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February 07, 2014

Businesses in Salt Lake City Enjoy 1-Gigabit Internet Speeds

What would it be like to have no bandwidth constraints and experience Internet speed that is 100 times faster than average broadband speeds? To today's 'video crazy' audience, that would be bliss, but for now at least, only businesses, located in multitenant unit office buildings in Salt Lake City, will be entitled to that privilege, thanks to CenturyLink, Inc,  the third largest telecommunications company in the United States.

"Small and midsized companies are important to CenturyLink, and we are focused on innovations that can help these customers reach their goals and simplify their lives using advanced technology,” said Larry Walters, vice president and general manager, CenturyLink.

With 1-Gigabit/s speeds, customers in these office building can easily stream video content on multiple devices, download and upload large high-definition video files in just seconds, access cloud services and apps, instantly, and work faster without any bandwidth issues. 

And that's not all, CenturyLink is offering its fully managed IT services and cloud bundle for those businesses that want to operate efficiently, but at the same time don't want to be harassed by having to tend to the hundred and one things that IT services bring in its wake.

The service bundle contains a business-grade data network, hosted VoIP phone services with cloud-based applications for communications, security and data storage, everything that businesses require for everyday functioning, and all this will be managed by CenturyLink (provided businesses opt for managed services).

In addition, the provider's Managed Office equips companies with all the hardware and equipment that they require for their networks and workstations and also maintains them for a small price. Forward-thinking businesses can turn over their information technology operations to CenturyLink and focus on what's important to them.

What makes any city attractive to business? Apart from climate, location and economic viability, availability of quality broadband services is vital to any company, big or small. A faster Internet connection is often the gateway for smaller companies to adopt cloud computing and managed services. And, as bigger businesses harness huge cloud applications, the need for fast Internet speeds and increased bandwidth becomes a necessity.

Salt Lake City is hence well on the way to attract new businesses to set up shop there and provide job opportunities, courtesy of CenturyLink.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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