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January 21, 2014

SafeNet Free Trial for Cloud-based Encryption and Secure Key Management

It is impossible to escape the headlines regarding data breaches and other types of malicious cyber attacks. And, while details remain sketchy on several of the latest high-profile cases, the reality is that security officials all agree that at a minimum, organizations and even individuals need to be encrypting their communications. This goes for data that is stored and needs to be accessed and particularly for data that is on the move.    

In recognition of the important and growing need for encrypted interactions—particularly when done involving commercial cloud services, which so many enterprises use to run their business—SafeNet, Inc., a global provider of data protection solutions, is offering a thirty-day free trial of its ProtectV virtual encryption solutions and Virtual KeySecure via AWS Marketplace on Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS).

An offer you might not wish to refuse

We fortunately or unfortunately live in an age where it has become apparent that all interactions need some protection from bad actors, especially those that are transactional in nature and/or involve highly confidential information.  In short, for financial services, health care organizations, and information services organizations, data protection is now job #1.  What SafeNet (News - Alert) is enabling entities seeking to mitigate risks more efficiently and effectively the ability to run full production-level proofs of concept for a full month with no cost using SafeNet’s cloud-based encryption solutions while maintaining control and compliance. And, what better place than the popular AWS Marketplace to do a test drive?

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“We're excited to add free trial versions of SafeNet's ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure products to the AWS Marketplace,” said Terry Hanold, vice president, cloud commerce, AWS. “With these offerings, customers can start using SafeNet software in a matter of minutes, at no additional charge during the trial. Shifting to production usage is friction-free, with no migration required, and software charges simply appearing on the customer's AWS bill.”

ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure are currently available on AWS Marketplace, and both will now be available for fee for thirty-day trials.  The capabilities being offered could save IT people a lot of heartburn:

  • ProtectV is an encryption solution for virtual instances and the free trial is accessible here.
  • Virtual KeySecure is a hardened software appliance that manages and securely stores the encryption keys for ProtectV and the free trial can be accessed via this link.

The promotion is good from now through April 1, 2014, on AWS Marketplace.  In keeping with what is expected to be a “try it you’ll like it” situation, after the thirty-day trial, ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure can be easily converted to an hourly or monthly pricing model on AWS Marketplace. 

“As organizations migrate more sensitive workloads and data to the cloud, security is now top of mind,” said Wendy Nather, research director, Enterprise Security Practice, 451 Research (News - Alert).  “The ability for companies to easily implement strong data protection and security measures in the cloud will play a major role in their decision making.”   

As noted above, security needs to be looked at holistically and end-to-end, and encryption (pardon the pun) is key in creating a meaningful deterrent to malicious activities.  SafeNet’s encryption and key management solutions provide customers the protection of sensitive data they are seeking, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

“Organizations have recognized that encryption and strong key management are essential to illustrating control and compliance for high value information in the cloud, but might not have known how to get started,” said David Etue, vice president, corporate development strategy, SafeNet.  “With free trials of SafeNet offerings in the AWS Marketplace, we’ve made it simple for customers to see how easy it is to deploy a robust cloud encryption framework.”

With so many organizations relying on AWS, the interaction with the cloud is already an essential component in doing business, and data protection is only going to become even more central over time. The free offer is for a limited time only.  

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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