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February 26, 2014

Juniper Argon Secure Mitigates Malware and Prevents Data Loss

Loss of sensitive corporate data is something most undesirable and companies are losing the fight against advanced malware and zero-day attacks. Juniper Network promises to prevent data loss even after the network is compromised, with its Juniper Argon Secure solution.

Juniper Argon Secure will serve as an advanced anti-malware service for Juniper Networks (News - Alert) SRX series services gateways. It will help identify malware that are not easily detectible. Argon Secure leverages intrusion deception capabilities to proactively stop attacks against Web applications.

The solution applies this technology to networks and endpoints so that malware can be detected at multiple points when in the attack process. This enhanced protection helps build secure High IQ networks, said officials.

Security solutions generally detect malware at the point of initial infection but this method does not help in detecting zero-day attacks. Also most advanced malware products rely on signatures or the command and control traffic at the network edge. If attackers can go past the enterprise edge these solutions become ineffective.

Argon Secure helps identify advanced malware at the point of initial infection as it tries to spread and glean valuable data and exfiltrate that data from the network. The high levels of visibility into endpoints, internal network traffic and the network edge enables Argon Secure to detect malware easily.

The solution is based on Juniper’s intrusion deception approach to prevent data exfiltration. The firewall features of the SRX Series platform are leveraged as an enforcement engine to disassociate malware-infected machines from the network before sensitive information is lost to attackers.

As many as 50 deception techniques are embedded in the network infrastructure which can force malware to expose itself even after entering a network. As malware starts scanning the internal network in search of files Argon Secure are able to detect it by creating a fake network process that emulates network share drives. When malware touches the files, Argon Secure identifies them and pushes fake files.

By integrating with Juniper Networks Spotlight Secure, Argon Secure can deliver threat information in real time to companies to mitigate new attacks. The new service will be available as a subscription for the SRX Series Services Gateways.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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