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January 29, 2014

IBM's Diaz Tells ITEXPO Audience to Push for Open Cloud Solutions

We’re living in an IT renaissance in which technology is a centerpiece of business strategy and operations, and cloud solutions can help address organization’s growing requirements around analytics, mobile, social networking, and much more. To best position your company for the present and the future, this evening’s ITEXPO keynote speaker said, it’s important to choose cloud solutions based on open technologies.

That was the suggestion of Angel Luis Diaz, vice president of open technologies and cloud performance at IBM, who gave the late afternoon address at ITEXPO (News - Alert), which is being held this week at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Embracing open technologies means you are less likely to suffer from single vendor lock in and can benefit from a broad developer ecosystem, which can deliver more solutions more quickly, and can offer assistance when you need it.

“If you have a forum, you can usually get an answer within a forum within seconds,” he said.

Not all open solutions are the same, however, he said, adding it’s important to look for open solutions that have a healthy ecosystem rather than just the support of one or two suppliers, and operate as their own legal entities.

A couple of open industry efforts that Diaz mentioned include OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

OpenStack is bigger than Linux, he said, and has more than 300 companies involved. In fact, he said, only one major cloud vendor is not involved in OpenStack. IBM (News - Alert) built its cloud OpenStack, which is the fastest growing open technology, he added, with 308 companies, 1,401 developers, and 354 monthly contributors on average involved.

Cloud Foundry, meanwhile, is a fast and flexible development platform on which people can build cloud solutions in a polyglot way, he said. IBM, Piston, Savvis, Intel (News - Alert), Pivotal, ActiveState, Stark & Wayne, Canonical, Cloud Creedo, and Verizon are all members in the effort, which now includes 1,118 lines of code.

“The message is from top to bottom in your cloud, make it open,” he said.

We asked CEOs what is most important for you.

In 2013, technology factors were number one. But people skills also ranked high.

90 percent of mobile users keep their devices within arm’s reach all the time [that’s important because think of the workloads get stressed as a result].

67 percent of global consumers want to use mobile deices to complete retail transactions.


60% of connected devices in 2020 will be sensors and autonomic nodes

That’s lots of info to capture and analyze.

63% ors says analytics and info creates a competitive advantage.

80 percent of all data is unstructured, and growing 15 the rate of structured data. That created need for greater compute power.

This sets the stage for why cloud is imp for folks that run IT depts., and folks that try to create new business models.

$43b US biz will spend on cloud delivers IT in 2016.

2 times increase in cos with substantial cloud implementations by 2014.

Back in the early days [80s-90s] of the web I was working with Tim Berners-Lee.

We found if you take an open ecosystem approach and pair it with good biz ideas, you can grow a market.

IBM created a market with ebusiness.

Fast forward today with social, mobile, analytics and cloud – it’s all built on open infra.

“The same exact IT renaissance is happening now, except it’s different.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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