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January 28, 2014

Infinitely Virtual Purges Cloud Misconceptions at ITEXPO East 2014

Let’s get things straight: the cloud is not what it has been made out to seem like. This was the main point Adam Stern, founder of Infinitely Virtual, had to say at Editor’s Day during ITEXPO (News - Alert) East 2014—the company’s first-ever ITEPXO event.

Founded in 2006, Infinitely Virtual prides itself on offering the widest array of products and services based on revolutionary hosted virtual dedicated server and cloud computing technologies.

“The cloud as a concept is so nebulous,” Stern told TMCnet. “For many it is a curtain drawn over customers’ eyes rather than a curtain raised to reveal its benefits and advantages.”

While the company primarily serves the small- to medium-sized business (SMB), Stern notes that Infinitely Virtual’s services are just as well-suited to the enterprise: “At the time the company was founded most enterprises could afford virtual services,” he explained.

Today, however, the paradigm has shifted and large enterprises now stand to benefit from virtualization for a number of reasons (for example, software testing).

When it comes to the challenges being faced in the cloud arena, Stern believes it has more to do with perception rather than the technology itself.

“The biggest challenge is that the majority of businesses face a misunderstanding of where the cloud fits. There’s a place for the cloud in multiple environments; once you overcome that hurdle, you open up a large area where your business can reduce the cost of its infrastructure and become more adaptable and flexible,” he explains.

Stern adds that while accountants like the cloud for financial reasons, IT folks see it as a threat when they shouldn’t: “They think it will cut their headcount when in actuality they end up with the reverse. They become more focused on the end user and application and less on the infrastructure, which is more advantageous for the company in the long run.”

In conclusion, Stern had one final piece of advice to give: “There’s a hard, concrete thing we’re talking about when you buy a virtual environment. It’s jointed to your domain; it’s no different from a physical environment. It’s not as ethereal and untouchable as people think. You aren’t at someone else’s whim and you can see the tool for what it is, which is a great way to expand the environment.”

Infinitely Virtual will be exhibiting at Booth  No. 438, and Stern will be serving as a panelist during Wednesday’s panel session titled, “Networks in the Cloud, the Next Frontier for Enterprise IT,” taking place January 29 at 9 a.m.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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