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January 16, 2014

Saviynt Helps Implementation and Management of HANA Security

Saviynt is enabling enterprises to implement and manage HANA Security in an easy and efficient manner.

The company has released the industry’s first HANA Security Product to this end.

Saviynt notes that SAP (News - Alert) HANA security is extremely complex and most businesses find it cumbersome to implement HANA security manually. The company claims its newly released HANA Security Manager can reduce HANA security implementation time by more than 80 percent. 

“It is important to understand that in HANA implementations, security is implemented at the HANA Database level,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO Saviynt. “There is little to no authorization done at the Application layer.  This is a major difference between HANA security and traditional database security.”

Saviynt HANA Security Manager provides a range of capabilities to users including privilege design and management; and automated user management.

The solution provides a business layer that has the ability to translate a complex HANA data and security model into business view.

Saviynt creates and manages an optimized role and privilege model and provisions it to HANA based on the defined business rules.

The company also enables preventative business and compliance checks typically used for user creation and management processes. Businesses also depend on Saviynt for providing real time and historical security health and compliance reports.

“Also, companies are planning on storing their most critical data in HANA.  Therefore, a serious focus on security is required during HANA implementations,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO Saviynt.

Last year, SAP AG announced the launch of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service to provide a new deployment option to organizations. This option ensures organizations gain immediate value from the innovation of the next-generation in-memory platform, SAP HANA.

Thanks to this new announcement, businesses will be able to run mission-critical applications powered by SAP HANA as a managed cloud service. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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