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January 21, 2014

The Aldridge Company's Patrick Wiley to Offer ITEXPO Tips on Recurring Revenue

Revenue is the lifeblood of any business. A business that has no revenue may as well not even exist outside of as a concept in someone's mind, but a business with revenue—especially with revenue that exceeds its expenses—is every bit as viable as any other. Recurring revenue, meanwhile, is a major part of any business that wants to stay viable in the long term, and The Aldridge Company's Patrick R. Wiley will be offering some discussion on that topic when he joins the “Recurring Revenue – The Secret to Service Provider Success” at this year's ITEXPO event.

This year's ITEXPO (News - Alert) is set to run January 28 – 31 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida, and with it will bring a variety of exhibitions, panel events and networking opportunities for those looking to keep up with all the newest developments in communications technology. Meanwhile, The Aldridge Company makes for a particularly good fit in this case as the company specializes in IT consulting, particularly in a service it calls “Complete IT Management.” With Complete IT Management, users get access to a complete suite of IT management services, including desktop support, network management and monitoring, network security, server management, and planning services for future network expansions.

The Aldridge Company also offers services for managed cloud hosting, as well as a hosted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone service that allows businesses to take advantage of new cloud-based developments in communications, whether those be in terms of new applications or just keeping in touch with other businesses and potential customers.

All these points have one thing in common that makes The Aldridge Company particularly well-suited to deliver a discussion on recurring revenue: the nature of the services are all at least somewhat subscription based. Managed cloud hosting, hosted VoIP, and a flat-fee IT management service are all services that are designed to be returned to, month after month, to yield recurring revenue for the company that provides said services. There are issues inherent in such a philosophy, of course, and The Aldridge Company would be well-suited to addressing these issues. Bringing up points of customer engagement, quality of service, potentially even something on service-level agreements and the like would be good talking points for The Aldridge Company to go over.

Not only are there issues of keeping current customers, with things like those mentioned previously, there's also the issue of getting new customers interested in the services in question. Some information about marketing presentation methods and the like would also be welcome; after all, to get recurring revenue, revenue has to be obtained in the first place.

Only the arrival of the show, and the accompanying panel itself, will show just what ground the company covers, as well as all the other things to see and experience at the big event. We've got plenty of video about ITEXPO and other topics to be had right here, and to see just how The Aldridge Company's discussion turns out—not to mention take advantage of all the other panels, exhibitions and networking opportunities--be sure to hit ITEXPO in Miami!

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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