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March 15, 2013

MonolithIC 3D, Inc.'s Ground-Breaking Technology Receives 30th Patent

MonolithIC 3D, Inc. has been awarded one more patent for its monolithic 3D-IC technology. The organization now has 26 issued patents with four more to be issued in the near future for its ground-breaking system.

The organization also has a minimum of 50 patents in the pending state.

In a statement, Zvi Or-Bach, president and CEO at MonolithIC 3D, Inc. said, “We are very pleased with the depth and the broadness of our granted patents. We understand that monolithic 3D IC is a disruptive technology and was considered until recently as impractical. We believe that has changed and we hope to help drive this technology forward. Our patent portfolio now also covers heat removal from 3D ICs (for example, U.S. patent 8,373,230).”

“The results of some of our heat removal features were recently presented at IEDM, in collaboration with Stanford University.”

With monocrystalline technology as the foundation, MonolithIC 3D technology provides an improved base for this upcoming latest trend. Older wafer fabs can now provide viable new offerings using the monolithic 3D technology.

Through the existing design tools, it is now possible to offer a longer successful manufacturing roadmap for sophisticated fabs. Compared to the high-tech Through-Silicon Via or TSV 3D technology, IC designers and manufacturers are offered 10,000 times higher vertical connectivity by monolithic 3D-IC technology.

Monolithic 3D also offers the preference to process several layers in parallel after a single lithography step.

Logic devices, memory devices like NV NAND R-RAM (News - Alert) and DRAM, along with electro-optic derivatives like micro-displays and multi-spectrum imaging with pixel electronics have been included in the MonolithIC 3D IP group. The organization has been awarded wide coverage for its wafer-scale-incorporation technology as well.

Brian Cronquist, vice president of Technology & IP at MonolithIC 3D Inc., said, “By bringing a practical monolithic 3D technology, we believe that the industry could return to the aggressive scaling trend we had, until recently, enjoyed - the powerful combination of reductions in cost, decreases in power consumption, and improvements in performance, plus produce some new and compelling benefits such as logic redundancy and heterogeneous integration.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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