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November 26, 2013

Making Public and Private Cloud App Development and Deployment Easy

No matter where one turns these days, it seems when it comes to the future of enterprise dexterity it is all about the cloud (public, private and hybrid), and about the rich applications that are accessible from the clouds.  And, while data centers are the infrastructure, to paraphrase a saying in the real estate business regarding location being the determinant of value, when it comes to the cloud it is “applications, applications, applications!”

Indeed, there is no denying that not only are data centers being architected to be applications friendly/fluent, they also need to be able to serve up applications anywhere, any time, on any device. More importantly, given the dynamics of competition, the apps themselves must be of sound code, secure, easily developed and tested, and capable of rapid quality deployment and performance. However, getting the goal of write once, deploy anywhere with quality and speed has been a journey with a lot of twists and turns.  The good news is more than just in sight, we are really getting close. At least the capabilities are now in place that can get us there. 

The reason the last declarative statement is valid, can be seen in what Portlandia, OR (and no they are not part of the TV reality show) AppFog, acquired by CenturyLink back in June of this year, has been accomplishing. The Open source platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company provides workload portability, a standard scaling methodology, and standard deployment practices with no need for additional systems management.

The AppFog PaaS allows enterprise IT to deploy, manage and scale applications written in all languages, with all frameworks, across public, private, and hybrid clouds. It provides PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Java   and already has over 100,000 applications. It is a platform that enables the development and delivery of enterprise-class apps across any type of cloud implementation in a reliable, scalable and fast platform for deploying apps in the cloud.

At a time that I have routinely characterized as “The Age of Acceleration”—where the only constants are change and the speed at which it is increasing—two things are critical for creating and sustaining profitable competitive advantage.  First, employees much have access to the best and most up-to-date tools when and how they need them from anywhere.  Second, companies need to be fast-to-market, fast-in-the-market and agile as conditions dictate. In short, rapid development and deployment of industrial strength, highly reliable apps is now table stakes for success.

With this as context, you are invited to join me, Lucas Carlson, Founder AppFog, VP CenturyLink  Matt Leonard, , Director, Product Management Savvis on Tuesday, December 3, at 12:00pm EST/ 9:00am PST, for an insightful webinar, Enterprise Cloud Application Development and Deployment strategy for public and private cloud featuring AppFog.  The reason is that this education session will demonstrate how easy it is to deploy AppFog’s solution, which is powered by Savvis, and begin coding today. Presenters will explain how the solution scales up and down in minutes, as well as how a mere click enables deployment of free add-ons, that make application development easier and quicker.

The need for speed in virtually every aspect of IT and communications is undeniable.  So is the fact that while content may be king, it is the apps that increasingly are the way employees, ecosystem partners and customers get the content and capabilities they need to be successful. 

This webinar is the last in a six-part series that Savvis has sponsored that has brought cloud authorities from around the industry together to discuss powerful business solutions delivered in the cloud. The goal has been to help enterprises better utilize IT to deliver real business solutions while enhancing overall business agility. I hope you will join us for this final event, and if you were not able to attend the previous sessions, I highly recommend accessing the archived versions.    

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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