back office solution, which can act as a stand-alone system or work with service providers’ existing BSS/OSS software, she says.

H20 has various components. At its core are billing, order provisioning, ticketing, notes, and reporting. There are also add-ons for companies that want to do CDR processing, rating, offer an agent portal for external contact center agents or partners, or provide end customers with a secure online website through which they can view their bills.

What’s important to know about Overgroup is it’s attentive and responsive to its customer needs, so it accepts their feedback and figures out how it might address requirements with its product line and/or professional services. Because the company issues a new release of H2O on a monthly basis, it can quickly made needed changes or additions to the solution as customers require, says Voleppe.

Overgroup, which was founded in 2002 by the company’s current chief technology officer, began life as an Internet security company, with the goal of making banks more secure. Within a year of the launch, however, the founder’s friend, who had a startup CLEC, asked for assistance on billing and the H2O solution was born. Today, Overgroup is all about providing back office solutions, which it does today for more than 60 service providers in the U.S.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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