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February 05, 2014

Lost Your Smartphone? Watch Bluenio's Stress Buster on TV

What would you do if you lost your luggage? Lodge a complaint probably and bemoan its loss for a while as your bag only contained a few odds and ends that can be replaced easily, but can you react the same way when you lose your smartphone? Hell will break loose, for it contains everything that is sacrosanct to you. Imagine the stress that you’d be under.

GCL Solutions and Bluenio understand this ‘magnificent obsession’ and through a new television campaign, tell you how to deal with heightened stress levels. The campaign that began on February 2, 2014, consists of 1x60-second creative spots, and focuses on how to prevent anxiety attacks after losing something valuable, no matter what.

A 2012 Mobile Mindset study showed that if people were to lose their mobile device, 73 percent would feel "panicked," while another 14 percent would feel "desperate."

“With our new television campaign, we are trying to help reduce consumer stress levels, especially when it comes to losing devices or possessions containing valuable personal information," noted Trisha Welch, CEO of GCL Solutions Group.

Incidentally, both companies, co-creators of the innovative, nio Tag system, advocate that “prevention is better than cure,” and ask users to make use of their lightweight nio, which connects via a free nio app, and attach it to by means of  the clip or lanyard to what they think is most valuable to them. If separated from the device, both the nio and device will alarm or emit an alert to warn you that it’s being left behind.

The user-friendly nio system works with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and costs under $70. It helps people to protect their valuables and can be used continuously for over three months before needing to be recharged. Currently, it is available for shipping throughout North America and Canada.

With the nio tag (News - Alert) around, smartphone users can rest assured that they’ll never be parted from their smartphones, come what may. Do we hear sighs of relief all around?

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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