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March 28, 2013

Physicians Interactive Debuts Omnio app for Medical Professionals

Physicians Interactive (PI), a company specializing in offering online and mobile clinical resources and solutions for healthcare professionals, has unveiled a new app called Omnio, which offers personalized, relevant information and resources to medical professionals.

Medical professionals can rely on Omnio through their iPad to get information on wide-ranging drug and disease references, and use calculators that are essential in their specialty. Omnio also helps in connecting users to a worldwide medical marketplace of trusted publishers, allowing them to further customize Omnio into the optimal point of care companion.

 “With more than 31 million new entrants coming into the American healthcare system under healthcare reform, clinicians have a pressing need for tools to simplify their workflow,” said Chairman Donato Tramuto, Physician Interactive’s CEO and Vice. “Yet, only five percent of medical professionals are satisfied with current medical apps. Omnio changes everything, allowing clinicians one-tap access to their favorite mobile tools and serving all the diverse roles clinicians now play. We chose the name Omnio because this app will become the omnipresent clinical assistant for the emerging healthcare workflow.”

Omnio’s free content is filled with drug look-up, dosing recommendations, medical calculators, drug interaction, formulary information, disease reference materials, curated specialty news feeds, and much more with ongoing releases of new updates.

“I can use Omnio on my iPad every day to answer questions specific to my branch of cardiology,” said Jordan Safirstein, MD, FACC, FSCAI, RPVI, who specializes in cardiac and peripheral vascular intervention. “It is personalized information chosen by me that is always accessible on my iPad. This type of functionality is part of the appeal of the iPad—so it’s great to finally have this in a medical app. “

To download the Omnio app, click here.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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