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January 10, 2014

U-blox Unveils PAM-7Q Antenna Module

U-blox, a provider of cellular and positioning modules and integrated circuits, has introduced the PAM-7Q GPS/QZSS antenna module.  The module is equipped with a compact 22 x 22 x 8 mm package and brings together a satellite receiver IC along with all passives and a pre-tuned GPS antenna.

The company claims PAM-7Q is highly adaptable. A look at its features corroborates its claims. PAM-7Q can be used with pre-existing designs or it can also be soldered with a pin-header to a customized PCB. Costs of installing PAM-7Q are also affordable, as it comes with a not too complex design and an interface that can be used even by beginners.

T module offers high sensitivity and at the same time, consumes less power compared to its competitors. Other features that make this module an ideal buy include sophisticated noise suppression and I2C / UART interfaces. The antenna performance in this module is independent or orientation and hence, is lot more flexible.  Also, t module is equipped with dual SAW filters which provide increased immunity to jamming.

U-blox positioning antennas are equipped with standalone GNSS antenna modules. These modules bring together GNSS receiver IC with chip antenna in a single module. This enables the users to get parallel GPS/GLONASS positioning functionality. They can also get standalone GPS active antenna that has numerous RF connectors.

“For small and medium production runs, sourcing and tuning of an external GPS antenna can be expensive and logistically difficult," explains Thomas Nigg, VP Product Marketing at u-blox (News - Alert). "The PAM-7Q is a perfect, drop-in solution to this problem. It provides instant, high-performance global positioning, no additional components are necessary”

Recently, the company introduced the LEA-M8F precision timing GNSS module. This module synchronizes industrial data and communication systems with the help of its precise 30.72 MHz reference clock. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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