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March 18, 2014

Juniper, Verisign Offer Hybrid Solution to Mitigate DDoS Attacks in Real Time

Juniper Networks (News - Alert) and Verisign have unveiled a hybrid solution that can protect against any type of DDoS attack. The new solution provides open standards-driven interoperability so that enterprises are empowered with real-time adaptive mitigation to prevent high-volume as well as targeted application-level DDoS attacks.

Kevin Kennedy (News - Alert), senior director of product management and security business for Juniper Networks, said, “Companies today need high-IQ networks that are automated and adaptive and that can deliver real-time and efficient detection and mitigation to ensure their network and applications are always on.”

Comprising of network and application-layer protection enabled by Juniper’s on-premise DDoS Secure and Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Service, the new hybrid solution can easily detect and filter malicious traffic.

As DDoS attacks have become more varied, they cause immense damage to all types of businesses, big and small. While high-volume attacks consume huge network resources, targeted low-bandwidth attacks affect applications. This makes it imperative for organizations to deploy DDoS protection solutions.

To provide optimum protection against such cyber threats, Juniper and Verisign have introduced their hybrid solution which enables both on-premise and cloud-based DDoS protection for customers. Real-time adaptive mitigation is provided by Juniper DDoS Secure, which monitors the services and applications in the data center and proactively restricts low and slow attacks immediately.

If the threat exceeds the network capacity, Verisign’s globally connected, fully redundant cloud-based platform takes over. It mitigates network and application layer attacks as it can adjust the security posture based on coordinated local and global risk assessment.

Officials explained that the Verisign iDefense analysts who monitor signs of cyber-attacks will help Verisign’s DDoS protection engineers to assign indicators for different types of new attacks. In addition, Juniper DDoS Secure heuristics engine assesses inbound and outbound traffic to detect any local risk also.

“Our hybrid approach makes this possible by helping to ensure immediate mitigation on-premise with Juniper and in the cloud with Verisign, thereby quickly addressing attacks while also providing the extra bandwidth needed for mitigation as those attacks ramp up,” remarked Sean Leach, vice president of technology for Verisign.

The combined solution can be deployed according to individual business risk profiles. Also it can be scaled to offer support to large enterprise networks spread out in many locations.  

Edited by Alisen Downey

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